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A film about The Amazing Randi that will show how easily our perceptions are fooled – by magicians, con men, and even documentaries.
An award-winning documentary about the famed magician, escape artist, and skeptic James "The Amazing". The film also features Penn & Teller, Adam Savage, Bill Nye, and more!
An award-winning documentary about the famed magician, escape artist, and skeptic James "The Amazing". The film also features Penn & Teller, Adam Savage, Bill Nye, and more!
3,096 backers pledged $246,989 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. J David Eisenberg on

      ...DVD arrived; thanks!

    2. J David Eisenberg on

      Still waiting for my DVD.

    3. Steve Baker on

      I watched on Netflix too - excellent work - totally unexpected ending.

    4. Vincent Warmerdam on

      I just saw this film on netflix. Glad I backed. Well done guys.

    5. Missing avatar

      Scott Romanowski on

      It was worth the wait to see the blu ray.

    6. Flim Flam Films Creator on

      Hey guys, we'll send you emails to work it out! If anyone else needs information please email us at - thanks!

    7. Lim Fang-Yin on

      I have the same question as Dave. I live in Malaysia. I've asked for the card deck to be delivered together with the disc to save cost. Now I only got the disc.

      I have a friend on a business trip to NY now. Perhaps can send to her current address now instead of Malaysia.

    8. Missing avatar

      Dave Appleby on

      Just received my disc in Australia. It was well worth the wait! Great work all round.

      What's the deal with the remaining rewards ie the coasters? Are they being sent separately?

    9. Rachel Oung on

      I haven't received my hard copy of the film yet � should I have?

    10. Flim Flam Films Creator on

      Ok, for anyone who wants to have the DVD or Blu ray in a full-sized plastic case, here are the official cover graphics. Download, print, and insert into plastic covers!

      Blu Ray:

    11. Flim Flam Films Creator on

      Thanks Phil, that's nice to hear!

      We understand - few folks probably know how much work went into our Kickstarter campaign and all the rewards, all the design, manufacturing, communication, etc. Not to mention 3 plus years of the challenging work of making a complex and ambitious film.

      In the end, we are proud of what we've achieved with our backers help and hope everyone else is too. We have gotten a lot of kind words and they are very much appreciated.

      We hope people know that so many Kickstarter campaigns A) fail to reach their goal, B) reach their goal but don't end up creating what they set out to or delivering ANY rewards or C) create something that is disappointing for everyone.

      While there may have been a few bumps along the way, we've achieved everything we set out to, delivered everything we promised, and made a highly regarded film helping to introduce people to and ensure the legacy of a truly important man.

      Of course it's almost impossible to please everyone, so a decision that might be right for many people (like avoiding a plastic case) might not be right for everyone. We still do whatever we can to make things right when things like that happen. As long as people are understanding and kind, it's all good!

    12. Phil Geraghty on

      Thanks, and thank you for making the movie. I know we have been a bunch of grumpy whining sods but I know I am ultimately happy to have been a part of the process. Room for improvement with communication if there is a next time, but the documentary itself is a fantastic piece of artwork.
      Hats off to you guys for pulling it all off.

    13. Flim Flam Films Creator on

      Ok, here's a cover insert for a full-sized Blu ray plastic case! This seems to be the official Blu ray size, but if you have a problem let us know! (DVD cover insert will follow in a few days.)

      You can download the image from here:

    14. Phil Geraghty on

      I too was disappointed that this didn't come in a plastic sleeve, but considering the guys have stated that they are financially worse off now than before they started, at least they came in a printed sleeve at all.

      Yes please to some artwork we can print out. It's not ideal, but it's better than nothing. Please take into account that DVD and Blu-Ray have different form factors for the sleeves and that we operate with a different "spine width" for Blu-Ray in many international countries (UK Blu-Ray come in the same packaging as PS3 etc. games.)

    15. Flim Flam Films Creator on

      Kirk - we totally understand. That did occur to us, and we were on the fence about it! We made the decision based on the environmental impact and also space considerations (those take up tons more space, especially if you're dealing with thousands!)

      HOWEVER - those standard plastic cases are easy to come by, so if anyone would like - you & Adele and anyone else, we would be happy to send a redesigned official DVD or Bluray cover graphic specifically made to fit those cases. You can print that and inserted into the outside clear plastic and display with your other DVDs that way. We promise it will look great and professional!

    16. Missing avatar


      I get what Adele is saying. Many of us would like to proudly display this movie and Randi's name on our shelf. Movies purchased, traditionally, come with a box that allows for this. It would have been nice...

    17. Flim Flam Films Creator on

      We chose to use less wasteful recyclable paper sleeves rather than the plastic cases for environmental reasons. The plastic cases are actually CHEAPER than paper sleeves, believe it or not. If your copy was damaged in shipping, we'd be happy to replace it.

      The AHL Team

    18. Adele Chaplin on

      Well I received my disc today - what a shame it's in a cheap and nasty bent and battered cardboard slip case rather than the solid DVD/BluRay case I really was expecting. I've got to say I'm seriously disappointed with this - I was expecting a good DVD that could sit on my shelf along with all my others, not something that looks like I got it free of the back of a Sunday newspaper and will disappear down the back of the shelf at a moments notice.

      Poor show on the final polish, poor show

    19. Brian on

      Thank you got the blu-ray!

    20. Missing avatar

      Scott Romanowski on

      Got my blu ray disc today. Going to watch it tonight!

    21. Missing avatar

      Thor Johnson on

      Arrived Atlanta, GA 7/6

    22. Missing avatar

      marc on

      Received my blu ray copy in the mail today! Thank you!

    23. Flim Flam Films Creator on

      Discs are in the mail now!

    24. Brett Trout on

      I thought the discs were going to be sent out by June 5. What is the current status?

    25. Adele Chaplin on

      So it's a year overdue and it feels like everyone in the world has seen this film before I have. I'm not interested in watching it on a short life digital download, I want the DVD, but the value has kind of gone out of it now I've seen that the world has had the chance to watch it now. Sorry but this was the first kickstarter I backed, and it's the last to deliver. I'm seriously unimpressed as my DVD is now likely to just land on the shelf without watching.

    26. pamir kiraner on

      link for the download please ...

    27. pamir kiraner on

      Hi i haven't received the link for the download... can you please send it to me also ? thanks

    28. Scott Kruger on

      so when are the DVD's going out?

    29. Missing avatar

      marc on

      I just watched An Honest Liar with a friend who knew nothing of James Randi prior. After it was over, Randi definitely had a new fan! Thanks for the hard work that went into making this!

    30. Flim Flam Films Creator on

      @thomasg: Great, glad you appreciate it! @justin giroux: just send an email to with your new address and we'll make a note of it!

    31. Missing avatar

      justin giroux on

      Who would I contact in order to update my mailing address? I've recently moved and pledged at the level for the physical copy and want to make sure it makes it to the right place

    32. Missing avatar

      thomasg on

      I just received the link for the digital download and wanted to thank you for choosing a service that allows uncomplicated DRM free downloads in multiple quality variants.
      Appreciate it!

    33. Missing avatar

      marc on

      Hey Flim Flam, since the dvds / blu rays are going out on June 5th, I sent you my new address using the Kickstarter messages. Do you need anything else to confirm it?

    34. Flim Flam Films Creator on

      Hey everyone - we've been busy designing the DVD and Bluray and getting everything ready.

      We've finished cutting the DVD/BR extras & extended interviews and now it's moved into the authoring and manufacturing pipeline. Unless there are manufacturing delays, we hope to send the discs out by June 5!

      The digital download will also be delivered by that date as well.

      There's some fun stuff in the extras that we know you'll enjoy

    35. Missing avatar

      Craig H on

      Can we PLEASE get an update that has your plans for fulfilling your obligations to your backers ?

    36. Missing avatar


      When wiil the bluray be shipped?

    37. Rachel Oung on

      Hi guys. We've moved and need to update our address with you. Sent a msg but no reply

    38. Missing avatar

      Craig H on

      "now in theatres" - when will the DVD be in my home ?

    39. Jason Middleton on

      Hey, guys. No update in a month. I know you've been super busy, but I'd like to get a timeline on when the downloads will be available.

    40. Kerry Hales on

      I also didn't get a link or it was accidentally put in my Spam. Could you resend me a link also?

    41. Flim Flam Films Creator on

      Hey Karl,
      Yes we send out thousands of links! Sorry you fell through the cracks. Been a bit busy with the theatrical release but we'll send you a screener now!

    42. Karl Lautman on

      > we sent a link to everyone ($30 donors & up) to an advanced screener

      Has anyone here actually gotten this link? I didn't, and Flim Flam never replied to my request for it after they posted that.

    43. Jason Middleton on

      Now that the film has been released, can we get a specific time table on when the digital downloads will be available? I don't think that's unreasonable.

    44. Flim Flam Films Creator on

      Hey Kirk, sorry for the delay in responding. We've been quite busy arranging for our release in theaters in March & April - more info to come! Our DVD & Bluray will be released shortly after, though we don't have an exact date yet.

      Since we wanted all our backers who donated for the film to see it before it comes out in theaters we sent a link to everyone ($30 donors & up) to an advanced screener with extra bonus materials - if you didn't get one, let us know!


    45. Missing avatar



    46. Missing avatar


      Do you have an ETA on when the Blu Ray will be shipped?

    47. Flim Flam Films Creator on

      JJ, Taylor, Stephen - thanks so much! So glad you enjoyed it. Yes JJ, I'm sure you can see this was a major production!

      Jason & Bren - Yes, we've discussed this in other comments here and on our facebook page. The BBC broadcast our film - against our wishes - prior to our theatrical release. Thus people in the UK (and now Denmark) may have seen the broadcast - which they renamed "Exposed..." (also against our wishes!) We apologized for this, that one country got the chance to see it (missing the opening credit sequence and a few cuts) before the rest of our KS backers, but unfortunately we couldn't control that.

      Note that we did add a few unique alternate scenes to the end of the screener we sent as a bonus for our KS backers, especially for those that may have caught the film on the BBC, to get something extra. These were not broadcast or shown anywhere else.

      J & T

    48. JJ Casas on

      Just finished watching the film and it was well worth the wait! I'm not a filmmaker but am a producer and can truly the appreciate the work put into this. Despite the delays [I can only imagine there are numerous valid reasons why..] it was done really well.



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