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Vasco pillow’s memory foam relieves pain in the neck, heating mode & massage system improves blood circulation and helps to fall asleep
Vasco pillow’s memory foam relieves pain in the neck, heating mode & massage system improves blood circulation and helps to fall asleep
Vasco pillow’s memory foam relieves pain in the neck, heating mode & massage system improves blood circulation and helps to fall asleep
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    1. Norainni Janai about 5 hours ago

      Okay guys, any updates on this pillow? I do not have a great feeling about this project either same with other projects I recently support. It is odd how during the beginning of this campaign- lots of info and marketing was put into this. Then ghosted and now keep on convincing all is good etc but with MAJOR changes: 2 color options and materials are no longer memory foam but something close to it. I do not think this is acceptable to begin with. So have a little courtesy to update all your backers on your progress. Thanks

    2. ARNIMATE 3-time creator 4 days ago

      @Massimo Maniscalco @Ray Withy, we expect to complete mass production and ship the pillows roughly at the end of April or middle of May. Please keep in mind that this time frame might change. You may edit your details by opening the survey, the link is in the confirmation email from CrowDox. Please do not delay doing this.

      @Carsen Paukowits Your survey had been re-sent again.

    3. Missing avatar

      Carsen Paukowits 5 days ago

      Apologies I had to update my email, could you please send one more time. Thank you

    4. Missing avatar

      Carsen Paukowits 5 days ago

      I keep requesting the form be sent to my email, but nothing comes. I wonder if this was a scam or what?

    5. Missing avatar

      Massimo Maniscalco 5 days ago

      Hi, any update about the production progress?

    6. Missing avatar

      Ray Withy 5 days ago

      Hi I completed my survey more than five weeks ago and I have contacted CrowdOx to see when my pillows will be delivered. I have not received any response from them. Do you have a delivery schedule for the delivery of the pillows to Australia? As more colors are now available than when I pledged, am I still able to change my color? preferences in the survey?

    7. ARNIMATE 3-time creator 5 days ago

      Hello Carsen. I've re-sent the survey, please check your inbox.

    8. Missing avatar

      Carsen Paukowits 6 days ago

      I have not received my survey for the address. Please send again

    9. ARNIMATE 3-time creator on March 5

      Hello Edwin! Your survey is submitted. You should've gotten a confirmation email on February 8th, please PM me if you'd like us to re-send it.

    10. Edwin Lue-Shing on March 5

      Can you confirm you received my survey form?


    11. ARNIMATE 3-time creator on February 26

      Hi Jason! Thanks for posting your feedback. We're working on ironing out various issues that manifested during our previous project. Rest assured we'll take our prior experience into account! Thank you!

    12. Jason Boyd
      on February 25

      Received my Vasco Travel Bags, and if the quality of those is any indication of what the quality of what the pillow will be like, I’m incredibly excited to receive my pillow. The bags are fantastic and I can’t wait to go on my next trip to utilize them. They will make packing so much more compact, easy and organized. With them I should be able to pack all in my carry on, thus avoiding the need for checking baggage making my trip so much easier. Thanks @Vasco for a quality product. Fingers crossed this one will be a little closer to scheduled delivery date. Only complaint I have about other campaign, but you guys did always keep us informed, which was great, and it did result in receiving a quality product. So it’s only a minor complaint.

    13. ARNIMATE 3-time creator on February 22

      @Norainni Janai

      We'll send you the tracking number once shipping begins. As mentioned earlier, it should be late April. Thank you for backing!

    14. Norainni Janai on February 21

      No but you emailed me informing that tracking number will be provided. But I got the survey after many long waits. And now to many longer waits ;)

    15. ARNIMATE 3-time creator on February 20

      Hello Amanda! We are aiming to begin shipment approximately at the end of April.

    16. Missing avatar

      on February 19

      Do you have a time line of when the pillows will be sent out?

    17. ARNIMATE 3-time creator on February 19

      @Tae Kim

      Hello Tae! According to our information, you have already completed the survey and no further action is required from your end. Please contact us in case you have any questions.

    18. ARNIMATE 3-time creator on February 19


      Although we were confident that we would be able to offer multiple color options, unfortunately we ran into certain last minute technical difficulties. As a result, we could only mass produce the pillow in two colors. We're sincerely sorry about the lack of a proper advance notice, the situation in general and will make sure this doesn't happen again in the future.

    19. Missing avatar

      on February 17

      Was only given two color to choose from. Tot there are more colors promoted, including orange color...

    20. Missing avatar

      Tae Kim
      on February 15


      I need my survey link to be sent I have not received it.
      Can you send me the direct link to the message? Thanks

    21. ARNIMATE 3-time creator on February 14

      Hello! I sent it for you. Please, check

    22. Missing avatar

      TOUSSAINT on February 13

      Could you send me back the survey, I delete by mistake.

    23. ARNIMATE 3-time creator on February 12

      Dear Backers, please check our first project which was funded successfully in October 2017, most of the products already delivered and below are some of the public comments from backer that already got the product!

      Cynthia Aguayo Greco on February 1: " I received my bags I January. Very high quality. I had looked at a few I saw I stores by different companies and the ones I received are by far the best quality. I felt I was informed about address and asks received the email notification about the delay in overseas shipping. I give it a 5 star review".

      Eddy Mohd Buang 2 days ago : "they look super cool, I'm impressed!! Thank you very much!"

      Jennifer Marie Newell on February 2: " I sympathize, as other projects have disappointed me. But Vasco has not disappointed me and I’m a very happy backer. I received mine in December; I’m in California and I was very happy to use them on our Christmas trip. They're great quality and I feel like communication has been adequate..."

      Master Yoda w/o the Force on February 1: "I got mine weeks ago(US resident).
      Love it so far, don't worry you will get yours soon"

      Mysterious Theory Superbacker on February 1: "I got mine down here in Florida! You guys made a banging product and your the real deal, thank you for making my travel experience so much more efficient!".



      Warmes Regards,
      Vasco team

    24. ARNIMATE 3-time creator on February 12

      Step, same marketing company, same business address, different inventors/owners of the project!

    25. ARNIMATE 3-time creator on February 12

      Ross Bonnett, Christopher Choo, Dave "crash", we are so sorry for that and we will not try to explain anything. Let's do so, we will do our best to have 3 red color pillows specially for you. Usually it is not a problem to make up to 10 samples on the factory, we will just pay retail price for them. Thank you so much for your trust and support!

    26. Missing avatar

      Step on February 12

      The funny thing is that their bag project has the same business address listed as another project on kickstarter:
      This project got suspended because they have the same design as an already exisiting product + they offended backers in the comments. Now they simply went to Indiegogo with their project. They seem very trustworthy.

    27. Paul Holmes on February 11

      Henry Ford "You can have any color as long as it's black."

    28. Missing avatar

      Step on February 10

      I really regret backing this project. There are too many uncertainties and communication or information management seems strange/shady -_-

    29. Missing avatar

      Dave "crash"
      on February 9

      I've completed the survey but don't like being mislead really wanted a red one but only 2 choices available talk bout misleading your backers. Great start

    30. Missing avatar

      Christopher Choo on February 9

      Can I check why is there only 2 colors up for selection instead of 5 colors that was mentioned in the campaign page? There were no updates also to inform that there was a reduction in color options.

    31. Missing avatar

      Ross Bonnett on February 7

      Only 2 colour options? I was hoping to get a red one. Not blue and grey.

    32. Martin Bergvill on February 6

      @Arnimate I sent you a PM. I am sure we will work this out in the end..

    33. ARNIMATE 3-time creator on February 6

      I have changed your configurations

    34. ARNIMATE 3-time creator on February 6

      @Martin Please, check your survey again

    35. Martin Bergvill on February 5

      @Arnimate I got an email from you guys to do a Crowdox. I'm in there just now, but I can't get the sums to work out. 14 November I added funds for one extra hyper early bird with one shipping (you guys said 14 November "you did everything right". Now I am $15 short. What happend here?

    36. Missing avatar

      JohnnyBravo on February 5

      Why there are only two colors options ?

    37. ARNIMATE 3-time creator on February 5

      Amanda, yes, you are right.

    38. Missing avatar

      on February 5

      There are only two color options, is this correct?

    39. ARNIMATE 3-time creator on February 2

      Norainni Janai, did you get email saying that you will get Vasco pillow soon?? Could you please forward that email to us

    40. Norainni Janai on February 2

      An email saying imma get tracking soon. Plus you have not responded to my many questions in the private message.

    41. ARNIMATE 3-time creator on February 2

      Norainni Janai, because we didn't send it yet :)

    42. Norainni Janai on February 2

      I have not received survey yet either

    43. ARNIMATE 3-time creator on February 1

      Sherman Koa, you will have possibility to specify it in the survey!

    44. ARNIMATE 3-time creator on February 1

      Robert Sandelid, you will specify it in the survey!

    45. ARNIMATE 3-time creator on February 1

      Dewi Neijs, we are waiting confirmation from Crowd Ox, should be these days. No worries we have plenty of time until May :)

    46. ARNIMATE 3-time creator on February 1

      Rohil Chaddha, you are absolutely right, we should pay more attention to public comments.

    47. ARNIMATE 3-time creator on February 1

      Jeanette von Streit we are still confident, we are starting mass production, soon will be first updates from manufacturing. Main thing that manufacturing goes smoothly :)

    48. ARNIMATE 3-time creator on February 1

      Ernest Ang, we plan delivery on May!

    49. ARNIMATE 3-time creator on February 1

      Rest of Vasco Bags Tracking Numbers Will Be Provided Tomorrow:

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