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No more lumpy foam, stabby feathers and melty memory foam. Introducing the Purple® Pillow, the first innovation in pillows since geese.
No more lumpy foam, stabby feathers and melty memory foam. Introducing the Purple® Pillow, the first innovation in pillows since geese.
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Early Bird Guaranteed CHRISTMAS DELIVERY Pillows Have Shipped!

Posted by Tony Pearce (Creator)

We done gone and did it.

Hey guys! Were you A) one of the backers of the Early Bird Christmas Delivery pillow pledge level and B) provided your address to us before addresses were locked down Wednesday last week? The congrats! Your pillow(s) has shipped! A few Backers have even started receiving them already and are posting in the comments, so go take a gander. 


If you got your address to us a bit later than Wednesday, there's a small chance it has also shipped, but more likely is about to, but it might not get to you by Christmas (there's only so much we can do to get it by Christmas without addresses :P). If you haven't provided your address, PLEASE DO SO NOW!! All of you!

Log in to BackerKit using the email address connected to your Kickstarter account and it will take you to a page that you can give us your shipping info!


Man I love that word. "Next." It just has such a great air of moving forward! Next we'll start shipping the rest of the pillows!! Woot woot! And as much as I would love to, I can't give an exact time frame on when each of your pillow(s) will ship, so please be patient! We'll update BackerKit with tracking numbers (which should email you automatically) as often as we can :)

Love you so bad!! And Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Cheery Kwanzaa! Incredible Non-Denominational Holidays! Humbuggy Holiday Eyerolls! And everything in between :)


And now maybe a few ideas of gifts for you in the upcoming year? :)

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    1. Sam Beckett on

      WOW, lots of SPAM. this is against kickstarter TOS.

    2. Missing avatar

      Gary Vance Lea on

      Shane Hartwell - scroll to the top of this the bright blue "View pledge" button: your backer number is displayed at the bottom of the pop-up pane.

    3. Missing avatar

      Shane Hartwell on

      How do I find out my backer #?

    4. Fuzzball on

      Got the shipment yesterday. One tote was complete with everything, but the other was missing the pillow cover and extra squishies I ordered. Should I call the main line, e-mail, or Ghostbusters?

    5. Steven Cheng

      @Shaylin @April have you guys checked backerkit? It's usually listed there, top left corner of the page.

    6. Cory Anotado on

      Yup, official. Checked everywhere. No booster!

    7. Missing avatar

      Shaylin Gruslin on

      @April Southerland -- I was wondering the same thing. I'm an Early Christmas backer and haven't received a tracking number, though I'm not sure if that's expected or not?

    8. April Southerland on

      Is there a way to access a tracking number?

    9. Missing avatar

      Chalise Nash on

      I know that everything is on back order, which is a bummer, because I really wanted to buy more purple stuff for Christmas presents, other than what I bought myself, but are the squishes on back order too? I just want something purple, while I wait for my pillows, sheets and seat cushions.

    10. Lynn

      @Cory, the air booster comes deflated and folded, and so is easy to overlook. It is purple in color and comes inside a transparent plastic bag. Deflated, it is just under 7"x9" and is about 1/2" thick.

      I hope that helps you find the booster.

    11. Cory Anotado on

      So, I might be confused but I got my pillow and my pillowcase but I'm not sure if I got my air cushion thing.

    12. Tim on

      I just got my pillow. :)

      There was no pillow case in the bag. :(

    13. Gary Hansen on

      I'm a manager at a FedEx facility and can confirm these are out!! I saw one on one of my driver's trucks today and got giddy that they're out lol. Can't wait to get mine in February!

    14. Jeremy Spray

      OMG. you guyzzzzzzzzzzzz!!! I got my Head Bed last night, and it is AMAZING. I slept SO HARD. and no tossing, or turning. I was sure that I was going to use the support. NYOPE! it is a perfect piece of sleeping luxury.

      Thank you so much for making life AWESOME!

    15. Tacie Himelright on

      OMG! OMG! OMG! I CAN'T WAIT!!!!! And no horseheads as of this morning. I'll have to see when I get home. ;)

    16. Shelly M. on

      Wish I was a Early Bird backer right now, would love to have gotten my pillow in time for the holidays (but will totally be trilled to have it before February if things keep moving forward as quickly as they seem to be doing :D ).

      Keep up the good work and I can't wait to get my pillow!

    17. Missing avatar

      Nathan Walker on

      Got mine a couple hours ago. I'm already planning a nap for later.

    18. Simon Lai

      Hi, i have sent you an email for my change if delivery address.

      Please let me know if you have received my email. Many thanks!