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Apocalypse World is a critically acclaimed, award winning, and revolutionary tabletop RPG. We're creating the 2nd edition.
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    1. Vincent Baker 3-time creator

      Thanks, Heather!

    2. Missing avatar

      Heather Rasmussen

      I like the new version of the Child-Thing special. I normally appreciate how AW leans up against the line, but I'm very glad that the new version seemed to look at this particular line and go "umm...nope!", then went and did something else.

    3. Vex Godglove on

      This one looks creepy and fun. The new playbooks are really great.

    4. Blue Gargantua on

      Oh man, I desperately want to see Feral Child and Macaluso in the game together.

      "Timmy, who are these...wolves you're afraid of?"
      "It's Him! And Him! And Her!"
      *Macaluso whistles innocently but in three-part harmony*

    5. Nathan Black

      Oh wow, this is rad, but I can't wait to borrow moves off it for other playbooks. Mercurial Skinner, here I come. Or Ravenous Faceless...

    6. Vincent Baker 3-time creator

      Justus: Right on. We're thinking about how best to rewrite it to make this clear.

    7. Justus on

      @Michael Roy: I'm not sure that's how this one works. This one happens before you have sex, and the Battlebabe's (and everyone else's) trigger when you have sex, so you're already another playbook when the sex happens. Then *that* playbook's Special is negated by the Battlebabe. Pretty sure this is just a "no you can't have sex with a child what is wrong with you" mechanic.

    8. Kaarchin on

      Oh it's so sick I love it.
      God catch Michael Roy.

    9. Missing avatar

      Michael Roy on

      Great interaction between this special move and the Battlebabe.

      Child-thing: "Today, I become a man."
      Battlebabe: "Shut up. This means nothing."

    10. Oliver Granger on

      Improvement: get +1weird (max +2), but they always start with weird +2. Should be max +3, right?

    11. Matt M. on

      @Taryn Azelski; It's a weird situation, no doubt. Like most open-ended things in these games, I think it'd come down to discussing what the deal with the wolves is at your table, since if one (or more!) of the players is one it definitely changes how they handle as a whole.

      One of the key things, I think, is that aside from being a perversion of birth (which wouldn't apply to a PC, 'cause she ain't a Threat!) the only nudge towards the wolves' motivations or actions is "they're hunting you" -- which could certainly mean "track down, dismember and eat" but could also just mean "looking for". Which there could be all manner of reasons for, along with reasons why they're still hunting you despite one or more already being here and associating with you (multiple packs? the PC wolf went rogue? they all need to be present for something to happen? the wolves are an unintended, uncontrolled byproduct of Mama Maelstrom doing something else for you, and vary in their means and motivations? etc). It could be that you're a runaway and the pack is just trying to get you home, and willing to bring ruin to anything that would impede that.

      "Raised by wolves" indeed. ;)

    12. Matt M. on

      I'm glad the wolves are back. The Solace itself never really did it for me, but I always felt like the wolves had a cool story to tell, in that particular kind of game. Like @Billy Bryan said, the Hx situation is golden.

      I dig the playbook. It's got a whole Time Machine morlock meets Road Warrior feral kid vibe (boomerang as a gear option made me grin), plus some of the Hoarder's guts in the den. As well, 4 "move from another playbook" options and the special move really let it evolve and develop through play, which seems fitting for a youngster.

    13. Taryn Azelski on

      Paraphrase: "Remind your players at the start of they game they don't have to be friends, but they have agreed to stick together."

      At the start of a hypothetical game: One person is the Child-Thing, another is one of the maelstrom's wolves, which seems to imply that other character is hunting the Child-Thing, so... why would they stick together, or be any sort of allies?

      I know if my character were a wolf, I'd be really confused on how to play them in terms of interaction even though I think the idea is awesome.

    14. Missing avatar

      xander on

      hah! Both "YOUR DEN" and "WOLVES OF THE MAELSTROM" practically launch campaigns all on their own...

    15. Matt M. on

      @Matt Wetherbee; As MC, those are the sort of queries that would make me recline in my chair a little, get that wry look on my face and respond to my Child-Thing with "Those are great questions!" before going silent. ;)

    16. Missing avatar

      Matt Wetherbee

      If the psychic maelstrom is your mother, why are its wolves after you? Are the wolves called "of the maelstrom" because they are its enemies? Are they also its children but acting independently? Does your mother just want to kill you?

    17. Kyle Meeks on

      @Vincent and @Meguey Thanks for the clarification! I think that's super cool.

    18. Missing avatar

      Billy B on

      I love the Hx prompt more than any other in the game. Like I want to look at each other player in a game and earnestly ask, "Mister, are you a wolf of the maelstrom?" and then furiously scribble notes on my sheet when they answer. But even more than that I want to be asked that question by another player and put on my most wolfish smile and say "You bet I am, child-thing. And I'm coming for you."

    19. Meguey Baker on

      @Kyle Meeks; kinda the opposite of "It's up to your interpretation". Everything you talk about is cool; change playbooks first to signify that process. Use the new playbook's sex move when the time comes. Continue as that playbook.

    20. Vincent Baker 3-time creator

      Change playbooks, for real, and permanently, before sex, of course.

    21. Missing avatar

      John Harvey on

      I think you've created something which makes me sufficiently uncomfortable that I'd be reluctant to include it in my games.

      Well done.

    22. Kyle Meeks on

      For the Child-Thing's special, do they permanently change playbooks right before having sex, and then continue on as the new playbook? Or do they change playbooks and use that playbook's special when they have sex, and then revert to Child-Thing once their appropriated sex move is finished?

      I can see both of them working. In the first scenario, sex basically let's them grow up or come of age while still keeping their ties (both good and bad) to the mother maelstrom, the hunting wolves, and their den. In the second scenario, they basically get to choose which sex move to use because 1) they're weird and unpredictable, 2) they're still trying to figure out who they are themselves and 3) they've been watching everyone, trying to learn how to grow up, fit in, etc. like normal awkward teenagers.

      Or is this basically an, "It's up to your interpretation" kind of sex move?

    23. droqen on

      amazing Hx prompt

    24. Travis Heldibridle on

      Shaping up to be quite the 2nd edition. These new playbooks are fantastically fun. I don't know what would be more fun: Playing this, or running a game where a player is playing this.

    25. Calvin Lindfors on

      Seems cool, but you definitely don't want random people to overhear you talking about "having sex with the child-thing".

    26. Justus on

      Holy cow, this is just one of the primary threats from my current campaign, but as a playbook. Fantastically creepy. Definitely looking forward to seeing this one at the table.

    27. Riccardo Agostini on

      It's my new favorite playbook. This second edition is getting better and better.

    28. Charles Picard on

      Oh, yeah, I've got one of these taking his nap in the room next to mine right now...

    29. Troy Lenze on

      Geez. Just the DESCRIPTION gives me the creeps. I can't wait to read it!