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A graphic novel adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft's surreal fantasy classic and three other stories of the dreamworld.
A graphic novel adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft's surreal fantasy classic and three other stories of the dreamworld.
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NecronomiCon Providence!


Dear Dream-Quest Backers,

Pardon the email, but I'm really happy to announce this: I'm a guest at NecronomiCon Providence, the HP Lovecraft/Cthulhu convention in Rhode Island on August 20-23!

This isn't my first trip to Providence; I brought the first issue of "Dream-Quest" to one of the first NecronomiCons in 1997, and nerded out in the presence of some of my favorite horror & fantasy writers. Now I'm looking forward to seeing a whole new bunch of cool Lovecraftian folk, from Silvia Moreno-Garcia to Paul of Cthulhu (of gaming/podcast site, Chris and Chad of HP Podcraft, Ezra Claverie, my favorite horror novelist Ramsey Campbell, Sandy Petersen and many more! And I'll also be participating in some of my own panels and game events, including panels on Lord Dunsany, the Dreamlands and horror gaming; two playtests of my forthcoming Dreamlands RPG; and the special Cthulhu edition of "Mangaka: The Fast & Furious Game of Drawing Comics."

Please check out my whole schedule of events here! Also, if you're thinking of going to NecronomiCon but don't have a ticket yet, I'm still looking for someone to help out for a few hours in the dealers' hall... ;)

NecronomiCon Providence: plus, Mangaka


Hi Dreamlanders,

Hope you're well! I know it's been a long time, but I wanted to tell you about two things. The first is, I'll be a guest at NecronomiCon Providence, the Lovecraft/Cthulhu Mythos convention, on August 20-23, 2015! The entire schedule hasn't been decided yet, but I'll definitely be there, doing panels (fingers crossed) on Lovecraft, Dunsany, comic books and other cool topics. And maybe... just maybe... we can get together in the gaming area for a playtest of my NEW Dreamlands project, my Lovecraftian/Dunsanian tabletop game? ;)

The Oblivion from the Depths, Chapter 1
The Oblivion from the Depths, Chapter 1

The other thing is my new comic/game Kickstarter, "Mangaka: The Fast & Furious Game of Drawing Comics"! If you haven't heard about this yet, it's a fast-paced creative game where you play comic artists competing for Fame, creating weird & wonderful comics with your friends in five-minute sprints (drawing skills not required). The base set of the game has cards derived from Japanese comics, anime and general fantasy/sci-fi/horror/comic themes, but for the 2013 HP Lovecraft Film Festival in Los Angeles I made a special card deck based on Lovecraftian/Cthulhu Mythos tropes. If you've ever wondered what I draw like when I'm drawing super-fast, you can click on the image above to see a 30-minute Lovecraftian Mangaka comic, "The Oblivion from the Depths"! I hope you enjoy it, I hope I see you at NecronomiCon, and please check out my Mangaka Kickstarter!

Dungeons & Dream-Quests

The Isle of Dread
The Isle of Dread

Hello Dream-Quest supporters,

This post is only 50% Lovecraftian, so please bear with me! ;) Over the last year and a half I've been doing a series of maps based on Dungeons & Dragons adventures for Wizards of the Coast. As a gamer and fantasy fan, I really love drawing them and getting the chance to play around with these classic adventures.

Now, those maps are available as prints! Available in sizes from 13"x18" to 18"x36", they depict adventures such as Tomb of Horrors, Ravenloft, The Isle of Dread, Expedition to the Barrier Peaks (the D&D/sci-fi crossover!), etc., in detailed "Dream-Quest" style. I really enjoy making these (and I'm making more!). If you're interested, you can see the maps and pre-order them here!

I do have some Dreamlands news as well. Huan Vu, director of the acclaimed "Colour out of Space" film adaptation "Die Farbe," is returning to the director's seat with "The Dreamlands," the first ever full-length film based on Lovecraft's dream universe! The Dreamlands movie is being funded on Indiegogo, and as of this moment, there's just 10 days left to be a part of the project (and get rewards such as artbooks, T-shirts, a chance to be an extra in the film, etc.). Please go check it out!

Lastly, I'm also working on a new Dreamlands-related project, although it's a way off yet: it probably won't be ready to officially show off till 2015. But I'm excited to be working on it, and I hope you'll like it too! Thanks for reading, and thanks as always for making the Dream-Quest graphic novel possible!

©Wizards of the Coast

The Sleep of Reason: An Anthology of Horror

Dear Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath Supporters,

It's been awhile, sorry for the email out of the blue! I have some Lovecraft- and horror-related events coming up that I thought you might be interested in.

* I'm going to be attending the HP Lovecraft Film Festival and CthulhuCon on September 27-29 in Los Angeles. (I also drew the poster, which is behind the link.) One of the other guests is going to be Lovecraftian writer Gary Myers, whose Dreamlands places I referenced in my Kadath adaptation and my Dreamlands poster! Sadly, I can't make it out to NecronomiCon this year, but if you're on the West Coast, come out and join me in L.A. for some sun, sand and horror movies! I'd love to meet you in person and talk!

* If you're a fan of Clark Ashton Smith, please check out The Double Shadow, a Clark Ashton Smith podcast put together by some cool people. Also, I am a guest host on the episodes where they discuss "The Tale of Satampra Zeiros" and "The Seven Geases," two of my favorite Smith stories! (And of course, I adapted "Satampra Zeiros" in my comic "Hyperborea.")

* I'm doing a 16-page horror comic for another horror Kickstarter, The Sleep of Reason: An Anthology of Horror. The Kickstarter ends on Monday, so if you're interested, please take a look this weekend! My story is a non-Lovecraftian piece called "The Emperor Awakes." It's probably the most disturbing thing I've ever done. I hope you like it.

Thanks for reading this, and thanks again for all your support of Dream-Quest without which it wouldn't have been possible. I hope to have more Lovecraft-related projects to announce in the not-too-distant future.


Jason Thompson

The Doom That Came to Sarnath: Correction

Hello everyone,

Somehow, the link didn't come through for "The Doom That Came to Sarnath." Here is the correct link:

I hope you like it! Stay tuned for the next page on Thursday, and thanks again for all your support, without which none of this would have been possible.