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Reunite the '80s band Cats Laughing for a live album.

"We will say 'play songs for us Cats Laughing,' and they will."
 -Neil Gaiman
Reunite the '80s band Cats Laughing for a live album.

"We will say 'play songs for us Cats Laughing,' and they will."
 -Neil Gaiman
Reunite the '80s band Cats Laughing for a live album. "We will say 'play songs for us Cats Laughing,' and they will." -Neil Gaiman
319 backers pledged $22,000 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Colleen Doran on

      Would really like to know if I can get my dc, please.

    2. Colleen Doran on

      I never received my reward.

    3. Edward Stapleton on

      So what's the status of the backer rewards shipping out? I did "The Completist Collector" (concert CD plus a couple older CDs) and haven't seen anything yet. Last email I got was 5/18/16, last update on this page was 7/4/16 saying "one final shipment left" ...

    4. Missing avatar

      JB Segal on

      So, if we didn't order music, for some weird reason that we can't really explain adequately...
      How might we purchase it now? I mean, it seems the easiest way would be we ship you money via any number of money-shipping-services and and you ship us a download code?

      You know, because I'm obviously asking for a vast number of people. :)

      (Also asked in Update 25, but this is slightly easier to find...)

    5. Kelly Babcock on

      I can't remember what I was supposed to get

    6. Stewart Wiener on

      Me neither, nothing yet... but it's all coming along, right?

    7. Ian Gilmore on

      Have the links for the digital download reward been sent out? I don't think I ever received one.

    8. Pat Knuth on

      I think I paid for a t-shirt, but I don't know if I managed to claim it when the feedback showed up. Is it too late to mention this? If so, that's okay.

    9. Dee & Corwin Brust Creator on

      We're working on an update now. For whatever reason it's much more difficult to put updates out here than it is to bang out a post on the Facebook page. Here's that, with apologies for not making more noise about it over here sooner.

    10. Missing avatar

      holly on

      Good job you guys! Any update on when the t-shirts might ship?

    11. Antonio Garcia

      Sooooo, 2016 is here, and no update.

    12. Chris Bernard on

      Guys - love you lots and lots - but could you please post an update on status and ETA?

    13. Johnny M

      Hello! Any update on when perks are being shipped?

    14. Missing avatar

      Carolyn Livingston on

      Any update on seats for the concert on the 26th? There was supposed to be a decision and info sent by the 19th of August. Did I miss an email?

    15. Chris Salkeld on

      Hi! I pledged $25 dollars but have not received a T-shirt. Did they get sent out yet?

    16. Missing avatar

      Beth Meacham on

      dear Cat-support --

      Mid-June now. Where's the music for download? Any ideas? I'll bug you next week in person about it, you know.

    17. Missing avatar

      Joshua McPherson on

      Not that I'm impatient, but okay, I'm impatient.
      Any news? Still working on things?

    18. Dee & Corwin Brust Creator on

      It's true - prices are higher but same perks (except for the limited ones.)

    19. Dee & Corwin Brust Creator on

      Thanks Thomas -- truly humbling!

    20. Missing avatar

      Thomas Bull

      Congratulations upon reaching 300 backers.

    21. Dee & Corwin Brust Creator on


      Yes, unfortunately - the day of the concert seems pretty firm at this point. I'll reach out to you directly via Kickstarter messaging if I see any sign of moment on that.

      As to the second, sure! Bootleg CDs may or may not materialize but if you will remind me of this consideration in the comments field of the after-campaign survey we'll do our utmost to come up with a pleasing substitute.

    22. Missing avatar

      Roger Pavelle on

      Two questions:
      1. Is the date of Friday, April 3 firm (since that's the one day I know I can't make)?
      2. How much substituting is possible on the rewards? For instance, I signed up to get CDs of both previous albums but already have a copy of "Another Way to Travel". Is it possible to swap that CD for something else (a bootleg CD or a copy of the DVD)?

      Thanks regardless since I'm excited to get anything I can.

    23. Dee & Corwin Brust Creator on

      Ah ha! Think-Works may need a little tightening, over here.

      Those are being delivered via Kickstarter's "Updates" feature. And we're a little behind. I have one I'd like to finish tonight that will include two tracks

      So far, we've shared two tracks: "The Enchantment" (bootleg, live from Minicon 23) which was shared in update #3 (backers only), and "See How the Sparrow Flies" (studio track, Another Way to Travel) which came with update #5.

      If you've already backed the campaign as new tracks are shared, you should get each one directly to the email you gave when signing-up with In all events, you should be able to jump over to the **Updates** tab on this very page, and peruse at your leisure. My thought is that all backers at all levels are able too access all Backer Only Updates as soon as they make any pledge at all. This ought to include downloading (try some tricksy right/command clicking) and saving the tracks. Let me know where this appears to diverge from the reality you are experiencing.

      Clear as mud?

    24. Missing avatar

      Me on

      Oops! Sorry, that wasn't mentioned sending downloads for some individual songs to backers during the pledge time: "First, backers at all levels are receiving first access to heretofore unreleased and other difficult to find tracks as MP3 files at the rate of 1-2 per week throughout the campaign." I'm wondering if I've missed those? Sorry about the confusion. --Lola

    25. Dee & Corwin Brust Creator on

      We can't wait to start sending out stuff; however, people are continuing to adjust their pledges so we'll wait until after funding closes. We will post another bootleg for backers tonight-hope those are making the wait sweeter (if not actually shorter).

    26. Missing avatar

      Me on

      I just upped my pledge to get more albums, and am wondering: have you sent any digital downloads to backer set? I pledged early on, but don't remember getting updates with downloads. I know you guys were sick for a while...

    27. Missing avatar

      Thomas Bull

      Congratulations upon reaching 200 backers.

    28. Missing avatar

      Thomas Bull

      Also #1 for all Music projects, including closed ones, followed (at #2) by "Meow The Jewels".

    29. Missing avatar

      Thomas Bull

      Congratulations on reaching #1 on the Hot List for Music at, up from #42.

    30. Dee & Corwin Brust Creator on

      Thanks Jesse! Checking it out now!


    31. Jesse Lawrence Morgan

      For those who missed it, the x-cellent comic podcast Rachel and Miles X-Plain the X-men just did an episode on New Mutants Annual #1, the comic that features a Cats Laughing gig!…
      They threw in a plug for the Kickstarter too!

    32. Dee & Corwin Brust Creator on

      Geri -

      That's awesome - we'd love to get as much of that as can be exchanged in the dark alley we call the internets! Thanks very, very much!

    33. Missing avatar

      Geri Sullivan on

      Yo, Dee & Corwin -- do you folks or the Cats have a copy of the little 8-page Cats Laughing geometric comic booklet explaining the origin of the band's name? With merchandise and booking info on the back? Page size 5.5" wide, 4" tall? I just ran across my copy by pure happenstance, snapped some quick pix, and put it on my fridge so I don't immediately lose track of it. Let me know if you want it, the pictures, or both.

    34. Dee & Corwin Brust Creator on

      Good Morning Cats Lovers!

      I'm starting to work up another backer update with another MP3, a studio track this time. I'd hoped to do this yesterday evening but the stomach flu that's going around proved a very effective distraction.

    35. Dee & Corwin Brust Creator on

      Jan - Thanks! Credit there to DD-B, although Dee and I get some for, you know, egging him on.

    36. Dee & Corwin Brust Creator on

      Theo -- Our theory is Friday 4/3/15 or maybe Saturday 4/4/15 -- Convention committee will make that call based on exactly where in the hotel we end up setting up.

    37. Missing avatar

      Theo Lubke on

      Is there a date and time for this famous concert? Booking flights and don't want to miss the main event.

    38. Jen Melchert on

      Hey, I just noticed the new guitar-graph funding percent image. Nice work!

    39. Dee & Corwin Brust Creator on


      Nope, it's the just perfect time to start with the requests! And... noted. TY!

    40. Jesse Lawrence Morgan

      Is it too early to yell requests? I'd love to hear a new version of "Black Knight's Work" or anything else John M. Ford contributed to - and of course, "For It All"!

    41. Dee & Corwin Brust Creator on


      Convention is official four days this year, for the first and almost certainly only time. Given that, arriving Thursday or even Wednesday might good sense, especially if that makes a difference in air costs (I remember correctly that you are flying in, yes?)

      Thanks for the stoking the discussion!
      Corwin (sorry for delayed responses; whole tribe has a stomach flu yesterday and today.)

    42. Star Straf on

      Haven't been to minicon in Ages so looking forward to the trip. Made our hotel reservations, having not been for almost 20 years when do things get going/wind down? Trying to figure out when to arrive /leave

    43. Dee & Corwin Brust Creator on

      Chas Sumdall --music head for Minicon 50 -- points out that Mincon does not offer Childcare. I'm updating the page to clarify.

    44. Dee & Corwin Brust Creator on

      Geri - that would be absolutely fantastic thanks and also thanks! The squee is in full form at this end.

    45. Missing avatar

      Geri Sullivan on

      Whoohoo! Love the possibility of live streaming as I haven't yet discovered how to be in two places at once and I'll be on the other side of the Pond at Eastercon come April. Tried to support this in the first few hours, but my computer and net connection weren't cooperating. Glad to have been the one to put it over $7300. :-)

      For my next trick, I'll search through my slides, negatives, and prints to see if I can come up with the Como Conservatory photo shoot we did...for the original Cats Laughing cassette, IIRC. Fingers crossed for luck on that one!

    46. Dee & Corwin Brust Creator on

      Here's where we go and fake regrets? I don't think so... Can't wait to meet you and Lizzie, Eric!


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