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The Carcass is a post-apoc roleplaying game about community. Characters must deal with the ravages of the world… and each other.
The Carcass is a post-apoc roleplaying game about community. Characters must deal with the ravages of the world… and each other.
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    1. Postworldgames Jim Pinto 18-time creator on

      i am probably 10 to 20 hours from finishing this. i wanted to wait to post when it was actually done. i'm down to the last five character classes to review. and the charts are taking a long time.

      the set back is that i hurt my back recently and sitting for too long is not easy. but. i am working on it.

      and we're almost there.

    2. Dark Naga Adventures (Kevin Watson)

      I've written this one off.

    3. Dave Kester on


      This game is on my list of stuff I'm looking forward to. If i have nothing to look forward too i don't have a reason to live. Are you finally going to put me into my misery? I surely hope so!!!

    4. Postworldgames Jim Pinto 18-time creator on

      yes. you are right sir. the good news is coming.

    5. Exodus Phyr on

      I feel like an update is overdue, much like this project!

    6. Jacob Kelly

      I know this is stressful and you have a lot on your plate. Personally, I'd rather you take the time to do it right than to rush it and have regrets. This is as much an artistic endeavor as a business venture and I really hope that the other backers understand that and give you the space you need. Keep at it and I look forward to the final product.

    7. Postworldgames Jim Pinto 18-time creator on

      hi mike. as i stated in a previous update, both of those games are in development and editing. since there's nothing i can do on either for the foreseeable future, i am taking advantage of a gap in my schedule to sell games that are already finished. this new kickstarter has ZERO impact on the schedule of the other games.

    8. Mike Davies on

      So why are you running more new Kickstarter projects when you still have this and City of Masks not delivered?

    9. Stephen Mouring on

      *hangs head and backs off*

      No! No of course not... Was just sayin'

      You know what's best boss!


    10. Postworldgames Jim Pinto 18-time creator on


      that's oddly specific and unnerving?

      are you challenging for authority of the clan?

    11. Stephen Mouring on

      @Creator Don't be stressed...

      Stress is not "I did not finish on time."

      Stress is when you are broken down on salt flats with no gas, now food, no water, angry cannibals on the horizon, and your second in command talking loudly about changes in leadership. That is stress.

    12. Shane Mclean

      @Postworldgames: I contacted you on July 3rd about a refund using the kickstarter message function but have received no reply. Please contact me.

    13. Exodus Phyr on

      The tribe is loosing faith! Better blow us away or the mob will get ugly. I'll crack a skull or two if they get too rowdy, but even I'm feeling it. Be quick and make haste, for we crave what you have. Give me! Give me! Give me!

    14. Postworldgames Jim Pinto 18-time creator on

      yep. i ran my final playtest this passed weekend. and now it's just heads-down work until it's done. i have about 100+ pages of character information to sort out and make pretty. but otherwise, it's just doing the work now. and of course, since i over-booked myself, it's just a bandwidth issue.

      thanks to everyone for your patience.

    15. Sprayoncrayon

      Don't take it too personally. Just communicate with us what the delays are, why they occurred, and when we can expect them to be corrected. I think your backers are a fairly forgiving community.

    16. Postworldgames Jim Pinto 18-time creator on

      someone is reviewing the work-in-progress as we speak
      250 pages are done, but there's gaps and logic flaws in the organization
      i want to get this perfect
      stress is killing me (being this late)

    17. Postworldgames Jim Pinto 18-time creator on

      The Bulldogs are a segmented group, keeping outsiders from the inner workings of their tribe. From the outside, they look like nothing but warriors and savages. Which is part of their mystique. Their social and working classes are kept hidden inside nissan huts, quonset huts, and underground hovels. Most-importantly, they’ve operated without a leader for nearly a year now. Sadly, the community is starting to buckle and grate. Who knows how long they can last before they turn on one another.

    18. Jonathan Edwards

      Any updates?

    19. Postworldgames Jim Pinto 18-time creator on

      i am working diligently as we speak

    20. Anders Bergwall

      Any updates for backers?

    21. Exodus Phyr on

      Do you have a timeline of when we will receive our game?

    22. Postworldgames Jim Pinto 18-time creator on

      your tribes can hunger longer

      i care not for their pleas

      the only tribe that matters in the wastes is mine

      (that said, sorry about being incommunicado, i'm struggling with what to put in what order)

    23. Stephen Mouring on

      My tribe hungers... Feed us Pinto, Lord of the Desert less we perish! Gives us news to feast upon! Let us devour the flesh of an update! The hunger burns... and so does the world!

    24. Exodus Phyr on

      I'm ready to Concur in the name of my tribe! I can't wait to get the books. Looking forward to seeing the system. Hurry Up!!! Do it now!! I'm sharpening my blades, and my hammer is too dry.

    25. Ashley on

      I'd prefer it to be via pm or email, but I'm on the app and can't find the function to message you. >.<

    26. Postworldgames Jim Pinto 18-time creator on

      i can easily do that. would you like me to publish your address here?

    27. Ashley on

      Is there a way to check in to what shipping address is on file for me? I backed a lot of kickstarters around the same time and ended up moving at the last minute kind of in the middle of all of that, so I honestly can't remember which address I gave you.

    28. Jonathan Breese on

      Keep up the good work. I'm looking forward to playing it.

    29. Stephen Mouring on

      A progress report! Or your head on a spike! Do not displease me!

      -Your Local Warlord

    30. Gareth H. Graham on

      This game is literally going to be fucking great

    31. Diana Sharpe

      Have any packages been shipped? Not a complaint if they haven't! Just trying to figure out what package is coming to me from Washington :) (Used to be Charles Scott Sharpe)

    32. Loyal Blades on

      Congratulations Jim and his backers!!

    33. John M. Portley

      Thank you, Jim. I hope that it is cleared up soon, and that this project then continues smoothly. Great concept—a bit like a Lego™ build-your-own Apocalypse kit. I am very much interested in starting mine.

    34. Postworldgames Jim Pinto 18-time creator on

      i've let them know, john

    35. John M. Portley

      My pledge was declined, not by jim pinto, but by the financial beasts at Kickstarter and their contractor. The reason that I am posting is that I, and dozens of others, went through the same problem last week with another Kickstarter. The problem resided with the contractor or the interchange between KS and that company. Just in case someone else here is having similar problems, checked their cards' balances, submitted a new card, and was still declined. If it does not clear up by Monday, then, if jim pinto is still interested in the money, he should complain to the powers-that-be. In fact, pointing out the problem to KS now so that they can get their act together sooner, rather than later, might be the best choice before the weekend. Anyone else having problems?

    36. Postworldgames Jim Pinto 18-time creator on

      finally. he gets it. now. if he could just train the rest of the fucking tribe to think that way.

    37. Michael Ramsey

      I increased my ****ing pledge level, since this is the only thing I should be spending my money on.

    38. Postworldgames Jim Pinto 18-time creator on

      shoreline? i'm going to be in lynwood tomorrow demoing a board game. please don't come to it. just know that i'm there, not thinking of you.

    39. Dave Kester on

      @jim, you are lucky because I live in Shoreline, otherwise you'd be enjoying the scenery from your first class seat on a Greyhound(tm).

    40. Postworldgames Jim Pinto 18-time creator on

      are you local? because i only fly first class.

      i am going to run the worst session of anything for you and your friends.

    41. Dave Kester on


      Its done. I now get everything I want and i guess for at least one gaming session you'll be mine.

    42. Postworldgames Jim Pinto 18-time creator on

      yeah. that's how you get real power. "made an RPG."

      wow. everyone will respect you then.

    43. Dave Kester on

      don't try to shirk you responsibilities on me. I want to be "re-elected" as much as you want to. You threatening me with finishing the book might not get you the results you want. But honestly if you need some help I have a box of crayons and google search skills.... I can find content and make great pictures. Plus then I can put "made an RPG" on my resume.

    44. Postworldgames Jim Pinto 18-time creator on

      nobody cares, dave.

      you want to be re-elected so bad? you got it. you can finish this book!

    45. Dave Kester on

      BTW: the instructions for making comments on KS says, "Be respectful and considerate." i will uphold this policy except for communications to Jim. Because you know ...

    46. Dave Kester on

      So here goes. Since Jim is apparently unconcerned about anything other the collection of rag dolls he has been accumulating and now spends all of his time counting and recounting them I'll step up. This will likely get me shot or worse "re-elected" i know i'm taking a risk.

      Some ideas for 13k stretch goals:
      1. Art and I'm not talking about that guy with no arms and legs you hung on the wall. I'm talking about skilled graphics and stuff. Spend some fucking money already instead of stealing art from unknown artists on DeviantArt.
      2. Some list of shit that might happen. Like a list of bad things that can come down on your tribe, or whatever you call your pack.
      3. Descriptions of sites or people. Like some shitty places I can drop in for the players to visit. Something like old Sears buildings up here in Shoreline.
      4. Setting stuff. Descriptions to make the setting feel more real. Again another collection of descriptions that as GM can use to communicate the feel of the game.

      Ok that's all the ideas I want to share. The rest are my f***ing secrets.

    47. Patrick SAYET

      I tried to choose the 50$ level, but as for shipping, I can only choose USA, but I'm from France ...

    48. Diana Sharpe

      John, there is a photo of the dice and a price. What more do you want for that?

      I will admit I am a bit confused about the decks, though. Only one is currently in the stretch goals, so that is all there will be? It isn't even the probably most important one.

    49. Postworldgames Jim Pinto 18-time creator on

      john. i didn't want to make 700 pledge levels for decks, cards, etc.

      just write a private message to me. i'll get you a paypal account address and i can mail you dice.

      or cards

      or whatever the **** it is you think you've got coming.

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