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WALT's late on his rent again, the utility bills are piling up, and he's got an expensive candy addiction. He could use a helping hand.

Dustbunny is a group that helps animators make their shows for the web. This month we're helping Greg make his series WALT.

It's not easy being WALT. He's small and blue, which makes him a little different from the people around him. He's also still got a childlike enthusiasm that most people don't quite understand.

Despite his differences he's out there trying to survive. He lives in an apartment, he get's dressed in the morning, and he tries to pay his rent on time (even if his landlord doesn't relish Jolly Ranchers as much as he does).

Greg, the artist who makes the show, isn't all that dissimilar to his little blue character. He's creative and unconventional, and yet somehow he's meant to survive in a big and scary world.

Dustbunny's aim with Kickstarter is to help Greg stay afloat, and at the same time keep you entertained. We're turning to the Kickstarter community to help us bring you another episode of the show. With your generosity, in just a couple of weeks you could be watching a new episode of the little blue guy's antics.

WALT, a co-production between us and you.


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    An 11x17 limited edition WALT poster. PLUS: The WALT X-rated pin-up calendar. Each month a new naughty pose. Download all 4 episodes of the show.

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    Greg will name his first born child after you, irrelevant of the sex. PLUS: We'll design a character after you in the next episode of the show. You never looked so good.

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