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Project: Paradigm is the RPG dream child of Michael Pucci, creator of games such as Dystopia Rising.
Project: Paradigm is the RPG dream child of Michael Pucci, creator of games such as Dystopia Rising.
69 backers pledged $4,700 to help bring this project to life.

Adventures in Publication

Hello everyone!

Its been just over 7 weeks since my last update, and I wanted to get you all up to date in regards to the printing issues we had for Project:Paradigm as well as to give you an update.

When we first sent the book to print, we ran into huge delays due to the printer.  The initial proof print showed up almost a month after request and was not to our given specifications.  The vision we had for the Paradigm book was very specific with color artwork, both hard and soft covers, and a quality art-book grade printing.  Three and a half months ago, after all the initial proof repair, we a sad final proof sent to us.  Soft covered, color cover, and the interior was printed in black and white in low quality.  This wasn't the book we wanted to release to the world, not the book Ian and I wanted to release, and not the book that we raised money for.  The first picture below is from those books.

So after some back and forth with the printers over a couple of weeks, we discovered that we needed to go to a different print company to get the product we wanted.  Starting over with a new printing company we had high hopes of only being a couple weeks behind the schedule we set for ourselves.  After three weeks of changing layout and waiting for print proofs we again got a sad print sent to us.  The second image, a beautiful hard covered book with black and white high resolution printing interior.

After having gotten the second proof we went back to talking with the printers.  After some back and forth we found out for a second time we would not be able to get the quality we wanted.

So on we go to the third printing company.  Now already through the hoops twice over we were able to quickly change the book layout and get the book to processing.  Within two weeks we had the proof in our hands.  The third picture shown below.  High quality print, high quality art, full color, and hard cover.   It was a work of art.  So pretty that Ian and I were literally jumping for joy.

So we put in our order and upgraded all of the backer orders to hard cover.  Three and a half weeks later, on my birthday, BEHOLD!  The shipment arrives.  Ian jumps into his car and drives up to my place early in the morning.  We spend the day signing, organizing, and getting the books ready to ship.

So here we are at our update.  The books have all been shipped and within 10 days all US kickstarter backers should have their books.  Within two weeks all of our international orders should be delivered, and we can finally hold the book we have dreamed about in our hands.  Those of you that we will see directly at conventions and events we will hand deliver our books to you.

Thank you, thank you all again.  This project could not have hit the quality that it did without your support.

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    1. Michael J Pucci Creator on

      I will drop you a line about the printing company. As for the game support, we aren't going live with the book to public yet. A lot of companies have gone live with their product at the same time as shipping out, but truth be told, with as long as you guys waited for getting these we wanted to make sure they were in your hands BEFORE they became available to the public.

    2. Missing avatar

      Richard Libera

      Arrived today. Haven't delved into the content, but the visual layout is spot-on. Kudos for sticking to your vision though all the publishers - this was worth it.

    3. Carl Congdon on

      Great! The books are on their way! Thank you for your persistence and efforts in bringing this game to us.

      Now...wouldn't it be a good idea to let the world know this game exists? Maybe by having a forum where we could discuss it? Or...maybe by having some more sneak peeks at what the player characters can do/will do during the game? Keep in mind, none of us out here know much about how the Erudite manipulate reality. Just saying!

      Or at the very least, go on an advertising blitz, so that we have some interest in this game being generated outside of 69 people.

    4. Jussi Myllyluoma

      Looks very promising indeed!
      ...but I just hope that those bubble mailers aren't the only protection the books are getting in transit, especially for the overseas shipments. I'd really hate to see those beautiful books arrive with stubbed corners, or worse...

    5. Missing avatar

      Jon on

      Great Work! Do you mind if I ask which printing company you ended up using?