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A huge floating glowing sealife inspired art installation for Ephemerisle 2k12
A huge floating glowing sealife inspired art installation for Ephemerisle 2k12
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Controller fundementals

Here is where I get a bit out of my element. 

I have a few ideas on how to control the jellypuss, which I will have to outsource to someone better at coding auduinos. If you would like to voulenteer for this duty, I will build a jellypuss simulator and mail it to you. 

1. simple sequencing

This is where the lights flash and pulse on a pre-programmed sequence 

2. MIDI keyboard control. 

Someone brings a midi keyboard and "plays" the jellypuss

3. Sound responsive

We run an FFT on an audio input and it flashes to the beat. Perhaps lower frequencies would correspond to reds and higher frequencies to the blues

4. Accelerometer control. 

This is where some dancer person would be dancing holding a control sphere, that would shift the lights around based upon how the dancer was moving 

5. Tablet/android/iphone app

Fully out of my wheelhouse. I know that a ton of you islanders are software devs, so this should be in your court. 

6. Any combination of the above

Some arms could be linked to the audio, some to a dancer, some to midi, some just patterned 

How this all works depends on how the jellypuss is connected to the controller. If the controller is on board a boat, it is simple, but it requires a long, insanely thick tether to the jellypuss. If the controller is onboard the jellypuss, it will probably be all zigbee or wifi links to the thing


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