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7 most functional bags and packing cubes that will make your trip incredibly easy
7 most functional bags and packing cubes that will make your trip incredibly easy
7 most functional bags and packing cubes that will make your trip incredibly easy
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    1. Missing avatar

      Allan Roberts just now

      I received a tracking number back in February. The tracking number says it was sent from Hong Kong on 8th February and 5th April (nearly 2 months later!) arrived in the "transit country" which was oddly Germany not the UK. It has not other entries. Yet a further two months later I've not received the items. This is shocking. Please advise of when I can receive the items this week or please provide a full refund.

    2. Marcel Müller about 17 hours ago

      Finally I recieved today my Vasco Bags. I tooks time and a lot of troubles. Quality looks good so far. I am looking forward to test them on my next trip.

    3. ARNIMATE 3-time creator about 22 hours ago

      @catscratch, Your parcel had arrived in February, but unfortunately was sent back to sender because you did not collect it. We'll respond through PM shortly.

    4. Missing avatar

      catscratch 1 day ago


      I'm still waiting to receive what I pledged for.
      I messaged you through Kickstarter several times already.
      Could you please respond?

      Thank you

    5. ARNIMATE 3-time creator 5 days ago

      @Cindy Liu, @Renee, I'll look into your cases and reach out through PM or email, thank you!

    6. Renee 6 days ago

      I emailed you last week about not receiving what I pledged for. A response would be appreciated. I should have received the whole set but only got three cubes.

    7. Missing avatar

      Cindy Liu
      6 days ago

      My cubes also are still yet to arrive. Any updates on Australia deliveries?

    8. ARNIMATE 3-time creator on

      @Bilal sheikh, I'm sorry, I don't get the question. You may put any sorts of items into these packing cubes.

    9. Missing avatar

      Bilal sheikh on

      Will you guys be packing other pouches such as a first aid pouches or just a general use pouch?

    10. ARNIMATE 3-time creator on

      Thanks for acknowledging the note I've sent you yesterday. If such delay at customs is abnormal for your country's post services, please get in touch with your customs/post office to avoid the possibility of return back to sender.

    11. Marcel Müller on

      Still waiting

      Wed, May 30, 2018 at 2:44 PM 


    12. ARNIMATE 3-time creator on

      Glad you've finally got your package, Michael! Thank you and sorry it took so long!

    13. Michael Jell on

      Even though it took forever for my package to arrive (1st delivery went missing) it finally came yesterday. I haven’t tested it very much but they look nice :)

      Thank for coming through even though it took so long :)

    14. ARNIMATE 3-time creator on

      @I Gede Parama Gandi, we will be able to ship you your rewards when we receive your survey information. Unfortunately you did not complete the survey despite multiple invitation emails. I am now resending your survey invitation (will come from CrowDox), please check your inbox. Thank you.

    15. Missing avatar

      I Gede Parama Gandi on

      Hi! When will my vasco shipped to Indonesia? Thanks.

    16. ARNIMATE 3-time creator on

      @Marcel Müller, @Ben Gilbey, your tracking numbers have been sent to you per personal messages. Thank you!

    17. Marcel Müller on

      An other week with no news !!!! You guys sucks and really fucked it up!!!

    18. Ben Gilbey on

      So Arnimate, will I get my award this year?

    19. ARNIMATE 3-time creator on

      Dear backers! We are currently negotiating delivery of remaining awards by a better fulfillment company to ensure more reliable shipping. We'll contact backers with known delivery issues personally. Thank you.

    20. Ben Gilbey on

      And no reply. Nice.

    21. Ben Gilbey on

      To add - it’s been three months now since I received my original tracking number. That shipment never shipped and the tracking number was cancelled. Three months later and I still don’t have a new tracking number. How can it take so long?

    22. Ben Gilbey on

      Another two weeks pass: no tracking number as promised, and certainly no Vasco packing cubes. Very disappointing. It’s been months since the original screw up and I see no urgency to resolve my missing shipment from Arnimate

    23. Marcel Müller on

      3 Month now that I came up with the problem about my package... Maybe i will get it for Christmas.

    24. ARNIMATE 3-time creator on

      @Kazia Shuff, thanks, we really appreciate the feedback! Sorry it took a bit, but glad we were ultimately able to fulfill your pledge!

      @catscratch, please check your inbox, thank you!

    25. Missing avatar

      catscratch on


      my package got hold up in customs and ultimately sent back.
      I'd appreciate a reply to my messages about sending the package again, thanks.

    26. Kazia Shuff on

      Kudos to the team. My package got lost back in December. It took a few weeks and emails to sort out, but I finally received my packing cubes last week. They are fantastic and were worth the wait.

    27. ARNIMATE 3-time creator on

      @Ben Gilbey, our fulfillment partner is currently reprocessing your shipment. Tracking number should be available shortly. Thank you.

    28. Marcel Müller on

      @Ben Gilbey I recieved an mail 6 days ago fron VASCO that they will send me new bags due to the fact that I never received them. Never give up your hope

    29. Ben Gilbey on

      Ten more days pass. No Vasco packing cubes have arrived. No indication from Arnimate when they might be shipped. Debacle.

    30. ARNIMATE 3-time creator on

      @Michael Jell, we're trying to locate your package. Please understand that this process takes a bit of time due to the fact multiple postal services are usually involved, which often reserve the right to respond within prolong periods of time. I'm really sorry it's taking so long.

    31. Michael Jell on

      Still haven’t gotten my tracking nor did anyone replay to my PM... what a waste this is... seriously

    32. Martin Bergvill on

      @Gary Boyd Arnimate is not responsible for whatever law they have in your country on imports. I paid 46 GBP in tax and import bill here in Norway. (Double pack with value $ 200). They are not to blame for that at all.

    33. ARNIMATE 3-time creator on

      @Stephen Schalk

      I'm afraid you did not submit your survey. Unfortunately you have marked the CrowDox survey email as spam, and we cannot re-send it for you to complete. Please set up your filtering to allow emails from and, then write us a Private Message and we'll be able to re-send the survey. Thank you.

    34. Ben Gilbey on

      Another two weeks pass. No packing cubes.

    35. Gary Boyd on

      Nice product yet I got stung with a 22,50 GBP tax and import bill when I collected at the post office! Having backed a number of campaigns on Kickstarter this was by far the most expensive!

    36. Missing avatar

      Stephen Schalk on

      Hello, I have not received my reward yet. I emailed but it bounced back, What email should I be contacting?

    37. Georg Wild

      As suggested earlier I unsubscribed from further updates ... Annoying enough, this is necessary. But now you send mails? Stop that!
      I'm happy this is over and I want no further information about your future disasters.

    38. Marcel Müller on

      One more week passed and still no tracking number, bags or whatever..

    39. ARNIMATE 3-time creator on

      Hence why I said "if you have not done so already". We're already working on resolving your case, Marcel, and will be in touch soon.

    40. Marcel Müller on

      How should I check my tracking information if i haven't any fucking tracking link who works??? You guys are funny !!

    41. ARNIMATE 3-time creator on

      Dear backers! If you would prefer not to hear from us, you should be able to unsubscribe from the newsletter.

      Thanks to all of you, this project is mostly complete with nearly every eligible backer having received their rewards. All we have left to do now concerning this Kickstarter project is to deal with a few remaining problematic cases. We are in contact with such backers, and if you haven't received your package by now, I urge you to check your tracking information and get in touch with us as soon as possible, if you have not done so already. Thank you!

    42. Missing avatar

      Rohil Chaddha

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    43. Missing avatar

      Andreas Mueller on

      @Arnimate : once again, please stop spamming via the Kickstarter update function. You did it even twice today in both of your running projects. This is not acceptable and dubious. I want to receive an update only if you want to inform about any progress of the project and not about promotion you may even benefit from.

    44. Marcel Müller on

      Oh come on... It's almost 2 fucking month now that I came up with the problem about my packing / Tracking number. I wrote you first on February 2, so please stop saying it takes up to 30 days to swisspost. I am patient but I have my limit as well

    45. ARNIMATE 3-time creator on

      @STEFAN ELIES, we'll investigate your package and get back to you through private channels. Thank you.

    46. Missing avatar

      Franziska on

      Also - quick side note: i guess many delays with German post are because of just that: the missing invoice.

    47. Missing avatar

      Franziska on

      @Martin : the problem is that i had been on a business trip. As the invoice was not in the package, postal service refused to deliver it to my office and i could not pick it up in person. I did indeed send the invoice to customs. But needed to pay
      EUR 30 for the Post taking care of customs regulations due to the missing invoice. It would have been much easier to just add the invoice, like any other international shipping does :)

      No hard feelings though. It was just meant as feedback to give room for improvement :)

    48. Missing avatar


      Maybe the missing invoice is as well the resin for the lost or delay of my shipment. So please can you, request a tracking of the shipment from the original logistics. This is the only way, recording to the German Post.

    49. Martin Bergvill on

      @Franziska here where I am at(Norway) if a package has no invoice I am contacted with a request to prove what I paid and then I pay taxes on that amount. Couldn't you have showed them your cc statement and pay what was right?

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