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New Pledge Tier - Exclusive Collector’s Edition

Posted by Zensara Studios (Creator)

Hey gang. Just wanted to give you a heads up that we’ve added a new pledge tier that helps bridge the gap between the Book and the Creation levels. It’s also to provide an opportunity to get something special for everyone that’s helping enable this project to happen.  

This pledge tier will be for a Kickstarter exclusive Collector’s Edition of the book. The book will be beautifully bound in leather (faux), with a foil stamped KS exclusive cover, and will also include a ribbon marker. The Cover Art for the game will be included inside the book. As this is a limited run edition of the book, it will only be available for this Kickstarter.  



The Collector’s Edition pledge tier is priced at $115 CAD (~$87 USD)  

Trailblazers: If you’d like to upgrade your book to a Collector’s Edition and still keep your Early Adopter credit, please add $40 CAD (~$30 USD) to your pledge amount, then send me a private note about it. To add to your pledge amount, simply hit the Manage Pledge button at the top of the page. It will take you to the Trailblazer tier, change the amount from $75 to $115. To send me a private note after, go back to the main Kickstarter page and click Contact Me near the top.  

How to send a note after upgrading your pledge.
How to send a note after upgrading your pledge.

Creation Tiers: Anyone backing at the Creation Tier gets their book automatically upgraded to the Collector’s Edition (free) on top of free shipping. I’m excited about working with you and want to provide more value at these tiers. If you prefer the standard hardcover book, just send me a note and we’ll make sure that you get the book you want.

Thanks everyone!

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    1. Frankschtaldt on

      Awesome! Now just to work out how I can afford it!

    2. Zensara Studios Creator on

      Ask and ye shall receive :) Just included a new pledge tier for those that want to grab both books. As it is a bundle, you'll save $10 overall pledging at this level.

    3. Missing avatar

      Andrew Barton

      Not sure I'll be able to upgrade (and if I do it'll be more because I want to further support the campaign than because I need a fancy copy in addition to a regular one), but I would also advocate for the option of both. I know some folks like to have a fancy copy for special occasions (and display) while they have a regular copy to pass around the table for general use.
      Like I said, I probably won't be able to spring for both copies myself, but I like the idea and I'm sure a number of folks will jump on that.

    4. Alex

      Agreed, can there be a tier with a copy of each? I love the artwork cover AND the premium cover. It would be great to use the premium cover as a DM and let my players borrow the art cover whilst they're at the table if they need to reference something.

    5. Frankschtaldt on

      On that note, might be worth having an "extra copy of the standard book" add on available for people that either want two copies for their table or want both versions.

      P.S. I think I might even be able to afford it (maybe).

    6. Frankschtaldt on

      Damn it, I want both!

    7. Zensara Studios Creator on

      Cheers Matt. I was getting a lot of messages asking for a collector's edition, and I personally, am in love with textured books (cloth or leather). There's something incredibly satisfying about the look and feel -- it just screams 'premium' or 'luxury' for me. But I totally understand that people have different preferences - so now we have some choices! Glad you love the art, we made sure to include the Cover Art inside the book for the Limited Collector's Edition as well.

      We're also really close to hitting our Stretch Goal of getting the standard hardcover a ribbon marker and spot UV varnish. Everybody wins :D

    8. Matt Drake

      That's an awesome option, but the art in this game is so amazing that I really like the standard hardcover. I hope we get to upgrade to some spot UV coating and the ribbon, but as cool as that collector's edition is, I think the art version is cooler.