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Record your baby's first year FOR SCIENCE. Keep data and photos in a lab-style memory book designed by children's artist Tiffany Ard
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DAY 7: Some serious data analysis

Posted by Tiffany Ard (The Nerdy Baby lady) (Creator)

As I mentioned in a previous update, we achieved the coveted Loch Ness Monster (LNM) Curve thanks to the glory of electronic mail. The resulting chart looked so cute I was tempted to refuse any further backing:

By this morning things had leveled off, so it looked more like a baby LNM but still pretty awesome:

 The question now is, where do we go from here? We cannot let the project flounder. If funding stays flat we will not only fail to make the project happen, but this poor creature will end up looking really sad:

It's not about the money. No one should have to live with a neck-to-body-size ratio like that.

The most likely scenario is that things will continue bumping along at the rate of new backers + increased backing we've seen today. If this happens, hitting the goal before the deadline shouldn't be a problem. That's very good to know!

 However, I would very much like to reach the funding goal sooner. As soon as we reach that point I can focus on design work rather than fund raising. Plus, obviously Nessie is not a fire-breathing creature. I mean there's suspending disbelief and then there's just being silly.

So I'm looking for ways to get the word out. My current ideal scenario would be a chart that looks like this:

 Though let's be real. I would not complain about a burst of publicity, even if that might lead to the very challenging Narwhal Scenario:

 A lot of people panic when that happens, but not me. Narwhals are certainly creepy -- would unicorns be considered beautiful if their horn was actually a TOOTH? -- But they aren't anywhere near as unnerving as those smug-looking beluga guys.

See what happens when I am spinning my wheels? The sooner this thing is funded, the better.

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      Allison Wilhelm on

      You should consider putting up some Facebook advertising. It could work wonders for your awareness campaign!

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      Christina Morrison Saunders on

      Call your local paper. Send a tip to get the word out. Tweet it. FB it. (You may have already done these things, but these are just my ideas ...) One more, local news stations are always looking for guests on their morning shows.