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A two-volume set of 10" x 12" color hardback books containing the geography, history and cultures of Glorantha.
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Rick Meints

1,276 backers pledged $260,962 to help bring this project to life.

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Shipping Update on various items


Greetings to our backers,

It is with great joy that we at Moon Design have been hearing from many excited European backers as they have let us know (often with pictures on G+) that they have been receiving their Guides, Atlases and map sets. As you would expect, we have been asked a number of related questions as boxes have been opened and the contents explored.

The shipments we have sent out should have the following range of items in them, based on what you ordered: Two Volume set of the Guide, Argan Argar Atlas, 6 poster map set (folded) of Genertela, and the 24 poster map set of Glorantha. Epic as those things are, those are what we refer to as the "core" products.

All the other more premium rewards are being shipped separately. Those items include the Archival map set, Gregarth Altas, Godlearner and Illuminate certificates, custom dust jackets, MoLaD D20, Big Kahuna banner maps, and the other very top rewards. We will be sending those out very shortly, and notifying each of the higher backer levels with specific updates just to those backer levels.

DAMAGED ITEMS: We know a few books and such have been damaged in shipment. Please email us via and we will get replacements sent. Usually, we just want a quick photo of what was damaged so we know exactly what needs replacing. That includes dust jackets.

FAUX LEATHER: We have now come to realize that what each of us defines as "faux leather" can vary greatly. We apologize if what you thought constitutes "faux" is different to what we ordered from the printer. Just to be clear, all the Guides were done in faux leather, and everyone got the basic dust jackets to help protect them. Backers that are due custom dust jackets will get those in addition, as a separate delivery.

As always, thank you for your support.

Shipping Update


Greetings to our backers,

The Guide to Glorantha is ready to be shipped to our patient European backers. Pegasus Spiel has informed us that they will begin shipping Guide orders after this weekend's convention in Essen.

As we know more, so shall you.

As always, thank you for your patience and support.

European Shipping Update - not the usual Spiel


Greetings to our backers,

I am happy to report that the shipment of European orders has cleared German customs, been loaded onto a truck, shipped to a secret warehouse location outside of Frankfurt, and unloaded by eagerly awaiting shipping gnomes at Pegasus Spiel. (Ok, the location isn't that secret...)

Pegasus Spiel is now prepping European orders for final shipment!

Wow, it feels great to finally say that.

As always, thank you for your support (and patience)!

A Custom-ized Shipping Update


Greetings to our backers,

The sturdy Schenker Ship set sail from Norfolk, Virginia on schedule and has arrived in Hamburg, Germany as scheduled. Our offerings to Mastakos and various sea deities have paid off. Currently, as best we know, the shipment is being processed by customs, which is not a branch of the government known for providing updates, let alone time estimates for clearance. Thus, we have dubbed the process "She Who Waits". Pegasus Spiel is eagerly scanning the horizon for sight of the truck that will travel to them outside Frankfurt, but no joy just yet. We have heard rumors that the shipping gnomes impatiently pace about the shiny new Pegasus Spiel warehouse awaiting to fulfill many of our backers dreams...

As Willy Wonka once quipped, "The suspense is killing me", but unlike him, we hope it won't last.

We wish we knew more. When we do, you will too.

As always, thank you for your support.