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Journeymen is a new comic anthology designed to give new creators and artist a chance to work in a professional setting and be seen. Read more

Iowa City, IA Comics
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This project was successfully funded on January 14, 2012.

Journeymen is a new comic anthology designed to give new creators and artist a chance to work in a professional setting and be seen.

Iowa City, IA Comics
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About this project

What are journeymen? Traditionally journeymen were those who had advanced in their craft enough to start earning a living at it. Even as they start the journey the goal is to make a masterpiece, this is their chance to show the world what they can do.
So, what is Journeymen?Journeymen is a quarterly anthology where creators looking to find work in comics can come and show their skill. This is their chance at creating a Masterwork.
What sets Journeymen apart from other comic anthologies?First, we are not looking for completed comics to be submitted. We will put together the best creative teams we can find for each of the three stories done on each issue. Not only is this good for the creators, for it gives them a chance to learn how a professional comic is created, but it also gives them a chance to network with others who share similar dreams. Second, most of the creators who submit to Journeymen are new to comics or not well known creators looking to show they can do the work. It is our plan that Journeymen will become a premiere publication for helping creators join the comic industry.
Why do we do this?In order to be able to make it in comics you need two things. The first thing an aspiring creator needs is to be able to show they can do the work. Journeymen is their chance to show they can do the work and get paid for doing. This is the first chance many of our creators will have for professional work in comics. Lastly, we are doing this because in comics the next most important thing to being able to do the work is getting to know people in the industry. That is why we have so many different people involved with Journeymen.

We are all on a journey and we are asking for your help to see that we all make it to the end. Please help our Journeymen show their talents and earn their Masterwork.

I know most people say you need to have a video to make your Kickstarter project work. I am still considering this. We spent a lot of time on our first video, but to be honest I don't think it worked for what we wanted. Now, I am sure that people don't need to see my ugly mug to learn more about Journeymen.

We have finished the submissions for Journeymen and are currently going through them to decide who will be in the first issue of our quarterly publication. Those who back us early will be able to find out inside information as it becomes available. Already the IC Geeks Readers have been hard at working going through the 40+ scripts we had sent in and soon the finalist will be decided. We are also picking the artist for the three scripts that are chosen to be in the book. I can say that we have narrowed the field down and should know by the 12/18 just which stories will be in the book. You just might learn something of the stories as well if you back us before the 12/31/11 when we reveal the full Journeymen creative teams.

Here is a breakdown on how the submissions looked for Journeymen.

Writers – 44 stories
Pencilers – 94 entries
Inkers - 35 entries
Letterers – 16 entries
Colorist – 37 entries
Cover Artist – 30 entries

We are looking forward to getting started on Journeymen. With your help we will be able to continue everything on time and not cost me all my kids Christmas money to do so. We can use your help. It is our goal to make Journeymen a starting point for many new creators as they begin their careers in comics.

I thank you all for having read this and look forward to updating information as I am able to.

Noel Burns

IC Geeks Publishing 

Here is the info provided on our first Kickstarter as well to help explain just what we are trying to do.

Journeymen a Masterwork

I sit here trying to sum up what this project is…and the best thing that comes to mind is a dream made real. Comics have always been a part of my life, from super heroes to manga and everything in between. I have also been very lucky to meet some amazingly talented creators, who for one reason or another have been unable to get their foot in the door of professional comics. Now though instead of wishing I could help them, I am doing something about it and asking for your help to please make their dreams real too.

So what is Journeymen about?

Journeymen is a quarterly anthology that will bring new creators to the professional world of comic book creation. By giving writers, pencilers, inkers, letterers, colorist and cover artist a chance to work as a creative team and bring three new stories to the world every three months. As well as teaching them what it is like to make a book with professional expectations.

So what about the anthology?

For those of you who are interested in joining or telling your friends about this anthology I have posted some of the submission guidelines and requirements below:

Anthology Guidelines:

1. All rights in the story and art remain the property of the author or artist.

2. Journeymen submissions are open those who want to be a part of a new project to highlight comic talent. There were other requirements listed here, but we have made the choice that we would rather have anyone who is open to submitting to us.

3. All submission should be submitted digitally through the emails provided at our website for each category. Please check the category you wish to enter in for submissions details.

4. For the three stories that are chosen we will be paying a total amount to each artist or writer listed below:

- (3)Writers get $150.00 each

-(3)Pencilers get $250.00 each

-(3)Inkers get $150.00 each

-(3)Letterers get $75.00 each

-(3)Colorist get $200.00 each

- The Cover Artist gets $75.00

-In addition to the cash each winner will also receive 2 issues of the finished book.

At the end of each year there will be a fan vote to determine which team will be granted a four issue series.

Voting on that will be done Starting January 1st of each year.

5. The Anthology is run four times a year, beginning on October 1, January 1, April 1 and July 1.
Submissions will be open for two months. To be eligible an entry must be received electronically by the ending on the last day of the second month at midnight. The year will end on December 31.
Late entries will be deleted and should be resubmitted at the next Anthology opening, the Anthology Administration will notify the entrant if a submission is deleted due to being received late.

6. We ask each entrant to only submit only one script or samples of art work per category.

7. We will announce who will be in each Anthology on our website, but the individuals will be notified of the results by phone, mail or email before the official reveal.


Have a question? If the info above doesn't help, you can ask the project creator directly.

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    A heartfelt Thank you from everyone at IC Geeks Publishing. Your name or someone you choose to be in the book for all time. Plus, a hand typed note from me to you saying thainks. Plus + you will get a digital pdf of the book.

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    You get your name in the book. A pdf digital file for your very own and a physical copy of the general release of the very first Journeymen before it is released to the public, and I will write you a note too.

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    For this one we are offering your name in the book, in bold letters. A pdf digital file to call your own. A physical copy of the general release Journeymen book 1 and a special edition Kickstarter Exclusive cover. These will be extremely rare and will only have as many printed as are ordered here.

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    Retailer Package. 12 issues of Journeymen shipped to your store. Your store listed on our web page and an 11 x 17 promo poster for Journeymen.

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    Artist Edition Journeymen. Want a one of a kind comic? You can have your own Artist Edition cover with an original sketch from one of the Journeymen artist, or the me the publisher. Yes, you can make me do some drawing again for a fee. You will also get the Kickstarter exclusive, the general release book, the pdf and a hand written thank you letter in the book.

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    Our amazing Editor, Steven D. Forbes has agreed to look at 8 page scripts for those who take advantage of this incentive. Along with having your script edited by the man doing the edits for Journeymen. You will also get the Kickstarter Exclusive cover, genreal release cover and the pdf.

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    Special Production Edition Journeymen #1 with additional content showing the creation process and how this first book came together. As well as this book you will also get an Artist Edition, Kickstarter exclusive cover and a general release copy with a pdf. This is your chance to see how this book was made, but also have a couple to gifts to share.

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    Retailer Special - Get your very own exclusive cover to Journeymen Issue #1. You will have final approval over the cover and can even make suggestions as to it's content. In addition to your very own cover you will get 50 issues shipped to your store.

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