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$4,706 pledged of $30,000 goal
By Gates of TAU L.L.C.
$4,706 pledged of $30,000 goal

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    1. Gates of TAU L.L.C. Creator on November 9, 2017

      Dear Supporter,

      Thank you very much for your support! We really appreciate your help and good will.
      Even though we were not able to meet our funding goal on Kickstarter, we managed to raise enough capital from other sources to allow us to continue with our mission.
      We are closing our Kickstarter campaign today. Of course, your credit cards will not be charged for the pledges you so generously made.

      We have learned a lot during the campaign and gathered a lot of extremely valuable feedback. We also managed to lower our projected costs and, consequently, lower the price of “The Road to Bethlehem” to 89 US dollars.

      Within days, “The Road to Bethlehem” will be available on
      We will very much appreciate if you look for it within 10-14 days, but if you would like to be notified exactly when it becomes available, please write us at and you will be among the first people to know about it.

      Again, many thanks for your support and trust! It really meant a lot to us.

      God bless!

      The Road to Bethlehem Team

    2. Stephen Unser
      on November 8, 2017

      I'm sad that your project is not going to fund. However please email me on how I could still support you amazing project when it's available on Amazon. I'm from Canada so I do hope I can still purchase it.

    3. Gates of TAU L.L.C. Creator on October 24, 2017


      We will be selling it on Amazon in the US for sure. The product is already leaving the factory so we are even considering scrapping the Kickstarter early to enter the market earlier.
      We are ahead of schedule time-wise but not financially. Successful Kickstarter would help us with creating new translations and extensions to the game - but maybe we will have to postpone those if it fails or we crap it early.

      The case is that we WILL be on the US market in couple of weeks but we still don't know what will be our cash-flow.

      Outside of the US though will be difficult. Kickstarter is an amazing tool to sell worldwide but we are not yet sure if it fails if we will be able to sell it worldwide before this Christmas.

    4. Missing avatar

      Ryan on October 23, 2017

      is there going to be a way to get the game if the kickstarter fails?