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No more lumpy foam, stabby feathers and melty memory foam. Introducing the Purple® Pillow, the first innovation in pillows since geese.
No more lumpy foam, stabby feathers and melty memory foam. Introducing the Purple® Pillow, the first innovation in pillows since geese.
17,733 backers pledged $2,640,852 to help bring this project to life.

Shipping Update!

Posted by Tony Pearce (Creator)


Whassup Y'all!

I'm here! And I come bearing AWESOME news! We're still shipping like crazy, but we've shipped well over half our Kickstarter Pledge Rewards!

Of our 17,736 backers we've shipped over 10,577, which means we're still ahead of schedule! If you haven't gotten yours yet, thank you SO much for your patience. 

Estimated Ship Dates

Unfortunately we don't have a way of telling you where you are in the queue or giving anyone a more specific ship date, but we're still optimistic that we can stick to the original estimated schedule:

US-Bound Orders: By the end of February 2017
International (outside of US): By the end of March 2017

The Fan Bags

You guys! I am SO sorry! The Fan Bag rewards are super late and they might take a little bit longer. Last time I updated about them, I was under-informed about the status of the components. At the time, we were apparently still awaiting the slippers from a third party vendor. Well they finally came in aaaaand....I think they may have thought we were ordering slippers for Sasquatch. Seriously. So we're waiting for the right ones :) We'll make it up to you (I'll send you guys a private update once we figure how ♥)!

My daughter's SIZE 12 foot next to the slippers!
My daughter's SIZE 12 foot next to the slippers!

Sooooo...we'll get those out ASAP :) We just need new ones.


I sure as heck love the stuffing out of each and every one of you!


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    1. mark duclos on

      Any updates on shipping?

    2. Julie Zakar on

      Would love to see an update on shipping for the pillows. We're getting real close to the end of the month and I haven't seen any shipping notices.

    3. Missing avatar

      Janan on

      Does Ready to Ship still mean I'm not getting my pillows anytime soon. The end of February is in 2 days... really disappointed by the lack of communication about when to estimate the delivery. Any updates on how many are left to send? :(

    4. Missing avatar

      Stephanie on

      The email I got when I backed this Kickstarter says I am backer 18,079. But this post says there is only 17,736. My credit card was also charged. So am I a backer and will be getting a purple pillow?

    5. Missing avatar

      Mike on

      Wanted to try the pillows before I considered the mattress, will be passing on the mattress now. It is just like sleeping on my mattress, no support at all.

    6. Sam Beckett on

      DONT SPAM other projects, it is against kickstarter TOS.

    7. Missing avatar

      Henrik Johansson on

      I'll second the Sasquatch size...wouldn't mind one "normal" form my wife and a big size for me (size 14 feet)

    8. Carlos B. Fontiveros on

      I received mine this week and I have to say I've had the best sleep since using them.

      My wife wants to try it out and I'm afraid she might abscond with it... anyway I add another one as an add-on so late in the process?

    9. Adam Kelso on

      You never sent out a second survey when you were late to see if backers moved, and now mine was delivered to my old address. Thanks for nothing!

    10. Missing avatar

      Will on

      I want it to be comfortable but it just isn't

    11. Missing avatar

      Wilson Ta

      I got my pillow today but no air support base. Help

    12. Missing avatar

      teddy christian on

      Michael i DID receive a pillow case with my two pillows. The pillow case is really soft and nice sorry you didn't receive yours yet. These pillows are amazing!!!! My wife loves hers as well. The base took some adjusting, but once I dialed it in it is good to go every night.

    13. Suzette Sy on

      My mom has received the purple pillow i ordered. She's sooooo happy! She loves it! =) Thank you so much! =)

    14. Cal Callison on

      Still waiting for a shipping notice.

    15. Suzette Sy on

      I'm so excited for my mom to receive my order. It's my belated birthday gift for her. fedex notification say feb 15!

    16. Missing avatar

      Lisa Austin on

      Don't suppose there's any chace that extra love might come in the form of purple wrist wrests, is there? *grin*

    17. Joshua Guskin on

      I got mine last week (two of them) and I love it! Never going back to myou old memoryfoam pillow.

    18. michael christofield on

      I received my pillow before Christmas, but it did not include a pillowcase. Instead, there was a card stating that the pillowcases would be shipping later. I have yet to receive mine. Are pillowcases being shipped with the pillows currently shipping?

    19. Kent Zeng on

      I got my shipping notice earlier today! I'm so excited!!!

    20. m@ pacyga on

      The pillow is amazing. Best pillow I have ever owned. Neck pain = 0

    21. Bruce Porter on

      Gonna say. I have sasquatch feet and asked early in the campaign what size feet they'd fit. You never got back to me (which I understand with the sheer numbers you were dealing with)
      . Nobody makes stuff to fit size 14 and up unless they deal strictly with footwear. How can we cajole you into getting ahold of these?

    22. Farid Safaie on

      Received our pillows 2-3 weeks back, both me and the wife are back to our old messed up pillows. Tried for a couple of nights and we only felt neck strain in the morning. Wife gave up earlier, I tried to stay positive and Tried to adjust the height with the blowup, but it doesn't help that much. So disappointed. I was really hoping this would help us. We've been looking for a good pillow for ages.

    23. Missing avatar

      James Glover on

      If you guys are looking for somewhere to send those large slippers, they look like they'd fit my size 15 foot!

    24. Bryan Dirkes on

      We received our pillows a couple weeks ago. I've never been happier with any pillow. My only complaint would be that I can't take it everywhere with me while traveling. That's due to the weight. But I love it! Wish we could order them in a bigger size too for king beds.