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The AirBoard is a thumb-size, Arduino compatible, wireless, ubiquitous computer designed to sketch Internet-of-Things, fast!
The AirBoard is a thumb-size, Arduino compatible, wireless, ubiquitous computer designed to sketch Internet-of-Things, fast!
The AirBoard is a thumb-size, Arduino compatible, wireless, ubiquitous computer designed to sketch Internet-of-Things, fast!
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    1. AirThings Creator on

      @Michael Check the good work of Philip from Australia here:

    2. Missing avatar

      Michael on

      Thanks Olivier!

      I had to do a factory reset of the WiFly board and after that was able to connect to their hotspot and then configure accordingly.

      I had the baud rate at 115200 but will change to 9600 and see if I can see output in serial w/o BLE shield attached.

      If anyone has a sketch for communicating with the AirBoard via MQTT and the WiFly shield, PLEASE share!!!

    3. AirThings Creator on

      @Michael It looks like you are correctly identified in the forum, however under two different names. See DM for more details.

      The AirBoard basic communication to any shield (including the wiFly shield) is a straight serial/UART protocole. Quick Start examples can be found in our web site ( and source codes are under our github repository (

      But first be sure to configure the WiFly shield correctly (the module can operate in two modes: AP mode for remote configuration or regular mode). For configuration, you can just power it via the AirBoard or use an extra "Xbee" USB dongle from Sparkfun. Note that mode select is done via hardware pull-up at boot time.

      Specific documentation concerning the WiFly shield can be found here: and a lot of discussions can be found on the web. A good starting point is Sparkfun's product page:

    4. Missing avatar

      Michael on

      Thanks @Creator.

      I actually tried to use the community and sign up but it seems the site is down when connecting on mobile. Happy to copy and paste when it's working.

      In the interim do you have any ideas on how to get WiFly connected as a wifi network?

      Also once the Airboard is connected to wifi via the shield, how I communicate with it. The current documentation is a bit lacking unfortunately but I am loving working with the AirBoard.

      Thanks again.

    5. AirThings Creator on

      @Michael @all Please note that there is a new community forum open for you here:

    6. Missing avatar

      Michael on

      Hey guys,

      I am very new to Arduino and trying to give myself a crash course. My goal is to leverage the AirBoard and a stepper motor to control the pulley chain of my of my blinds, and connect it to my smart home raspbery pi via MQTT and Openhab.

      I have 3 big issues that I would love if someone could help me think through.

      1) I don't know how to merge sketches. Is it enough to copy and paste?

      2) My native Arduino IDE has error with all the AirBoard libraries. I have a codebender account until they close it and I am able to upload sketches through the codebender online IDE but not the Arduino IDE Application on my mac. How do I get working Airboard libraries?

      3) i have a WiFly shield that while I can see it is connected to my router, I cannot access it directly via it's IP address, not does it show up as a wifi network I can connect my computer to. How do I reset it to factory settings?

      Thanks so much,

    7. AirThings Creator on

      Checkout the XBee_logger example here:
      Be cautious when playing with the deep sleep feature. It is STRONGLY recommended that you keep a loooong setup timeout to allow recovering at boot time if (when!) you ever mess up ;-)

    8. Missing avatar

      FEVRIER on

      Hi, how can I put the airboard in sleep or deep sleep mode ?

      I tried void powerDown(), seems don't make anything ...

      Thank you

    9. AirThings Creator on

      Sounds great! Looking forward to see your hack.
      A forum is coming in June to post your projects.

    10. Missing avatar

      FEVRIER on

      Thank you for your quick answer.

      I'll replace 155mAh battery pack by 2200mAh and connect a solar panel on usb port via 5V regulator S7V7F5 for recharge.

    11. AirThings Creator on

      Yes, on the Kickstarter Edition, charge current is 280mA typ (340 max).
      On the 2016 production units, charge current is 90mA typ (100 max).

      Another option to increase capacity is to keep the built-in battery and plug in the micro-USB port a USB battery pack such as this one:…

    12. Missing avatar

      FEVRIER on


      Can i replace the 155mAh battery by another one more powerfull (1 cell battery 3.7V of course)? Does the MAX1555 will be able to charge it ?

      Thank you !

      Est ce que le MAX1555 qui gère le chargement de la batterie serait a même de gérer la charge d'une cellule de 3.7V de plus grande capacité en lieu et place de celle d'origine ?

      Merci !

    13. AirThings Creator on

      Trop peu d'infos pour savoir. Le plus souvent on est pressé et on tente de lancer la reprogrammation avant que la LED link s'allume. Bon hacking!

    14. Maxime AUBURTIN

      @Creator Problème résolu même si je ne sais pas trop comment. Aujourd'hui tout fonctionne comme sur des roulettes. À quoi est dû ce problème?

    15. AirThings Creator on

      Toutes les cartes ont été vérifiées individuellement avant expédition. Bien vérifier la checklist qui a été mise à jour. Sous Mac, aucun problème rapporté jusqu'à présent.

    16. Maxime AUBURTIN


      J'essaie de jouer avec ma Airboard pour la première fois, j'ai suivi vos instructions à la lettre mais au moment d'uploader un sketch de démo sur cette dernière j'ai l'erreur suivante:
      avrdude: stk500_recv(): programmer is not responding
      Que j'essaie avec l'IDE Arduino ou Codebender même chose. Je ne sais plus quoi faire. Help!

    17. AirThings Creator on

      In our example, we used Arduino UNO as the hardware model.

    18. Dirk Willrodt on

      The instructions to use AirBoard + BLE + Blynk are missing a critical point: when I create a project with blynk I have to choos a hardware model - and I can't find anywhere which one to choose.
      my problems (can't connect to device) may be due to the server not working as expected, but this information would help.

    19. AirThings Creator on

      Bravo et bon bricolage !
      Bien attendre que la Led "Link" s'allume avant de lancer la programmation.

    20. Julien Quiévreux on

      Correction, pour une raison que j'ignore ça fonctionne à présent. J'ai ré initialisé le shield et le dongle puis mis à jour les rôles et à présent cela fonctionne! Un grand merci à toute l'équipe de "The Airboard"

    21. Julien Quiévreux on

      j'ai vérifier les roles du dongle il est bien en ROLE_CENTRAL et le shield en ROLE_PERIPHERAL, une autre idée d'où pourrai venir le problème? J'ai laisser la batterie se charger pendant un moment.

    22. AirThings Creator on

      @AlexD+all BLE users
      Does any one have iPad 3/mini/Air/Pro to test the "WhenDo" app?…
      DFRobot reports OTAP with WhenDo and Bluno/BLE-Link (no need for USB dongle).
      Curious to see if it works with the AirBoard/BLE-Link too.

    23. AirThings Creator on

      Now it'd be great to find out how to program wirelessly with a standard BLE USB dongle (or built-in BLE). For this, you'll need to activate UART hardware flow control (RTS).

    24. Missing avatar

      AlexD on

      Found the solution ^_^
      The BLE shiled has to be configured at a 115200 bauds rate :
      * on service dfb0, charateristic dfb2, write the text "AT-UART=115200" plus CR-LN (line break "\r\n")
      * then to write something on the Serial, write on characterisitc dfb1.
      * When the Airboard is writing on Serial, a notification is sent (characteristic dfb1, notify), so you just have to listen to notifications form this characteristic in order to read Serial.

      Quite easy actually :)

    25. Missing avatar

      AlexD on

      Found (a part) of the solution ^_^
      The BLE shiled has to be configured at a 115200 bauds rate :
      * on service dfb0, charateristic dfb2, write the text "AT-UART=115200" plus CR-LN (line break "\r\n")
      * then to write something on the Serial, write on characterisitc dfb1.

      Still need to find out how to read what the Arduino is writing on Serial...

    26. Missing avatar

      AlexD on

      Hi, the Airboard is working pretty fine for me. I am using it through Bluetooth using the provided USB dongle. I am now trying to communicate with the Airboard using a standard BLE USB dongle. I can "see" the BLE shield, read and write on it but... where can I find information about how to communicate with the Airboard through Serial ? I mean, which BLE service should I use? I gues that dfb1 and dfb2 are the ones but I don't know what to send (I tried writing n both without success). I uploaded a code on the Airboard that read from Serial and turns on/off the LED depending on the inputs, these code has been tested and works fine. What should I do ?

    27. AirThings Creator on

      Check that AT+ROLE=? returns ROLE_PERIPHERAL for the shield and ROLE_CENTRAL for the USB dongle.

    28. Julien Quiévreux on

      eu non pardon, j'ai oublié de préciser j'ai aussi déjà enlevé R7

    29. AirThings Creator on

      Oui, il vous manque une étape : enlever R7 (à gauche de J1.11 sur la photo ci-dessous). L'upload se fait ensuite automatiquement (J1.9 et J1.12 toujours reliés), pas besoin d'interrupteur.

    30. Julien Quiévreux on

      Bonjour J'ai le ble link 1.1 j'ai fais le hack de relié J1.9 et J.12 mais j'ai réussi à uploader sur la carte que quelques fois sur une centaine de tentative, j'ai lu le commentaire de @chris chan j'ai donc remplacé le cable reliant j1.9 et j.12 par un interrupteur pour pouvoir couper le lien à volonté mais ça n'aide pas, vous auriez une solution?

    31. AirThings Creator on

      Thanks for sending your claim to the shipper.
      I'll also issue a common claim on our side, for backers in that same situation.
      Hope the two claims will help locate the shipments.

    32. Missing avatar

      Jan Mortensen on

      Hi Creator and thanks, for the mail with the picture of my address. But I have not got an answer from La Poste, have now two time filled out the form, without hearing from them? can you follow up on it...


    33. AirThings Creator on

      @Blynk+AirBoard backers
      See the instructions to have them work together:

    34. AirThings Creator on

      See DM for more information.

    35. Javier Martínez Martínez on

      HI! I wanted to ask you what happened with the shipping of the boards? I pledged for the $50 Airboard Bluetooth BLE 4.0 but I haven't heard of you. What's the shipping status?

    36. AirThings Creator on

      Thanks for your feedback.
      Sure, I2C pins are exposed on the breakout connector, as long as SPI, 3x PWM and 2x analog (share I2C pins).
      Alternate I/O functions are printed on the box pack. e.g. A4 is SDA and A5 is SCL.
      FIY, the accelerometer sample code provided is using I2C.

    37. Missing avatar

      Brad Silcox on

      Thank you very much, I looked into the BLE-LINK materials and was able to flash the color demo and confirm everything works. One more additional question, is the I2C bus exposed for conectivity or already in use?

    38. AirThings Creator on

      * Yes, NeoPixels require a strong power source such as a LiPo battery's, especially if you're using a long strip.
      * Another tip when using Adafruit's library: change the default pin(6) to a pin available on the breakout connector, such as pin(10) for example, because pin(6) is the built-in AirBoard BLUE LED.

    39. spongefile

      Correction to the above, got it working--power issue. It's magic, every time one posts a problem somewhere, it solves itself right after :)

    40. spongefile

      Currently trying to get the Adafruit Neopixels to work with this. Starting off with the basic strandtest sketch, but no luck so far. This should be possible, right?

    41. AirThings Creator on

      Agree. Website and forum are being re-worked this December.

    42. spongefile

      Is there a forum for this platform somewhere? If not, could you set one up? You can have a Discourse instance up in a day, for example. Finding info on here is tedious.

    43. AirThings Creator on

      Don't worry!
      The SMD capacitor in the picture above R7 is C23, a 1uF coupling capacitor for OTAP RESET.
      If you accidentally removed (and lost?) it, you can just short the capacitor landing pads since there is another coupling capacitor built in the AirBoard. I've just tested it here, it still works in this configuration :-)

    44. Missing avatar

      Chris Chan on

      I see. But I suddenly remove R7 and the small part under R7 as well!!!! Is there any problem of my BLE LINK is totally dead? I can't upload now....

    45. Missing avatar

      Chris Chan on

      Finally I can connect the Airboard and upload sketch to it. I was following the below hack: (connect a cable between J1.9 and J1.12). However, I have some problem in uploading the sketch. When uploading the sketch, I need to manually disconnect and reconnect the J1.9 & J1.12 . It just like resetting the BLE LINK connection so that the uploading process can be successful. Am I missing anything else? I got the BLE Link V1.1 and USB BLE dongle from DFRobot. Thanks for any advice.

    46. AirThings Creator on

      You can fill in the contact form in English, they will understand. Use the dropdown menus as shown in the template below. Please get back to use by direct message when you get the shipper's answer.

    47. Missing avatar

      Jan Mortensen on

      Hi Creator and thanks, but you link to a website in France. is there a English version?
      FYI. I have not received anything yet

    48. AirThings Creator on

      You should have received it by now. If not, you can send a request to the shipper:… using the following template:
      You can obtain your stamp number from the following shipping_status file, if this can help:

    49. Missing avatar

      Jan Mortensen on

      I haven't received my airboard yet?

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