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An award-winning documentary about the famed magician, escape artist, and skeptic James "The Amazing". The film also features Penn & Teller, Adam Savage, Bill Nye, and more!
3,096 backers pledged $246,989 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Craig H 3 days ago

      Thank you,

    2. Creator Flim Flam Films 3 days ago

      Hey everyone - we've been busy designing the DVD and Bluray and getting everything ready.

      We've finished cutting the DVD/BR extras & extended interviews and now it's moved into the authoring and manufacturing pipeline. Unless there are manufacturing delays, we hope to send the discs out by June 5!

      The digital download will also be delivered by that date as well.

      There's some fun stuff in the extras that we know you'll enjoy

    3. Creator Craig H 3 days ago

      Can we PLEASE get an update that has your plans for fulfilling your obligations to your backers ?

    4. Creator Kirk Krikorian 6 days ago

      When wiil the bluray be shipped?

    5. Creator Rachel Oung on May 8

      Hi guys. We've moved and need to update our address with you. Sent a msg but no reply

    6. Creator Craig H on May 8

      "now in theatres" - when will the DVD be in my home ?

    7. Creator Jason Middleton on April 30

      Hey, guys. No update in a month. I know you've been super busy, but I'd like to get a timeline on when the downloads will be available.

    8. Creator Kerry Hales on March 25

      I also didn't get a link or it was accidentally put in my Spam. Could you resend me a link also?

    9. Creator Karl Lautman on March 19

      Got it. Thanks.

    10. Creator Flim Flam Films on March 19

      Hey Karl,
      Yes we send out thousands of links! Sorry you fell through the cracks. Been a bit busy with the theatrical release but we'll send you a screener now!

    11. Creator Karl Lautman on March 19

      > we sent a link to everyone ($30 donors & up) to an advanced screener

      Has anyone here actually gotten this link? I didn't, and Flim Flam never replied to my request for it after they posted that.

    12. Creator Jason Middleton on March 9

      Now that the film has been released, can we get a specific time table on when the digital downloads will be available? I don't think that's unreasonable.

    13. Creator Flim Flam Films on February 6

      Hey Kirk, sorry for the delay in responding. We've been quite busy arranging for our release in theaters in March & April - more info to come! Our DVD & Bluray will be released shortly after, though we don't have an exact date yet.

      Since we wanted all our backers who donated for the film to see it before it comes out in theaters we sent a link to everyone ($30 donors & up) to an advanced screener with extra bonus materials - if you didn't get one, let us know!


    14. Creator Kirk Krikorian on February 2


    15. Creator Kirk Krikorian on January 19

      Do you have an ETA on when the Blu Ray will be shipped?

    16. Creator Flim Flam Films on December 30

      JJ, Taylor, Stephen - thanks so much! So glad you enjoyed it. Yes JJ, I'm sure you can see this was a major production!

      Jason & Bren - Yes, we've discussed this in other comments here and on our facebook page. The BBC broadcast our film - against our wishes - prior to our theatrical release. Thus people in the UK (and now Denmark) may have seen the broadcast - which they renamed "Exposed..." (also against our wishes!) We apologized for this, that one country got the chance to see it (missing the opening credit sequence and a few cuts) before the rest of our KS backers, but unfortunately we couldn't control that.

      Note that we did add a few unique alternate scenes to the end of the screener we sent as a bonus for our KS backers, especially for those that may have caught the film on the BBC, to get something extra. These were not broadcast or shown anywhere else.

      J & T

    17. Creator JJ Casas on December 30

      Just finished watching the film and it was well worth the wait! I'm not a filmmaker but am a producer and can truly the appreciate the work put into this. Despite the delays [I can only imagine there are numerous valid reasons why..] it was done really well.



    18. Creator Bren Mee on December 30

      @jason murphy , are you saying that the film is scene for scene the same I haven't had a chance to watch it but I hope not

    19. Creator Jason Murphy on December 29

      So disappointed. just started watching the "special just for us screening" - my wife and I live in the UK and had watched the BBC special under a different name. Didn't know it was the same film.

      I cannot believe that I have been waiting months to see this film to find that it was shown on UK TV ages ago.

      If flim flam films were not trying to be underhand, then where was the email saying - "hey guys, here is what happened.... if you are in the UK you can watch the film on TV". not here is a special screening for something that has already been shown on TV

      so disappointed. At least "Our Magic" was something genuine.

      aside from the disappointment of pledging money for a download and DVD of something I could have just watched on TV and still have recorded at the moment. It was a good documentary.

      Don't worry flim flam, I won't share the "special screener" with any of my friends as they have all already watching it on TV!

    20. Creator Taylor Harris on December 29

      I just finished watching the special kickstarter screening- What a terrific film! It's been a long wait, and even a little frustrating, but it was well worth it. You guys really did an outstanding job. I can't wait for the full release to share it with my friends and family!

    21. Creator Stephen Aslett on December 27

      Just finished watching the screener. Bravo! This is the best documentary I've seen all year. You did an outstanding job. Had I known you would make such a fine film, I would have backed at a higher level. Well done.

    22. Creator Moni Ghaoui on December 27

      Hey thanks!

    23. Creator Moni Ghaoui on December 26

      Hey listen! I want to watch the movie. Can you guys get the stream up and running?

    24. Creator Flim Flam Films on December 15

      Hey folks,
      Just a heads up - we're close to getting the screener & bonus scenes done for you! Expect it in a matter of days!


    25. Creator Jason Middleton on December 15

      You've been very fortunate.

    26. Creator Kender on December 14

      Justin Weinstein and Flim Flam Films ran the 2nd worst kickstarter project of the 39 I backed.

    27. Creator Flim Flam Films on December 5

      Hey Brett,
      Thanks for letting us know - can you point us to the BBC version on Youtube?

      We're working on the bonus scenes now. We have to clean them them up to make them presentable and it takes some work! We're aiming to make it our holiday treat for you - as soon as we're a bit closer to finished we'll update with delivery date.


    28. Creator Brett Trout on December 3

      I believe I just saw the BBC version of this film posted on YouTube.

      If we do get the DVDs as promised, i just want to be sure that we the backers do not get blamed for posting a movie online that has already apparently been posted online.

      Is there a timeline for delivery of the special version of the film? It has been a couple of weeks since the couple of weeks estimate. Just let us know. Thanks,

    29. Creator Kirk Krikorian on December 3


    30. Creator Kirk Krikorian on November 30

      Sooo... how long ya think it is gonna take then?!?

    31. Creator Flim Flam Films on November 18, 2014

      Hi Kirk,
      We posted in a comment to our last update some information. We're now preparing a special version of the film for our backers that will include bonus material we're adding just for our supporters as a special thanks. This requires some editing and work on our part, so it may be a couple of weeks. We've been very busy with festivals (we honored to have just won best doc awards at the Key West Film Festival and Napa Valley Film Festival!) but are now devoting our time to delivering the film to our backers. Stay tuned - we'll update everyone as we progress.

    32. Creator Kirk Krikorian on November 18, 2014

      Any update? I would really like to see this film someday...

    33. Creator Joseph Bullock-Palser on November 6, 2014

      >The funds we raised here were crucial to making the film and we absolutely could not have made this film without your backing. We also couldn’t have done it without raising money from other sources.

      Listen to me very carefully.. I (I can't speak for other backers, but I think that most share the ideas I'm going to put forth here) am not upset that you sold the made for TV version to the UK. What I'm upset about is that you didn't tell us, up front, that you did this.

      If your page here said, "We have sold the rights to air this in the BBC when the movie comes out in the theaters." and "We just talked to the BBC and they are not going to honor our request to hold it", this would have went more smoothly for you. Not asking for you to do anything unreasonable, just keep us in the loop and be honest during the pledging time.

      >We found out about the broadcast date only days before when we were out of town.

      This is a weak excuse. You couldn't take 10 mins. and write a quick update telling us what is happening?

    34. Creator Donal Cotter on November 6, 2014

      Ah where to begin...

      >>This is not “double-dipping” as if we’re lining our pockets with money, it’s what’s needed to complete a complex and long-term project.
      I can't get over this condescending tone, as if we don't understand how film-making works. I'm sure most people here understand how films are funded. The thing we are outraged by is your complete failure to inform us when we would actually get to SEE the film we helped to make.

      >>Our theatrical plans took longer than expected, but they were not obligated to hold the broadcast although we hoped they would.
      Yeah they certainly took longer than WE expected. Since you didn't inform us it would take priority over allowing your backers to see the film until AFTER the project was fully funded.

      >>Had everything gone perfectly, we would have delivered the film to you, to theaters, to iTunes, and other places before the film was broadcast.
      I guess we'll just have to take your word for this, yeah? Because, you know, you've been very honest and forthcoming with information so far, right? Oh wait...

      >>Also note that the reaction to the film has been overwhelmingly positive (well, aside from a few of our backers ;-)
      Again, that condescending attitude. For me personally, and I'm sure many other backers, we do actually have the ability to separate this FILM from the CREATORS of the film. The film is great, however Flim Flam Films ain't.

      >>When we do send you the film, please help us by not posting the version we send you online. That would further compromise the future release of the film and our ability to pay off our debts.
      Are you taking lessons in internet culture from the big American TV networks? A HUGE drive in piracy is the slow adoption of new technologies by old media, a lack of convenient access to entertainment. Netflix understands this, and makes it incredibly easy to pay for content online. HBO does not, which is why piracy rates for shows like Game of Thrones are so high. By screwing over your supporters and delaying the digital release of this film, you have ENCOURAGED piracy more than you know.

      If you just made this film available online free for backers and at a set price for members of the public, you would have avoided so much flak, made an awful lot of money (depending on how well you marketed it online - another AMA on Reddit, maybe?) and all this would have have little-to-no impact on your festival run. Granted it may have had some impact on a theatrical release, but you know as well as I do a niche film like this will never have a wide theatrical release anyway. Online distribution would reach the films intended audience MUCH more efficiently.

    35. Creator Roland Denning on November 6, 2014

      I should like add to my previous comments - it's a great film and I'm very glad it got made but there is a principal here that has been broken: if you offer backers something, however small, you should honour it. If it's been sold to TV, you should let the backers know. I felt an idiot when people told there there was a film on Randi coming up on TV and I said, 'no, that's not the one I backed, don't bother with it'.

    36. Creator Flim Flam Films on November 6, 2014

      Hey folks,

      We posted information elsewhere but are reposting here and also addressing some of your comments.

      Much of this is inside baseball about the filmmaking process, but you should know what’s involved and understand more about the process.

      The cost of making a film is much greater than what can be raised on KS alone, unless perhaps you’re Zach Braff. Spending 3+ years making a film involves the work of many talented and hardworking people and raising the entire budget requires going to many sources – grant foundations, pre-sales from broadcasters, some people even mortgage their houses, whatever it takes.

      The funds we raised here were crucial to making the film and we absolutely could not have made this film without your backing. We also couldn’t have done it without raising money from other sources.

      This is not “double-dipping” as if we’re lining our pockets with money, it’s what’s needed to complete a complex and long-term project. Believe us, if we could raise the entire budget via Kickstarter we would love to.

      We were fortunate to get some funds as advanced licensing fees from a few international broadcasters. We’re honored that they had faith in our skills and belief in our vision to make something they would want to air, even prior to seeing a completed film. That money, together with your contributions and other sources, enabled us to make the film.

      Those sales were made long ago, and on a schedule that had us releasing the film this fall. The understanding was that the broadcasters would make a good faith effort to hold the film until after we showed it in other ways. Our theatrical plans took longer than expected, but they were not obligated to hold the broadcast although we hoped they would.

      This is no secret, just part of the inside baseball of making a film. Had everything gone perfectly, we would have delivered the film to you, to theaters, to iTunes, and other places before the film was broadcast. Alas, not everything is within our control. The best opportunity for us to get into theaters was in the spring rather than the fall.

      We found out about the broadcast date only days before when we were out of town. The broadcast and online screening was region limited to the UK, but as you know nothing stops a film from being pirated after it's been broadcast. Please note that the version that was broadcast was not the full film but was edited for television. Also note that the reaction to the film has been overwhelmingly positive (well, aside from a few of our backers ;-)

      We’ve been showing the films at festivals because that’s an important part of the promotion and publicity of a film. There are different ways to do this, but this is a standard route to get reviews, publicity, and build excitement before releasing a film to the public.

      The successful distribution of a film hinges on people being aware of it, but distributors generally don’t want to distribute films that everybody already has access to. There’s a reason people have to wait for a film to come out on DVD after it’s been in theaters, although there are many different models for releasing films (such as “day-and-date”).

      Regardless of that, we wanted to get you the film before it opened wide. We certainly planned to get you the film before it broadcast and we’re sorry we didn't.

      Your support has been crucial to us and we’ve worked hard to get out all the other rewards and to make an award-winning film that we hope will educate and touch many more people.

      We’ve exceeded expectations in so many ways and made a film that Randi is proud of, that we are proud of, and that we hope you’ll be proud of.

      So we want you to see it, and to see it ASAP.

      We are now working on doing that, but also want to go above and beyond. We are working on getting you, within the next few weeks at most, a special version only for you - our backers - and no one else. We’re digging through footage to find some bonus material that won’t be in the theatrical cut or even the DVD extras. This version will be available not just to those who are due a digital download but to those who backed for a DVD or Bluray too.

      All we ask is that you please hang on and be patient for a few more weeks. We’ve gotten to know many of you personally over the years and your friendship and moral support is also important to us.

      When we do send you the film, please help us by not posting the version we send you online. That would further compromise the future release of the film and our ability to pay off our debts.

      When you see the film we’re confident you’ll see how your donations have been put to good use and hope you’ll be proud of what we’ve achieved with your help.


      The filmmakers

    37. Creator Aaron I on November 6, 2014

      Unless you spent a fortune, I'd say just chill a little bit. Yes they weren't honest, yes they should have done things better. But we did help get a good film about Randi made. I'm sure they are not sitting on a beach in The Bahamas counting their money. If you feel slighted, just don't do business with Flim Flam again.

    38. Creator Andy Kitkowski on November 5, 2014

      (not rawr! ragey or anything, just disappointed; especially of the dismissive replies given, and that it's been three days without response from the creators. Money shmoney, if my dollars made it happen at all then I'm happy; just not happy with the weirdness in not showing it to us, though selling the rights to show to potentially 60+ million people that had nothing to do with making it happen. I'm patient, so will wait the official response and all... but yeah, pretty disappointed)

    39. Creator Andy Kitkowski on November 5, 2014

      "but the BBC bought this film years ago and they had a contract to show it" you double-dipped, getting money from the BBC, and money from us?
      ...And sold a copy of the movie to the BBC before releasing it to the people who made the project happen?
      ...And kept the movie from the people who made this project happen because you feared one of us would leak it to a few thousand people on the internet before it hit the festival circuit?
      ...But -- plot twist -- the BBC released it to tens of millions of people (All Of The UK), and it ended up on the internet (BBC's portal, as well as torrents) anyway? that about right?

      Sounds like you got played.

      But then, so did we.

    40. Creator Donal Cotter on November 5, 2014

      Don't worry about giving us a copy of the film, Flim Flam. Just watched it on the BBC iPlayer before you provided any kind of ETA at all for the loyal supporters.

      The film is great, but sadly there's nothing honest about the lies you've been telling to your funders and supporters since all of these festival excuses and other BS began. You should be ashamed of yourself for attaching such controversy to the name of a great man like Randi.

    41. Creator Joseph Bullock-Palser on November 5, 2014

      Just got an email from them...
      >Mr. Palser,

      Bullock-Palser. If you are going to say you are sorry, at least get the name right.

      >You are clearly unhappy about how things went with our project.

      Indeed I am. I just think you guys are assholes for not being up front with the people who helped pay for this film.

      >We would like to offer you your money back. Feel free to keep the books. Let us know where we can mail a check.

      If you feel the need to refund the money, then feel free.

      Joseph Bullock-Palser

      [Address Deleted]

      >We suggest you avoid Kickstarter in the future for either raising money as you've tried to do or backing projects. The vast majority of projects fail to raise their goals, fail to deliver entirely even if funded, fail to deliver what they promised, or deliver what they promised late. You are destined to be angry and disappointed.

      Fuck you. You just like to keep pissing off your backers. Don't you?

    42. Creator Roland Denning on November 5, 2014

      Also, what happened to "special, members-only access to a PASSWORD PROTECTED PRIVATE SECTION of the film's web site with unique, frequently updated behind-the-scenes content and clips as well as a page with a video thank-you message to donors from Randi, plus all of the above!"

    43. Creator Joseph Bullock-Palser on November 5, 2014

      "We are working to resolve this, but the BBC bought this film years ago"

      Then you should have told us that when you made this project. That's not any type of excuse assholes.

    44. Creator Roland Denning on November 5, 2014

      Very pissed off. The film was on BBC under a different title so I missed it. OK, it's on iPlayer, but this doesn't seem within the Kickstarter spirit. No 'warm and fuzzy feeling' to quote from your site. And this also kills the argument about 'not real easing it to Kickstarters to avoid pirating.
      I am a filmmaker myself and I think this sort of approach fucks it up for other filmmakers thinking of using Kickstarter for their own projects (as I was a contemplating using KS - I'm not any more). It destroys the credibility of the whole operation.

    45. Creator Bren Mee on November 4, 2014

      This just posted to Facebook:

      For all of those upset and calling this a scam and accusing us of thievery, please standby for more information. We are working to resolve this, but the BBC bought this film years ago and they had a contract to show it, despite our efforts to delay the broadcast. We are sorry you are out a few dollars, but frankly, this might cost us a great deal of money and hurt the chances of the film seeing the worldwide audience it deserves. So please, we ask you to not accuse and be patient.

    46. Creator Aaron I on November 4, 2014

      I do feel like I certainly got my money's worth from the investment, with a deck of cards and hopefully a good film produced about one of my heroes. But shame this whole thing couldn't have been run more professionally. I will hold out further judgement until I hear a response from the producers.

    47. Creator marc on November 3, 2014

      This is a bit unnerving. Can we get an answer about this version shown on the BBC, FlimFlam?

    48. Creator Kirk Krikorian on November 3, 2014

      And btw:

      " Thank you all for your support and understanding."

      We don't support this money grabbing behavior nor do we "understand".

    49. Creator Kirk Krikorian on November 3, 2014

      What a joke. I am dissappointed in these guys. It is too bad such a great person as James Randi got involved with them. I feel used and utterly unappreciated.

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