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Apocalypse World is a critically acclaimed, award winning, and revolutionary tabletop RPG. We're creating the 2nd edition.
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    1. Taryn Azelski on

      Yeah, I forgot about that set of rules! That's cool, thanks!

    2. Missing avatar

      Wrestlepig on

      I'm not really so sure about this one. You've got a big responsibility, but very little actual power to enforce the law aside from embargoing people, which probably leads to getting raided instead. You'll get knocked over by most gangs or combat classes, since you don't have the tools of Hardholders or Maestros to attack or manipulate people. A couple of the moves are pretty odd, like All are Welcome, which strikes me as being covered by read a sitch's question about threats, and the ritual is far better than anything the angel can do if you've got the time. There's almost nothing you can do if people outright want to do you harm, beyond a single weapon, at most 3 friends, and whichever PCs decide to help you (which could be hard without ways to manipulate). Compared to the Maestro, which has inbuilt security, really strong proactive moves and ways of getting what you want beyond offering a drink.

    3. Travis Heldibridle on

      I keep re-reading this playbook. I really want to run a game with a Waterbearer, a Hardholder, a Hocus, and maybe a Chopper. A whole game featuring the movers and shakers and the struggle to control the hearts and minds of the masses.

    4. Vincent Baker 3-time creator

      Taryn: Yes! The penalty is execution. But look up the rules for death, I think you'll find them less final than you're imagining. They go by the title "when life becomes untenable."

    5. Missing avatar

      Kevin Bates on

      So shiny, so chrome. Witness!

    6. Taryn Azelski on

      When someone misses the Lawbringer move and the penalty for the law that was broken is execution, how should the MC or player handle that? Do they allow themselves to be killed?

    7. Vincent Baker 3-time creator

      If you're not prepared to hold yourself responsible, you shouldn't play the waterbearer!

    8. Benjamin Jx on

      It looks super cool, but I'm a little unsettled with the "Lawbringer" move and the "they must" formulation. What forces the Waterbearer to ensure the penalties, or what happen if he doesn't ? If the answer is nothing, what is the move purpose ? (kind of reminds me the maddening right mechanism of the aw:da beta)

    9. Vincent Baker 3-time creator

      Thanks, everybody!

      Redownload for some small corrections. Thanks, Michael, Adam.

      Glenn: I haven't had a chance yet to figure out the best way to handle that. Stand by!

    10. Glenn Seiler

      Is there any way to get additional copies as an add-on without going in for the shared reward level?

    11. Riccardo Agostini on

      wow, love it! It's like the perfect playbook for a campaign i'm starting right now, where the players chose for water as fundamental scarcity! And luckily enough one of the players have yet to choose his playbook and wanted to do an Angel, maybe he will be interested in the waterbearer. :D

    12. Kaarchin on

      At first I was not thrilled by it until I got to the Source. And now I really love it.
      Great job!

    13. Adam Blinkinsop

      Typo: sacrifices of "precius" things, in the laws section.

    14. Justus on

      Really fantastic; evocative and thematic right off the page like the best playbooks are. And a nice explicit Thunderdome reference, too!

    15. Missing avatar

      Michael Roy on

      Love it.

      Possible error: "To create your waterbearer, choose [...] wolves"

    16. Missing avatar

      David on

      A softholder!

    17. Justin Phillips on

      Not-so-evil Immortan Joe?

    18. Missing avatar

      Heather Rasmussen

      Very excited about this one!

    19. Missing avatar

      Albee Wicks on

      Looks cool. I like the alternative to the hardholder