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Drum Spiral's video poster

An interactive installation that raises questions about modernity, embodiment, anonymity, and community. Also, it'll be fun. Read more

Boulder, CO Public Art
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This project was successfully funded on March 28, 2012.

An interactive installation that raises questions about modernity, embodiment, anonymity, and community. Also, it'll be fun.

Boulder, CO Public Art
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About this project

Project home page:

This campaign is to raise money to build an interactive installation this June at Apogaea 2012

What you're seeing in this video is an early prototype of the technology behind the installation. We've attached wireless accelerometer devices (aka Sifteo cubes) to various objects, and as people move them around, audio samples are triggered while a visualization responds to folks' movement.

In the final installation, the visualization you see in the video will be projected down among the participants.

We hope to make the installation networked so that people from anywhere in the world can affect the experience and performance as it happens.

Visit to learn more!

How Will It Work?

Here’s the setup:

  • a geodesic dome, 40-50 feet in diameter
  • a video projector, about 20 feet up, projecting straight down onto the ground
  • a camera attached to the projector, capturing motion of participants
  • a PA system–just some powered monitors will be enough; this is not a big sound installation
  • under the projector, 7 “drums” await participants
  • these drums can be any objects; not necessarily drum-like at all
  • as folks hit, turn, and shake their drums and bodies, sounds are created. the projected visualization responds.
  • meanwhile (if possible), parameters of the video and sound can be influenced by folks on the internet, or there in the installation via their phones, ipads, etc (details of how this works tbd)

This PDF diagram lays it all out.

What Will the Sound Be Like?

Good question! Obviously the most straightforward thing is to trigger drum samples. We’ve got this much working already. But we envision other possibilities as well.

What Will the Visualization Be Like?

Another good question. Right now we’ve got a Processing-powered visualization that is spirally and colorful [live demo of this coming soon] and could be plenty of fun, but the possibilities are vast.

What Do You Need?

We received a lovely art grant from Apogaea, but they can only give so much, and it's Apo policy not to provide grant funds for things like video projectors or transportation costs. Here's a list of what we're lacking at this point:

  • a short-throw video projector
  • materials and tools to build the dome
  • a lockable cabinet for the computer hardware
  • PA rental
  • generator rental
  • fuel for generator
  • transportation costs
  • mifi router + data plan for internet access
  • space in Boulder/Denver to do a few test runs (gymnasiums, basketball courts, and the like)

How Can I Help?

Donate! Or let us borrow something, or let us use your space. You can email us at or click the "send message" button over there on the right. Visit for the latest news.

Thanks for reading!
- Eric and Team


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    One goal for the installation is that it will be networked. Everyone will (hopefully) get a chance to interact with the installation in real-time and co-create the experience and performance as it happens.

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    We'll send you one of the drums we build! We're not sure what they'll be yet, but you can say you literally have a piece of the project.

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