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The first band from Greece trying to make a breakthrough in the USA and get their music heard around the world.


This it's really happening !! We just need a final push to get there....check out the full schedule of  tour's going to be a crazy experience and we want you to be part of it !!!

9 NYC Sullivan Hall - 7pm
10 NYC Trash bar - 10pm
11 NYC Delancey - 10pm
14 Philly Dobbs - 11pm
17 Wilmington, DE TBA
19 Richmond, VA GlobeHopper Coffeehouse
20 Fayetteville,NC Black Cat Lounge
21 Marietta, GA TBA
22 Columbus, GA TBA
26 Charlotte TBA
27 Charlotte TBA
28 Columbus, OH Bernie's Distillery

1 Detroit Detroit Pub
2 Detroit TBA
3 Lansing TBA
4 Chicago TBA
5 Chicago TBA
7 Sioux Falls,SD TBA
10 Denver TBA
11 Colorado Springs TBA
14 Ohio TBA
16 NYC Tammany Hall


My Excuse US Tour Poster
My Excuse US Tour Poster

What does music mean to us, and what does the band mean to us… It has always been an excuse for what we are and what we do, and what we don’t do. What’s asked of us from parents, friends, society, the education systems we’ve been through…the lifestyle we’ve chosen is influenced and directed by what we do which is play music every day…. That has kept us from going in other directions that were expected of us, but also kept us sane, kept us doing what we do. That’s what the band is… an excuse for what we are.

My Excuse consists of five guys who ended up in the same band and along the way became the best of friends playing music every day. Working together for several years has not been easy but we always managed to stay together and concentrate on our common goals: to play music for life, get our music noticed and be the first band to represent our country beyond our national borders!” It has been a struggle trying to make it based in a country which is dominated by Greek music and is far from the epicenter of the worldwide music industry . We consider ourselves part of the new generation of greeks who want to change how our country is perceived and show that we have something to offer the world culturally in the present and the future”. We started by playing in bars for just a few friends of ours and in just a couple of years we managed to make some steps towards our lifelong dream and be considered as the best English singing band in our country. We love what we do and give our best when making our music. A few years back we managed to get our first album released and we realized that we wanted to achieve so much more. We added more live shows to our calendar and longer studio hours! After a while the opportunity appeared and we were more than eager to grab it! We had the chance to meet Ron St Germain, one of the greatest producers in the worldwide music industry, and work with him on our single “Is It Over Now”. 

After that, we started working harder towards our dream and we finally were able to go on a tour in North America last summer! We performed at a number of historic venues in New York, and festivals including the Stars & Stripes Festival at Lake Michigan and we managed to work with Ron St Germain again and record our upcoming album in his studio! These achievements made us realize that hard work and persistence can lead to great outcomes!

After the success of our first tour across the U.S. last summer, we are now preparing for our upcoming Spring Tour in the U.S. and Canada. We continue to pursue our dream and need your support to accomplish this! Starting this spring, we are going to visit some of the largest cities in North America such as New York, Miami, Detroit, Chicago and play more than 30 live performances. Also, we are going to participate in CMW, one of the largest festivals in Canada. It will be our first tour after the international release of our new single “Silent Revolution”, part of our upcoming album recorded and produced by Ron St Germain.  

The Kickstarter project is created to help us gather funds for our tour expenses while trying to get our music heard around the world!

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

There could be a number of challenges that may rise after we manage to gather the funds needed but we have the power inside of us to overcome any obstacle. If the occasion arises (which we also hope it will not) we will definitely find the way to overcome the difficulties we may face. We have worked very hard to get to where we are and we will not back out now. Our dream is starting to come true and that is our motive to go forward. A few years ago we couldn’t even think about going to New York and playing our own songs or even working with one of the greatest producers around the world, Ron St Germain. We have his support and this is huge for us! We believe that whatever setback arises in our way, we will be able to overcome it and continue our journey. Within the last year we have gained experiences that have made us stronger, both individually and as a team.


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