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Vasco pillow’s memory foam relieves pain in the neck, heating mode & massage system improves blood circulation and helps to fall asleep
Vasco pillow’s memory foam relieves pain in the neck, heating mode & massage system improves blood circulation and helps to fall asleep
Vasco pillow’s memory foam relieves pain in the neck, heating mode & massage system improves blood circulation and helps to fall asleep
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    1. ARNIMATE 3-time creator 2 days ago

      @Anirudh Roy, @Jason Boyd

      Hello and apologies for the late response! We were very busy with production - the pillows are currently being mass produced and our manufacturer promises to complete them not later than July 31st. After we have them it'll take roughly another week to have the pillows shipped to all backers, and you should receive yours in August.

      Thanks to the experience we've accumulated with our previous project (the Vasco Travel Kit), we've fine-tuned all stages of the bags production process to perfection. However, this is the first time we've had to deal with electronics, hence why we've run into a number of unexpected challenges that caused several delays. We are confident though that we will be able to meet the August deadline, as we've solved the minor design issues we've had with the last sample and all there is to do now is to wait for the factory to finish the end product and have them shipped afterwards, which we also have a lot of experience with now.

      Thank you for backing and do reach out with more questions if you have any.

    2. Jason Boyd
      4 days ago

      @creator, we are all anxiously awaiting an update. Are we getting our pillows this month? Next month? Have you received samples that you and all of us will be happy with? Any other issues, we as backers should be made aware of? Radio Silence scares backers, especially if at last minute you update with another delay. It’s been over a month since an official update. It’s time. Thanks

    3. Missing avatar

      Anirudh Roy on

      @creator, any updates on shipping yet?

    4. Missing avatar


      Hi. Hope to get it by Jul . Rgds

    5. Jason Boyd

      @vasco Agreed I wasn’t only posting. Maybe misunderstood as it wasn’t addressed. No big deal. My original comment still stands. I’m fine with delays, not with lack of transparency. I’m sure I’m not only one having this thought. Just disappointed again in it. Will make me seriously reconsider future campaigns even if I’m interested in product.

    6. ARNIMATE 3-time creator on

      Dear Jason, your comment or concern were not the only one posted.

      You are, of course, free to to draw your own conclusions, but we did decide to modify the design just recently instead of beginning to produce and ship as-is. Note that there is currently no delay planned from the previously communicated July/August delivery window (which could change, but not as of now).

      All of this had been addressed in the Update and our comment there.

    7. Missing avatar

      POC on

      Hi creator! Sorry for that, my mistake. 3 grey pillows! Check!

    8. Jason Boyd

      @creator?? What do you mean by your latest post with the link? See what comment?? I’m referring to the fact we only knew of delay on the day of the update but it is apparent you knew previously.

    9. ARNIMATE 3-time creator on

      Dear POC, you've asked for the way to receive three pillows in your original comment and that is why we've advised you to pledge $107.50. Thank you.

    10. Missing avatar

      POC on


      During the campaign you said that if I wanted 4 pillows, I should pledge 107 dollars. I did it and now I only have 3 pillows, that's what Crowdox says. I don't accept it.
      Can you please solve this problem?
      Thanks. Regards.

    11. ARNIMATE 3-time creator on

      Please refer to our comment under the latest Update. Thank you for your feedback.

    12. Missing avatar

      Ninon Messina on

      As another backer mentioned....
      Im sure most would not complain if it was delayed due to upgrading to USB charger in addition or in place of batteries.
      I have another brand that I purchased similar that this one- the batteries are the incomparable if I lean my head interested the pillow.

    13. Missing avatar

      Dave "crash"

      I agree be honest with us. If you are reworking some things then going to need prototype of that then final approval, then mass manufacturing, shipping to wherehouse packaging and then out to the world. I think September October is more reasonable.

    14. Jason Boyd

      @vasco Well based on today’s update now we have to wait July/August to receive. Although I don’t mind waiting for improvements, what bothers me is that you wait until after scheduled shipping date to update us. If you are now only receiving production samples, delivery would not have been until early July if it was perfect. I really thought we wouldn’t be dealing with similar issues from you previous campaign and thought you learned to be more transparent. I guess not. Again, I reiterate I’m ok with delays. It happens. And it’s for a better product. What bothers me is the lack of transparency. Shipping was never going to happen mid June.

    15. Carissa Marie

      I think we'd all like an update sooner rather than later. Even if it's just saying "all is well".

    16. ARNIMATE 3-time creator on

      Dear backers, we'll have a relevant Update posted as soon as we're ready to announce shipment. Thank you.

    17. Missing avatar

      Dave "crash"

      I'd really like an update and you said back in February that to get a small run of red ones wouldn't be a problem so what changed.

    18. Ernest Ang on

      Hi, it’s already mid June and I’ve yet to receive any news on this shipment or whatsoever. Please provide updates now.

    19. Missing avatar

      Carsen Paukowits on

      I have not received the item that I backed, who do I need to contact

    20. Brad Dancer

      Official update would be great, been over a month

    21. ARNIMATE 3-time creator on

      Dear backers! We're still aiming to start shipping in June. We should receive production samples within the next few days and we'll be able to comment on the shipping date after that. Please note that any and all dates and time frames are approximate and may change.

      Thank you!

    22. Missing avatar


      What's the latest on shipping?

    23. Jason Boyd

      You’ve advised mid June for shipping. Has that started as of yet? Will we receive tracking info soon? Please advise. Thanks.

    24. JoungHun Woo

      When will you send it?

    25. Norainni Janai on

      Since the super duper delay... Is there something extra to be included? I really do not mind express shipping as a thank you for being patient.

    26. Ryan Daly on

      Sorry, must have been something else, this one's a different material too. Sorry about that. Hopefully yours will be better than this 😊

    27. Ryan Daly on

      Hi, I've sent an inbox to you, have received my order (ish) but have a problem. Please could someone help. Thanks.

    28. Missing avatar

      Kim Meng Lee

      When is the expected delivery date? Please advise

    29. Missing avatar

      Marcin Jękot on

      Hi Team, do i need to fill in some additional surveys or answer any questions or is this all under control for now?


    30. ARNIMATE 3-time creator on

      Ernest, your survey is completed and no further actions are necessary on your end.

      As for red pillows, I'm afraid it is unlikely that we will have any available, but we'll let you know if anything changes.

    31. Ernest Ang on

      When it's ready for shipping, how would we know or confirm our shipping address? Correct me if i'm wrong but I don't recall having filled that up anymore. Please advise on this. Thanks.

    32. Missing avatar

      Ross Bonnett on

      So no chance of doing any red ones? Just in a comment a few months back you said you was doing me a red one.

    33. ARNIMATE 3-time creator on

      There is no change of plans as of now since the last Update. Unfortunately the pillow will be in two colors only, this is sadly the only way to ensure manufacture in reasonable amount of time. Gray and blue proved to be most popular choices, so we went with these.

    34. Missing avatar

      Dave "crash"

      Am I still getting a red one. Please say yes

    35. Carissa Marie

      Any updates since the last one? I realize we're looking at July/August. I was really hoping to have mine in time for my trip. But I get this happens.

    36. Missing avatar

      andrew levene

      Are we still on schedule to start delivery next week?

    37. Missing avatar

      Massimo Maniscalco on

      Hello dear Arnimate Society!

      I really hope the production is going smoothly!
      Really looking forward to trying your amazing pillow! (And my GF neck will thank you many many times)

    38. ARNIMATE 3-time creator on

      @Ernest Ang, we should have a new Update soon. As of now there's nothing to report, the approximate shipping time frame is the end of May, but this might change.

      @Katie Baker, I'm afraid there's no way to back out of a campaign when it's complete. We may hold on to your reward, or pick a different shipping address. Please send me a private message to discuss.

    39. Missing avatar

      Katie Baker on

      I am going to be out of the country from mid-may onward. Is there anyway to cancel my order as I will not have a firm mailing address to receive anything.

    40. Ernest Ang on

      Any new updates on the shipment and readiness of the product? Thanks.

    41. ARNIMATE 3-time creator on

      Thomas, this product has been posted here a couple times before, if I recall correctly. It’s not what backers will be getting, our pillow looks different, has 6 massage modes, 3 heating modes and a premium memory foam material. You can find more details in this Update:

      Thanks for backing!

    42. ARNIMATE 3-time creator on

      @Jason Boyd, we expect to start shipping roughly by the end of May. This might however change. Please refer to our update from March 26th.

    43. Jason Boyd

      Are we still on schedule for May delivery. What are the updates regarding the manufacturing? And I do feel the same, do not use the update function to show us some advertising where it will earn you additional revenue. Give us an actual update with the ads that’s fine. But it’s irritating to see an update, get excited to receive news to find out it’s spam.

    44. Missing avatar

      Andreas Mueller on

      @Arnimate : once again, please stop spamming via the Kickstarter update function. You did it even twice today in both of your running projects. This is not acceptable and dubious. I want to receive an update only if you want to inform about any progress of the project and not about promotion you may even benefit from.

    45. Missing avatar


      Thanks for the latest update! We appreciate the communication. I'm really looking forward to receiving the pillow!

    46. ARNIMATE 3-time creator on

      The Vasco Travel Pillow will still feature memory foam material, we do not have any plans to change this.

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