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A funky, democratic lifestyle + accessories brand from men's style expert/entrepreneur Elliot Aronow. One size fits the universe.
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What's This Whole Jacques-Elliott thing about?

The first step to a better life is dressing the part. Jacques-Elliott will take you there.

  • We want to hook you up with The Perfect Tie and bring taste, generosity and good vibes into your life. One size fits the universe.
  • Our ties are super dope and handsome and everyone will compliment you for wearing one, sometimes with their eyes. Our ties make you feel rich. 
  • We are currently sold at Odin in New York and merchandised alongside Thom Browne and Rag & Bone.
  • We need funding to buy into funkier, more dynamic fabrics, expand our range of products and create a top notch e-commerce site.
  • We appreciate you and your support for the brand and the product. To say thanks and show you what we are about, we are going to send you The Perfect Tie. Perhaps a few because you will want more than one. 
  • Jacques-Elliott ties are the perfect gift. You don't have to try them on and they make everyone feel and look awesome. 
  • Created and founded by Elliot Aronow (RCRD LBL, OUR SHOW, The FADER)
  • Jacques-Elliott wants to share what we love and know with everybody, like a punk rock Martha Stewart. 

Please watch our video now. Thanks! 

  • Founded by style and music impresario Elliot Aronow, Jacques-Elliott passionately believes every dude has the right (and means) to look fly and be awesome.  
  • Our brand is built on a foundation of taste, generosity and positive vibes. It is the lens through which we view the world and our recipe for improving it. Our heroes include Malcolm McLaren, Uncle Ralph (Lauren), Fab 5 Freddy, Emeril Lagasse, Adam Yauch and Martha Stewart. We wanna make 'em proud.
  • We are starting with the perfect tie because everyone needs a little Jacques-Elliott in their life. 
  • We are starting on Kickstarter because we believe we can offer the world something awesome, the power of Jacques-ness. And the perfect tie. 


  • We created the perfect tie. It is slim and modern, the perfect width: 3 ⅛ inches. 
  • Only available in tasteful, handsome colors and patterns. A sure shot, every time.
  • Not too fat or too skinny, you will look like a boss in our gear whether you are a pizza person or a celery lover. We happen to be both.  
  • Incredible hand: they feel amazing, are a pleasure to touch and make you feel rich. 
  • Cut from rare, deluxe fabrics that have loads of pop and texture. Guaranteed to bring you discreet, positive attention. 
  • Lined with the highest quality, all natural Italian-made liners. Guaranteed to always move naturally and drape (hang) like a dream. 
  • Light in weight, slim in size, substantial in stature. 
  • Swag technical details like textured tipping...
  •  And a self loop. 
  • Made in Brooklyn, USA for everyone, everywhere to enjoy. 
  • Currently sold at ODIN, NYC’s most tastemaking menswear shop of all time, sharing the racks with really real deal brands like Thom Browne and Rag & Bone
  • Look at the photos, these really are some very nice ties. We want them to get you stoked on dressing fly and being awesome! 


  • Your clothes are what everyone notices first, Jacques-Elliott wants to make them work for YOU. 
  • B/C everyone deserves to own at least one unassailably dope tie. Especially if it is your only tie. 
  • B/C it’s so hard to find a tie that makes you feel awesome but doesn’t make you look like a square or a try-too-hard. You want something where the quality speaks for itself and the swagger comes from you. 
  • B/C buying a cool, thoughtful gift for your self/boyfriend/homie/bae/friend/relative shouldn’t suck. 
  • B/C our products have names like Funky Architect (pictured above) Blue Duder, Zebra Heater (seen below), Goth Bar Mitzvah and Turnt Up Oatmeal. 
  • B/C we created an original musical composition, "Planet Jacques", for our video and have our own vocoder drop. 
  • B/C even if you don't like ties we produce hi quality pins + hand made magazines + parties and events too!


  • Jacques-Elliott is not a person, it's a way of life. We want to democratize dopeness and make things we love that everyone can enjoy, like accessories. One size fits the universe. And you don't have to try anything on. 
  • The better you look, the better you feel, the easier it is for good things to happen. Jacques-Elliott will show you how to do it. 
  • Jacques-Elliott is on your team whether you are broke or balling, big or small, polished or rough. 
  • We are the team that is going to look out for you and help you enjoy a swaggier, more stylish, healthier and more confident version of yourself so you can get psyched and improve the world. We will do this through products, zines, experiences + parties and of course,  
  • Jacques-Elliott welcomes all peoples to the party...
  • a punk rock Martha Stewart. 


  • Hook you up with beautiful, tasteful ties that will turn any every day kit (button down shirt, blue jacket, grey suit, chinos/jeans, loafers) into a winning look.
  • Give you first dibs on our soon-to-be announced, limited-edition collaborations with your favorite musicians, designers and brands.
  • Give you a 100% fool-proof way to buy holiday presents for all your homies, clients and relatives. Awesome ties make great gifts and we will be shipping all product in NOVEMBER!
  • Give you a cool story about where your clothing comes from when people inevitably ask who makes that awesome tie—this cool new accessories brand from Brooklyn called Jacques-Elliott.


  • Some styles are more limited than others but all of them are very nice. 
  • Pictured Left to Right: 21st Century Handsome Man Crimson Overcheck, Zebra Heater Stripe, Oatmeal + Ivory/Turnt Up Beige Stripe, Blue Duder Stripe
  • Pictured Left to Right: Upstanding Grey Guy, Rad Trad Textured Navy, Sure Shot Black/Grey Stripe, Easy Stripe Navy 
  • Pictured Left to Right: Dapper Dentist 1983 Multi Polka, Funky Architect Abstract Print, Regal Ruffian Cotton Foulard, Navy/White Polka Jacques Revolution 




1. Continue to source the world's most interesting and flavorful fabrics from top line mills and distributors.

Without primo clothe, we can't bring you all these beautiful looks. Your funding will help us build deeper relationships with our suppliers and allow us to place larger orders and buy into funkier and more interesting fabrics.

Just like records, you don't find the best stuff til you dig and to do that, you need some cash. We are trying to be the Paul's Boutique of neckwear.

Once we get our orders up, we can work with bigger guys who frankly won't give us the time of the day now cause we are small fries in a world of fat baked potatoes loaded with cheese (mmmm, cheese.) Help the little guy, get a unique tie.

2. Step up our technology game

Both our retail site and our editorial site need a back and front end refresh. Since we took Jacques-Elliott online back in 2012 a lot has changed and not just in terms of personal computing. Without being too dramatic about it, our side hustle became our Singular Life Goal.

Our vision for the brand grew to allow all the facets of the Jacques-Elliott lifestyle (physical products, relatable and didactic content, custom publications, eclectic experiences) to meld together, like a swag professional bouillabaisse.

We'll need some real money to build a top notch e-commerce site, one that showcases our products, allows us to celebrate fellow creators and layers in the kind of super useful, top notch editorial people know and love us for. 

3. Expand Our Product Offerings and Be Able To Engage With A More Casual Side Of The Market: First Ties and Pins, Then Sock and Undies

We believe it's better to do one small thing insanely well before you begin the adventure of making new products across multiple categories. Now that we've made a name for ourselves with our neckwear and didactic fanzines, we are going to expand our offerings.

To get us outside of the "Alex P. Keaton ghetto", the brand is going to go big with hi end enamel pins, like the ones we are offering in this campaign. These are not the safety pin junker joints you get out of a gumball machine, these are fan club quality, polished metal (bad ass looking) secret society badges that will connect you to other cool people.

We like casual. We like lower priced items. And we love clothing that can communicate ideas and stir up a little fun that isn't a T shirt.

It's going to be all about TIES TIES TIES and PINS PINS for Q1 and Q2.

After that, on to socks and fun-derwear! We honestly don't know what the first Jacques sock is going to look like, we can promise you that when it comes out your toes are going to swoon and you will def get approving glances on the subway.

4. Compensate our creative collaborators with more dollars and the same number of free ties and snacks.

We passionately believe that no creative person should go without compensation for their time, craft and work.

As they say, some of us gots skills but all of us gots bills!

Like any DIY business, we create all of our marquee content and marketing and press materials, as well as a slew of compelling imagery for retail and lifestyle images. These projects all take time, resources and skill to actualize.

We spend time making sure our product and branding is consistently top notch and we have a crew of friends and colleagues (like Loren Wohl, Gino Reyes, Tyler McCauley and Sarah Williamson) to thank for that.

As we grow and upgrade from shooting all of our looks in Elliot's living room we want our team to benefit from our success and be looked after financially for the services and passion they lend to our brand.

5. Grow our reach and community of fans and customers with bigger and better event and custom publications.

We love making zines and throwing parties. Not just because they are great ways to promote our lifestyle but also because they create physical experiences and artifacts that bring people together.  Also they are fun and people sometimes make out. 


  • He started out booking basement shows in college before landing a gig interning for the Strokes in 2002 and then a "real job" throwing parties and editing at The FADER
  • In 2007 he co-founded RCRD LBL, the world's first free and legal downloading site where he worked with Grammy Award winning artists including Mark Ronson, Diplo and Gnarls Barkley and helped to revolutionize free and legal music discovery and online music distribution for fans, brands and artists. 
  • Was a tv host/on-air personality/haircut for Pitchfork TV + hosted/wrote didactic cooking show "Food Gold" with Fool's Gold Records
  • From 2008-2012 he hosted, produced and co-wrote OUR SHOW with Elliot Aronow, a funky live action DIY talk show that featured top tier guests including James Murphy/LCD Soundsystem, Chromeo, Vampire Weekend, Das Racist and Theophilus London
  • Its print offshoot, a series of 32 page zines featuring cool cats like Chef Eddie Huang, Nick Zinner, Twin Shadow was filled with style tips, interviews and good jokes. It was and still is, a favorite with fans, critics and consumers alike. 
  • Following OUR SHOW Aronow was handpicked by to create a weekly “Self Styled with Elliot Aronow” column. 
  • A life long style obsessive/"lazy mod", he's been in this style game since his days of dino shorts and striped socks. And now he wants to make you the perfect tie. 


"My first sartorial addiction in the men's style business was flipping vintage crack-era Polo (Cookie Patches stand up!) but once I started sourcing fabrics for my ties I was really, really hooked. This time in a different, life changing way. I didn't want to collect and sell Uncle Ralph's clothes, I wanted to make my own. 

Ties seemed like a good place to start. 

We all came out of punk rock and making things for ourselves and our community to enjoy and so neckwear seemed like a very natural step. To me, making ties was like recording a 7”, there was a low barrier to entry but it was difficult to do well.

My crew and I all wanted something slim but not boy band slim, something funky that would make us look handsome and something made locally that wasn’t insanely expensive.

After years writing and curating my men’s style advice columns for Playboy and Refinery 29 I saw a hole in the market for thoughtful accessories and decided to locally produce the products I wish existed on more mainstream websites.

We made a private run of a dozen in three colorways in 2012 for homies and business associates (known now as the white label-era) and it was super well received, especially for a debut collection. 

We were being rewarded for being ourselves, so we kept going. 

Also, it was easier than making shirts. 

Last summer we teamed up with our good friends (and one of GQ's Best New Menswear Designers 2014) Brooklyn Tailors for a line of incredible striped repp ties. That gave us even more experience and product under our belt, err,collar.  

After the FADER and Vice featured our collab with Brooklyn Tailors, we went back to the lab for our second official collection.  

And then the legendary Odin in NYC picked us up for our F/W 14 and changed the course of our brand forever. When we saw our Jacques-Elliott ties (first row in photo) merchandised next to Thom Browne and Rag & Bone we flipped! 

That was a huge co-sign, especially since we all grew up shopping at Odin and learning about hot new brands and looks there. 

We’ve since produced 35+ additional styles of ties and 10+ fan/customer meet up events in New York and LA, presented at Capsule NYC and been featured in publications including Esquire, Vice, the Fader, Nylon + more. 


It's true! 

Here's what "everyone" is saying about Elliot and Jacques-Elliott. 

  • “Mr. Aronow has established himself as the go to guy for style advice for metropolitan men.” - The Wall Street Journal 
  • “Jacques-Elliott is all about personal, attainable, and sincere style that’s not beholden to rules.” – Esquire 
  •  “When it comes to holding it down and swag in general, Elliot does it and he does it better than the rest. He’s just a really cool guy and he can talk about a lot of interesting stuff and he has great pants.” - Diplo 
  • “Elliot is an incredibly smooth dresser and often I ask myself: ‘Why do I bother to wear clothes because I will never look as cool as this man?’” - Mark Ronson 
  • “Our favorite dude about town. One of New York’s coolest influencers.” - Refinery 29

See more at:


  • It’s @jacques_elliott and it’s filled with funky, didactic style and life tips.
  • We cram it with the same sort of life expanding, useful information we share in our columns for Playboy, Refinery 29 and of course of our TIE-TIMES zines, but in 'lil internet form. Also, there will be photos of crispy, crispy french fries and Ringo.


  • Your clothes are what everyone notices first, so make them work for YOU. 
  • Put what you do above what you wear.
  • Our only lasting happiness comes from elevating and helping others. The better you look and feel, the more you can do.
  • 10% effort = 1000x better life
  • You gotta GIVE the love 2 GET the love.
  • Please show Jacques-Elliott some love. We love you.  

Risks and challenges

While this is not our first time at the rodeo launching a brand, we are sorta newbies when it comes to inventory and logistics.

We feel very confident that we will be able to ship all product to all backers by the 15th of November. HOWEVER should demand for product be so great that we run out of our current stock, we may need an extra 3-4 weeks for our factory in Brooklyn to produce more ties.

Also, some of our styles have already been cut from rare and unusual fabrics that cannot be re-ordered and re-produced. Once they are sold out, they are gone.

Others can be freshly made and will be ready to ship within 4 weeks.

We recommend sending us your requests early so we can get you the ties you most want.

If you are a super fan of any of the specific styles you saw presented you can write to us and we will do our very, very best to set it aside. Due to the boutique nature of the product we can only fulfill orders on a first come, first served basis. We hope that excites you in some way!

We need to find the best, most attractive way to mail you these ties but aside from that, should be good!

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