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Risen to infect the baseball world the Schaumburg Zombies are accepting new brains (or a deceptive LHP) for one ghoulish night of fun!

Baseball isn't just for the living anymore, at least, we hope it's not.

The Schaumburg (Ill.) Boomers are a professional minor league baseball team in the suburbs of Chicago and just completed a remarkable 2013 season, winning the Frontier League Championship and claiming the Frontier League Organization of the Year award in just their second season of operation. So, to try and build on that success in year three, the Boomers are hoping to run the first-ever minor league baseball Kickstarter community performance and event when we host Field of Screams on Saturday, June 7, 2014 at 6:00 p.m.

This is no ordinary minor league baseball promotion and it goes way beyond decorating the stadium and passing out free candy, which is where your backing comes in. The Boomers are a small (nine employees), 100% family-owned (husband and wife Pat & Lindy Salvi) business that has a big idea it needs help funding. The Boomers will change their name for one night only to the Schaumburg Zombies and have gone so far as to create a logo, design uniforms and put some wild ideas together to do a night of dinner theater the likes of which have never before been seen in a baseball stadium.

Zombies Logo
Zombies Logo
Zombies uniforms
Zombies uniforms

As a small business, the Boomers need help in purchasing these great new uniforms (which are available to some Kickstarter supporters - see the rewards for more) and hiring out local professionals to bring the rest of the night to life (pun intended).  As you probably notice from the video, we aren't exactly talented makeup artists, so we want to hire some of those to give every fan who walks through the gates the opportunity to be turned into a Zombie for the day. We also will hire local theater performers to roam the concourse as zombies for the night and help us play some games with our fans, turning them from the living to the undead as the night moves along. We're all about fan interaction here at the Boomers/Zombies, and the opportunity to make our fans part of the show is something we relish - and something that really has limitless potential on a night like this one.

Aside from that, we have a few other tricks up our sleeves for the night, including having one player literally rise from the grave before the game, playing zombie movie clips and sound effects during the night, and even serving specialty food items (brains? or at least, chocolate brains) at the concession stands. 

It's a night that's never before been seen in minor league baseball, and one we'd love to bring to life for the community that the Boomers support - and have been supported by - since the birth of the franchise in September 2011. Rather than make this idea happen via corporate sponsorship dollars, the Boomers are really hoping to make this a community event - financed by the community, for the community and brought to the local community, so that we can stay true to our artistic vision of the night.

Thanks for reading and for your support. You can always contact the Boomers office at (847) 461-3695 or me directly at

Andy Viano
President/General Manager
Schaumburg (Boomers) Zombies Baseball Club

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Funding certainly is our number one obstacle to doing this right, but of course in a big market like Chicago we always face challenges when it comes to promotion of the event. Hopefully, a concept as unique and interesting as this one gets media attention, is shared and spreads through social media, and interest in it builds organically, but that is the main challenge we'll face that could prevent this event from being successful.

What we can promise, however, is a tireless effort from our extremely energetic staff, who will pound the pavement relentlessly over the next several months once this project is funded. Rest assured there will be no door not knocked on and no phone un-buzzed as we work to spread the word about the Field of Screams.

This franchise has already overcome a lot of challenges in two years (like any startup business), so we're used to adversity and have - as our success clearly illustrates - come out ahead more often than not.


  • Good question! Every ticket to see the Schaumburg Zombies & the Field of Screams is $10, so simply multiply the number of people who want to come by 10 and then choose the "$10 GAME TICKET" reward. We'll know if you pledge $50 and select "$10 GAME TICKET" as your reward that you want five tickets to the game, and that's what we'll have for you.

    If you want to claim a different reward but still add on additional tickets, just keep adding $10 for every additional ticket needed and we'll get the idea, or send me a message via Kickstarter or to explaining what you want either before or after you make your pledge.

    If that still isn't clear, contact me any time at or (847) 461-3695 and I'll be able to hook you up.

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    GAME TICKET Grab a great seat to see the Field of Screams live - every $10 gets you a box seat ticket to the Saturday, June 7 game to see the Schaumburg Zombies take on the Southern Illinois Miners! First pitch is 6:00 p.m. with the gates opening at 5:00. Don't forget to come as a member of the undead - you either join the zombies or prepare to run! Tickets will be held at the Boomers Box Office and are available for pickup at the stadium between 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. anytime after March 1, 2014.

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    TICKET + T-SHIRT Make sure people know you saw the Schaumburg Zombies in action with a one-of-a-kind "I Survived the Schaumburg Zombies" t-shirt, complete with zombies logo and perfect for helping blend in with the living dead. And don't forget to wear your t-shirt proudly as the Zombies take the field for their Saturday, June 7 game. Ticket and t-shirt available for pickup at the Boomers Box Office between 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. anytime after March 1, 2014.

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    ZOMBIE FOR A DAY Join the moaning, bloodthirsty herd and become part of the show on June 7! Get to the park early for makeup and wardrobe as we turn little old you into a zombie entertainer for the night. Be prepared to invade the field before the game starts when the infection is first discovered, then spend the evening wandering the stadium concourse in your never-ending quest to feed off the living and participating in other zombie-centric in-between inning contests. Zombies also receive complimentary tickets to the Saturday, June 7 game and an "I Survived the Schaumburg Zombies" t-shirt.

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    SOMETHING OFF THEIR BACK NIGHT No, you won't be walking away with bloody flesh from a Zombie's back, you'll be a tad bit more sanitary and collect a one-of-a-kind Schaumburg Zombies jersey, worn by one of the players on May 17! Take home their sweat, blood* and guts*, along with an autograph on your Schaumburg Zombies jersey, perfect for framing and hanging above your fireplace or wearing to your next coed softball game. You'll also receive four (4) free tickets to the June 7 Field of Screams game and an "I Survived the Schaumburg Zombies" t-shirt.

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    ZOMBIE FIRST PITCH Have you ever wanted to kick off a baseball game by throwing out the ceremonial first pitch? How about throwing out the ceremonial first pitch while lurching and moaning as a zombie? Even better, right! This is your chance to join the zombie herd with makeup and wardrobe provided, then get a chance to toss out the ceremonial first zombie pitch for the first game in Schaumburg Zombies history! You'll also receive four (4) free tickets to the June 7 Field of Screams game, an "I Survived the Schaumburg Zombies" t-shirt AND an autographed, game-worn Schaumburg Zombies uniform.

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    ZOMBIE FIRST BASE COACH/RADIO EXPERIENCE Want to play for the Schaumburg Zombies but you're just too darn living and breathing? No problem, we'll give you the full zombie treatment before the game, let you invade the field with your "teammates" and spend the game coaching first base for the Zombies! You'll sit in the dugout during the game, head to the clubhouse after the game for some team bonding and - if you're lucky enough - get invited out for a post-game feeding. During one half inning, you'll be relieved of your coaching duties to spend some time with two-time Frontier League broadcaster of the year (and delicious human) Tim Calderwood live on the Zombies radio broadcast. You'll also receive four (4) free tickets to the June 7 Field of Screams game, an "I Survived the Schaumburg Zombies" t-shirt AND an autographed, game-worn Schaumburg Zombies uniform.

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