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I'm trying to fund my comedy tv show project.I need to raise $ for better cameras, etc to pitch the show correctly.

OBSTACLES is a comedy tv show about a young couple just starting up, living together when the niece of the young lady in the couple comes to live with them because she didn't pay her college tuition on time and this is her only family in the area. Along the ride, they ALL, the entire cast, go through similar issues in dealing with problems and situations.

Above is what I shot with a regular camera etc. I received a lot of hits. I know if i had better equipment, lights, etc. It would be GREAT and who knows, on tv someday! My goal is 5,000 to shoot the pilot but any additional money will go towards the shooting of more episodes.

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The risks & challenges are finding the right locations, being able to afford renting them,being able to pay people for there time. As no one is "BIG TIME" yet, everyone schedules are different and time is needed for rehearsal, etc. I shot one with the little money i scraped up and as you can see, with the right cameras, etc, things would be GREAT. As an LA Music Award winning artist, i've had to overcome obstacles with deadlines & putting things together, my resume is long for someone who hasn't made the BIG time yet, YET, i have MAJOR awards/accomplishments. If i can do all this on my own with NO funding but my own, i KNOW with the PROPER funding, i can take it to another level


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