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Pilot mechs and support units through 3D cities at the same time. Complete 20 minute missions to upgrade your team over the campaign.
Pilot mechs and support units through 3D cities at the same time. Complete 20 minute missions to upgrade your team over the campaign.
1,035 backers pledged $148,157 to help bring this project to life.

Ready to Ship and the Big Ask

Posted by Bad Crow Games (Creator)

Greetings backers, 

We have some good news as well as some challenges to report on.

First some shipping updates:

Canada is ready to go out, in fact the first three shipments were sent successfully and look like they were packaged well and safely, although the third receiver has not reported in yet. 

Australia is 1- 2 days from being ready to ship out. Aetherworks says those can start going out on Monday once we update a couple addresses on the spreadsheet.

USA arrived in port today (hooray!) and we have already received our tariff and customs invoice. In two days it's scheduled to be picked up and taken to the Amazon warehouse in San Moreno Valley; the current estimated Amazon delivery date is January 16th. Based off of our experience with the Canadian Amazon it takes 24 to 48 hours before products can ship out after receiving, so we’re pretty close!

Asia and Hong Kong were waiting on the fixed weapon arms but Miles has set aside enough perfect sets and will be shipping them out direct from the factory. 

UK AND EU. The last big shipment to the UK and from there to the EU was the one that was delayed due to some defects in the miniatures. They received new weapon arms, (the issues were all in the weapon arms), but when miles inspected the replacements arrived there were still some defects albeit less.

Miles traveled to Xiamen last week to discover what the issue was and found that there was a problem with the steel molds. A portion broke off around run #1700, (they are supposed to be good for 500,000 runs). 

The reprint of the weapon arms for the EU had the same problems as before. Miles discovered a mold issue that occurred around run 1700. They patched it and are churning out correct weapon arms now. The ETA to pack them up is January 12. (2019)
The reprint of the weapon arms for the EU had the same problems as before. Miles discovered a mold issue that occurred around run 1700. They patched it and are churning out correct weapon arms now. The ETA to pack them up is January 12. (2019)

So they have been patching the molds so that they do not have to recast all new Weapon Arm molds right now, which would take some time. The first revised run is coming out tomorrow, and Miles is on hand to make sure they are good, then he will get them packed up by Monday or the 12th. So we are going to go ahead and order the pick up for the Europe shipment for Wednesday today so we have it booked. We are paying extra for a more expedited freight service and shipping to help make up for a little of the lost time. 


The last remaining big challenge is covering all of the increased Freight costs, customs fees, tariffs and the final manufacturing bill we received this week. As you know the cost to produce the game increased dramatically over the last two years eventually exceeding the Kickstarter prices we charged but we covered those increased costs from extra investment from Aaron and Chris. But the increased trade tariffs, myriad of freight charges as well as increased fulfillment fees is slightly out of our reach. (We also probably cut the shipping fees we charged last year a little too close.)

To give you an idea of what we are dealing with: the cost to export freight import and tax one Australian ultimate bundle was $47. That is before the cost to fulfill, pick / pack and ship. In hindsight it may have been cheaper to simply send Australian and possibly other countries shipments direct from China although it would have been a less reliable service with no tracking.

We currently have a deficit of approximately $21,000 from this point to fulfill every backer’s order, around the world, all in. To cover this deficit Colonel Brian Green, a new partner and owner of Bad Crow games (an original Mech Command backer) is loaning the company $10,000 and Brian Gabrielson is providing $2,500. From that point we would normally sell our way through the remaining $7,500 deficit but due to limited inventory of this first edition we cannot plan on covering very much of the remainder so we are only budgeting a thousand dollars from sales. The final difference is $6500.

The big ask is: we need to add a surcharge for each reward level to cover the deficit so we can ship everything out. We have added the following amounts to your CrowdOx accounts in the form of a shipping fee but note that it is not just to cover increased shipping costs but  a list of other increased expenses as well. 

The amounts are as follows with some slight variation according to region:

Core Set / Mercenary pledge


Cooperative bundle / Raven pledge 


Ultimate bundle/ Everything bundle 


We are very sorry that we require these extra funds. We want to assure you that we did everything possible to cover these increased expenses and that we have covered the majority of them. Aaron and Christopher combined put $18,000 + $15,000 from their own finances, or in the case of Chris, took out loans in his name to help see this project through. BCG took out a $8,500 credit line with Freightos as well. With the timely help of our new partner Colonel Green we need just a little more help from you. 

As mentioned above, the surcharge will show up in your products account as an owed shipping fee. So log in to CrowdOx to verify it as well as your address since Canada, Australia and the USA are about ready to ship out. European backers are more than welcome to wait until the shipment is closer to the UK before paying the surcharge. 

If you are unable to pay the surcharge then contact us directly through Kickstarter and we will work with you on a case-by-case basis to provide a credit.

This is the final hurdle to get the games into your hands. As a small compensation to our patient and supportive backers we will be providing contents of the upgrade package to you for free during the 1.5 Kickstarter, without any other pledge required. Basically, we will owe you. We plan to launch the 1.5 within the next 3 to 6 months at the latest, and have some really exciting plans to expand upon your copies. 

Thank you all very much! 

Bad Crow Games Team

Aaron, Chris, Brian, Bryan, Stacey & Brad

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    1. Bad Crow Games Creator on

      Haha thanks Private Prinny, hear hear.

    2. Private Prinny on

      CrowdOx mail came today. Updated pledge and payed the ransom *cough* shipping discrepancy ;-P

      All said and done thanks for coming trough with all of that - to a smoother KS campaign next time ^^

    3. Paolo Magnaghi PikkoloMondano on

      ok i ve received email and pay.......

    4. Bad Crow Games Creator on

      Looks like you're good to go Tim.
      Jeffrey Alsup and William, your accounts should be good to go now but message us if not here through kickstarter or email

      CrowdOx has updated the system and is sending out the email link invites with some more explanation. The emails go out in batches every 30 minutes so you should receive one in the next hour or two if you haven't already!

      Thanks everyone for you patience on this (and for the past 2.5 years :)

    5. Missing avatar

      William Irons on

      My CrowdOx email says it's still configuring, and to contact you guys, I sent a PM with the exact quote.

    6. Missing avatar

      Tim cummins on

      I don’t have a crowdox account. What do I need to do?

    7. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey E Alsup on

      My pledge no longer appears on CrowdOx at all as of today. It was there on Thursday.

    8. Ian Hart

      Don't think I ever set up an email with CrowdOx, fine paying with PayPal, but recovering my account/order might be a pain.

    9. Missing avatar

      Matthew King on

      Having unable and unwilling would of read better and certainly makes it more understanding.

      That aside I am very excited for this game. Looking forward to playing. Roll on the mechs!!!

    10. Bad Crow Games Creator on

      Hi just a head's up, we just met with CrowdOx we should have everything fixed today, just working some spreadsheets and double checking accounts. We will post here and elsewhere when they re-open CrowdOx :)

    11. Missing avatar

      Derik Masepohl on

      When i try to log into crowdox it says my email is nit found

    12. Missing avatar


      mine still reads 0.00 as well

    13. Bad Crow Games Creator on

      Thanks everyone for being so supportive! Its very touching actually. We meet with Crowdox today at 11 am to fix most of the issues hopefully. They say that the emails that will start going out should over-write most login issues but we will see and if not will create manual links or adjust emails on our end.

      Too true @Chris

      I know, Matthew King, but thank your very much for the encouragement.

      BTW, I should also reinforce that this is fundamentally a voluntary surcharge; we don't want any blackmailed into it. The update said if you are "unable" to pay contact us and we will provide and exemption, but that should have read "unable or unwilling". We would rather find a way to cover the expense than to have anyone left feeling negative.

    14. Mark Simkins on

      Well hey it happens, I’m still really excited to get the game. I have however logged into crowdox and my balance still reads 0 so will it appear soon?

    15. Private Prinny on

      Can you please give an update here in the comment section AFTER CrowdOX has sent out their eMails?

      I think CrowdOx servers are a bit funny in the head currently. I can access my Pledge via the link via the Email from ages ago (balance still zero) but not when I go directly to their page to login (they claim my email is not registered with them even if I clearly get spammed with their newsletter-emails)

      So an update here would be nice just to see if I should still wait or take further action with CO.

    16. Missing avatar


      I think the biggest lesson that a lot of kickstarters are learning is charge shipping when you are ready to ship as it seems impossible to accurately predict.

    17. Missing avatar

      Matthew King on

      I will honestly say I am very disappointed by this and that again it feels like a form a blackmail as mention in the comments below. I have put allot of money into this project with a hope to see it done with the back everything bundle. I thought i may had been stung with the lack off communication at the start of the project. But i will say you guys have improved this dramatically. With this and you very honest communications is the only reason I am ok (not happy) to pay the extra cost for shipping. People may not say it very much. But it is very much the principle if it as I have already forked out for $47 for shipping already.

      This has been a tough project for you guys and i do feel for yourselves. I hope this has been a learning curve and you don't let it put you off for future projects.

    18. Patryk Przepiorkowski

      Hey Guys, I don't mind paying the extra to have the game and understand the delays and reasoning. Kind of unhappy EU will be the last to enjoy the games, though. I know you worked hard to make this worthwhile.

    19. Paolo Magnaghi PikkoloMondano on

      i ve changed email in kickstarter and maybe for this reason i have no received the CrowdOx one. Can u send me instruction to my new we mail?

      Could I get a email/instructions to set up the needed CrowdOx account? (i ve send you the new email in message)

    20. Bad Crow Games Creator on

      Thanks guys!

      The Everything Bundles were available for short time to Orig Backers at $249 then later moved up to $275. When they opened the surveys it retroactively increased the prices on all you Everything backers. Fixed now but still wait for the CrowdOx emails to go in. anyone who paid the extra $36.50 (11.5 + 25) just now you are being refunded as we speak.

      Address confirmation @sabercat and Josh, the email they send out tomorrow should link you into confirm your final shipping address and let you reaccess your account; if not we will send you a manual invitation.

      Don't worry about yours Nova, Chris already took care of it.

      Thanks Kevin, Chris Ploof, Ronald, Euan and others :)

    21. Missing avatar

      Kevin Tavares

      I appreciate the relative transparency. I’d prefer a different outcome (as I’m sure you would) but this is small potatoes compared to some of the other kickstarters I have backed (and in some cases remain unfulfilled with zero communication). Kudos to you guys for your perseverance.

    22. Missing avatar


      No real issue with the charge, understandable in the circumstances, but as a UK resident I will probably hold off until beginning of Feb to pay unless its a problem.

      Given the somewhat unique nature of my final pledge, I'm guessing CrowdOx will have to set mine manually again?

    23. Missing avatar

      Clunker on

      Much like Sabercat, I do not seem to have a CrowdOx account -
      Looks like i simply filled in the Survey way back...

      Could I get a email/instructions to set up the needed CrowdOx account?

    24. Missing avatar

      John Nicholls on

      This already cost me over $150 local to get shipped, and now I have to pay more :,(

    25. Bad Crow Games Creator on

      Yah, In the CrowdOx system the ultimate bundles are not getting charged right now and Everything's are getting charged too much. Sorry for the hassle we hoped this would be as painless as possible. CrowdOx will send out an email link when they are ready so you don't have to worry about anything for the moment.

    26. Bad Crow Games Creator on

      @JiveP If EU is picked up on Wednesday by SeaBay International Freight then it should be getting delivered around February 20th. (For freight, import and delivery.)

    27. Bad Crow Games Creator on

      Understandable Ikael no offense taken. We do regret doing it; just a reminder that anyone who is vehemently opposed we will provide an exemption for. Although we know that is not the same as not asking for it in the first place.

      BTW no surcharge was imposed on any individual add-ons that were added, just full reward tiers.

    28. Missing avatar

      Tom Matty

      You guys are awesome. It’s been an amazing experience following you through the challenges you have faced and overcome.

      Many other Kickstarters would have given up long ago.

      I understand and appreciate the personal dedication and sacrifices you’ve made to get us this game which has shown improvement since development from what I saw on KS.

      I have no issue to help cover the extra costs to get my pledge and appreciate the paw you offer when you launch v1.5. I will be there to support that when it comes out.

    29. Bad Crow Games Creator on

      YES please dont pay anything over $11 (or $8.50 for raven, $5.50 for Core) - CrowdOx is working to fix it.

    30. Missing avatar

      Maecolis on

      I unlocked and it's asking me for $36.50USD... Uh... I'm gonna wait till this is fixed...

    31. Ikael on

      I understand the problem and I'll pay the difference but...
      I have participated in several dozen projects and this is the first time that happens to me.
      Maybe it's already happened, I do not know.
      However, my fear is that you create a big precedent, which will bring irreversibly, most kickstarter projects, to take the right to overshoot the expected costs after a long time since closing the pledge, forcing, as if it were a form of blackmail, the participants to give other money to get their rewards.
      Excuse, don't take it personally, but I do not like it...

    32. Sabercat on

      If your email does not include a direct link, please provide instructions on how to access CrowOx. I looked through all my files for this project and did not find any evidence that I established an account and password for CrowdOx.
      Thanks in advance.

    33. JiveP

      So any estimate for EU? Weeks? Months?

    34. Chris Ploof

      Sure. I’ll help you out. But I don’t think you handled this correctly. Get a small business loan ffs!!! That’s what companies do. But happy to finally be receiving my reward and hope it’s as good as all of us believed it to be when we backed it.

    35. Bad Crow Games Creator on

      Ahhh looks like I sent out this update a little too early, CrowdOx was not quite ready for us. It will send out emails when they are.

    36. Bad Crow Games Creator on

      Checking on those.

    37. Bad Crow Games Creator on

      Thanks guys! CrowdOx MAY still be adjusting a few things in the back end; they will be sending out links via email later today when they are finished.

    38. Missing avatar

      Jayson Wehrend

      I had the same experience; re-opened pledge to pay the $10.65 for everything pledge and it changed amount owed to $36.25.

    39. Darian Haplo on

      I have an everything pledge and when I re-opened it to pay the additional $10.65 it changed the amount I owed to $36.25 and I can't figure out why.

    40. Euan Janes on

      Send an email around with a link to click and I'll click it and pay the extra $10. No big deal. $10 is just the price of a really good sandwich. Just make sure the EU backers' models are perfect. :)

    41. Josh Lintag on

      If I could get in contact from Bad Crow regarding shipping address, that'd be great. I updated my address on Kickstarter a long time ago to the correct address, but signing into my CrowdOx account it seems it had the old address. I want to make sure it gets sent to the correct address if possible.

    42. Missing avatar

      Ronald Olexsak

      So the "big ask" is you need another 9 bucks from me to ship my Raven bundle? Done - get the crowox account updated and I can jump in and pay right away. Glad we are getting our toys!