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Smart sleep application will be an essential guide to your polyphasic sleep experience.

SmartSleep is a mobile application designed to control your sleep schedule and make your switch to polyphasic sleep extremely easy. It will allow you to save 3–4 hours a day without any side effects.

The core idea of polyphasic sleep is dividing the sleeping time into several periods 

Polyphasic sleep becomes more and more popular as time is our most valuable resource. With the properly planed sleeping schedule you can reduce the total amount of sleep to 4–4.5 hours a day. Moreover it can increase the quality of your sleep. 

We simply can not discuss all benefits and drawbacks of polyphasic sleep here. It is a very large topic. If you would like to discover something on your own you can get some information from our website or from some other resources listed in the end of the page. 

Why do you need SmartSleep app?

SmartSleep application will be a useful tool both for beginners and experienced polyphasic sleepers.

Functionality for polyphasic sleepers:

  • Automatic notifications and alarms. SmartSleep application will take all responsibilities on controlling your schedule. You will never need to manually cancel notifications and move alarms if you want to nap right now. Just push the "Sleep" button.
  • Statistic collecting. SmartSleep collects extended statistic of your sleep - how much time do you save each day and have already saved so far.
  • Share your achievements with friends.
  • Game-based alarms. Besides just pushing the button to switch the alarm off you would need to complete a random task like find pairs, check memory etc. This will help your mind to wake up. 

Functionality for beginners:

  • Schedule creation wizard. Application proposes the optimal schedule based on questionnaire about your lifestyle.
  • Adaptation planning. SmartSleep will create a gentle multistage adaptation plan. The basic algorithms of adaptation are described below.
  • Buit-in encyclopedia. Useful articles and tips will help you to improve the quality of sleep
  • Schedule adjustment. SmartSleep application regularly asks your feedback on how do you feel and adjust the schedule accordingly.

The key feature of the application is schedule correction

When practicing polyphasic sleep, it is extremely important to strictly follow the sleeping schedule which is not always possible in real life.

If you miss a sleeping interval, you can start feeling worse and get tired easily. What should you do in this case? SmartSleep will automatically make a transitional schedule for you that will get you back in the pace.

For example, if you miss a daytime nap, you will need to get a full sleeping cycle (1.5–2 hrs) instead of next nap to get rested. But after that you can return to your usual schedule.

Current project stage

We have a functioning prototype of our application built with fast prototyping tool for iOS 6. It is not suitable for end-user, however, we do use it in our everyday life. 

Other valuable resources:
Huge experience in polyphasic sleeping
• Desire to tell the world about polyphasic sleep and make life of numerous people easier
• Amicable team and infinite energy

What do we need to do

1. Our prototype is only a proof of concept and is a web application. We need to develop 2 native applications for iOS and Android platforms.

2. We will improve the user experience and make a platform-specific design for Android and iOS. We invited our friend who is a designer Some concept arts would be available in a week or two.

3. We need to implement a couple of tiny features like sharing your achievements, unique alarm sounds, tasks for switching alarm off etc.

Main expenses per each copy of application

Application development also includes professional design, writing articles, QA and user experience testing as we will never create a low quality product.

Sleeping polyphasically with SmartSleep is simple

Changing your sleeping pattern can be quite difficult, however, SmartSleep application will make the transition easy and comfortable.  

Thorough research has shown that the most optimal adaptation plan consists of two phases:

1) Biphasic sleep

On this stage your 8-9 hours sleeping period is split up into two 4-4.5 hours intervals with a 1.5-2 hours break in between, so that you don’t feel any inconveniences but your body starts to change its sleeping habit.

2) Polyphasic sleep

On this stage your second sleeping period is gradually decreased and substituted by three small sleeping naps during the daytime.

How does it work?

Every sleeping cycle takes 1.5 hours and consists of 5 phases, four of which are slow sleeping phases and one is so called REM-phase (Rapid Eye Movement — fast sleeping).

The brain is the most active during the third and fourth stage of slow sleeping and during the REM-phase. The first and the second slow sleeping phases are transitional to make you sleep.

Over time the portion of slow sleeping phases will diminish, while duration of the REM-phase will increase. It is remarkable that all 4 phases of slow sleep have to occur consequentially, whereas fast sleeping stage can be achieved directly.

So the sleeping schedule developed by SmartSleep contains 2 full sleeping cycles that comprise the necessary amount of the third and fourth stage of slow sleep, while the lack of the REM-phase is compensated by short daytime naps.

Architecture of average man sleeping phases
Architecture of average man sleeping phases

Where can I get more information about polyphasic sleep?

The popularity of polyphasic sleep significantly increased during the last couple of years. Now there are lots polyphasic sleep related internet resources available.

Firs of all you can visit our web site. It is more like a promo resource but we also try do discuss benefits and drawbacks of polyphasic sleep.

The main informational hub for polyphasic sleepers is It is a community of biohackers and lifestyle designers. They are not medical specialists but very literate in the science behind polyphasic sleep.  You can find answers on the majority of questions about health issues, sleep hygiene and so on. They also have forum where you can discuss any questions with experienced polyhasic sleepers.

The other recommended resource is puredoxyk blog. There are lots of posts created by real long term polyphasic sleeper. 


We did our best to come up with cool and useful rewards.

If you pledge for PERSONAL SCHEDULE reward we will sent you an extended questionnaire form by e-mail. When you answer all the questions and note all your wishes we will manually create your sleeping schedule and adaptation plan. After final corrections and your approvement of the proposed schedule you will get your application already set up. 

We are trying hard to improve our automatic schedule creating algorithms but manually planned schedule can still be better.

Besides the t-shirt we decided to include in our rewards some staff that would help you to take a nap wherever and whenever you need - the neck pillow and the sleeping mask.


Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

The project concept

The concept of polyphasic sleep is not new. It is described in many sources and is being practiced by numerous people. We have been sleeping polyphasically for a long time and we achieved significant results in this field. We gathered enthusiastic polyphasic sleepers and we want to share our experience.

Software Development

We are a team of professional developers who have completed several successful projects. We have a fully functional prototype of the program and the experience in launching applications so we can guarantee that SmartSleep application will have all the announced functions.

Fund raising

As any project on KickStarter we have the risk of not raising the necessary fund. That’s why we ask you to tell your friends and relatives about the project, so that SmartSleep will improve the quality of their lives as well.


  • Unfortunately, Apple provides us with limited number of copies we can deliver directly without appstore. Moreover, each copy is strongly associated with the device. Almost all copies are currently in use and we can't send it to anyone right now. We are going to post more videos so you will be able to get more familiar with currently implemented functionality.

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  • Schedule creation wizard will try to propose you some Everyman option or something with dual core as these sleep patterns are suitable for almost all people.

    If you are an experienced polyphasic sleeper you can skip wizard and create your schedule manually.

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  • As we are not allowed to discuss this topic on kickstarter the only thing we can say is that you are doing it on your own risk and refer you to where you may dispel your doubts.

    We are real long term polyphasic sleepers and we know that it is not only safe, but healthy if you do it right. This is one of the main reasons we decided to create SmartSleep app - to prevent beginners from making mistakes that can ruin their immunity and health.

    We would also like to note that polyphasic sleep is strongly prohibited for people under 18 years old. Unusual sleeping pattern can influence the development of immature body.

    Anybody with cardiovascular/any organ dysfunction/poor lymphatic function should not attempt any schedule that eliminates sleep under 6.5-7 hours. But we are still sure that 2 four hours sleeping intervals are much healthier than monophasic 8-hours one.

    By the way, for patients with insomnia polyphasic sleep can be a remedy. Please consult your physician.

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