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$47,939 pledged of $900,000 goal
$47,939 pledged of $900,000 goal

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===== 29 =====


Hi guys,

It has happened: we've just relaunched KickStarter campaign for After Reset RPG:

Please, share the news: the more visits our page gets = the more chances to get of featured page = the more successful results our game obtains. The formula is quite simple.

Since the first trial of KickStarter in November of 2013, when they manage to attract about $50,000 of their $900,000 budget, the developer managed to collect more than $15,000 in direct backing to maintain development and ran another successful KickStarter campaign for a graphic novel prequel to the game, The Fall of Gyes. After Reset also has a following of over 15,000 fans on Facebook and was green lit on Steam in less than five days. Coming to decision to split the game into chapters with smaller goals in order to release the Prologue this fall, Black Cloud Studios is going to KickStarter with new content, an upgraded build of the game, daily updates and smaller goal of $35,000 and Prologue release by October 2014.

Much obliged, in advance. And stay tuned there for DAILY UPDATES!


===== 28 =====


Hi guys,

We've reached 5000+ followers through Steam Early Access (SEA), and the amount of people who are waiting for our game really inspires us. Hurrah!

We made a big step forward toward the SEA release during May, and now we have almost all models for interior of the Gyes bunker for the prologue. We've also completed the character creation interface, we'll publish soon at Co-Founders section on our official forum. The latter of which inspired more lore about other species of the After Reset world that you will meet in the game: About the Species.

Beyond that we're also going to reboot our Kickstarter project for After Reset RPG prologue part on Kickstarter this July. As we sad earlier, we need $50k in total to make SEA release possible for early fall of 2014. Through direct pledges we've raised about $15k and thus we're going to set $35k as our initial goal, but we'll also have a few separate stretch goals.

If everything goes according to plan the SEA release of the After Reset RPG prologue will be available this September (before post-apoc strategy Wasteland 2 and epic RPG Dragon Age 3). For our Kickstarter and Direct backers this date will come earlier, of course.

As a part of our preparation for this reboot, we're going to be holding back on June developer updates so we can ramp things up during the campaign. This time we'll be prepared with updates to be revealed every day or day in a day. And, by tradition, our Co-Founders will still be able to see these updates on the VIP sub forum much earlier: Co-Founders' Lounge.

By the time you read this, I'm glad to report that we finished the script of the Fall of Gyes graphic novel and sent it to our volunteer testers. We're looking forward to hearing their impressions soon.

Another small pleasant news: as requested, at last we've created an off-topic sub-forum on our official forums. That can be found here: The Lobby (Off Topic)

And by the end of current news I must say due to increase of lore data we are desperately need extra editor/proofreader, US native, to help in polishing our texts for: news/updates, KS project rebooted, in-game lore, dialogs and storyline. If you feel fitted, please, write at my e-mail:

Thank for your support, friends, and stay tuned!

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===== 27 =====


Hey guys,

We've got brief report about our funding status. In April we collected $825 from 20 backers. That makes our total budget $14,896 from 358 backers.

Thanks so much for your support! Despite the challenges, we're working hard to meet your expectations and reward your faith in us, and in our game.


We've almost completed work on the script for the graphic novel and I'd like 20 volunteers from our TFOG Kick-starter backers to help us out by reading the script and providing feedback (that implies, of course, an NDA). And do not worry about spoilers. Even after reading the graphic novel, the game's story will have aces in the sleeve to surprise you.

If interested, please e-mail me Richard at ( with the following information:
- Your name as it appears on Kickstarter (if you backed TFOG there).
- Your e-mail (if you backed TFOG via a direct pledge).
- Your account on After Reset official forum.
- Your age.
- Your country.

If you're selected, we'll grant you access to a private forum where you can discuss the script and provide feedback, and that's the only place you'll be able to discuss it until the graphic novel is released. Let's not spoil the fun and surprises for our fellows! ;)


Every week this goal draws closer, and our build progress has been pretty amazing. Now we're working hard on the levels' design and character customization. Stay tuned for further news, as we'll be giving you a first-look in the near future, as well as updates about the coming alpha tests!

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===== 26 =====


Hi guys,

I’m working hard on our SACPIC game mechanics and (as a player) it looks like one of the most sophisticated and interesting game mechanics I’ve ever seen. In this update I’d like to share some info about our weapons system and mechanics. The following assumes that the Initiative roll has been made and it’s your turn to attack. Enjoy!


*Small sized characters use 1-handed weapons in two hands and cant use 2-handed weapons.

** Any character using a weapon out of its effective range will suffer a -20 penalty to hit.

*** Damage 1d8 if character is Large build, 1d6 if Medium, 1d4 if Small.

**** Any character fighting with a ranged weapon (except for throwing weapons) in melee will suffer a deadly -10 to hit. The enemy attacking him with a melee weapon will get +6 bonus to hit.



A critical hit is a devastating attack that generates more damage than normal. Non-Player Characters are always subject to critical hits (unless immune), but player characters are only subject to critical hits in the Hardcore game mode.

Every weapon has a critical rating (e.g. "19-20/x2") consisting of a threat range and a critical multiplier. When an attack roll is successful and within the critical hits range, a critical hit confirm roll is made. If the critical hit confirm roll succeeds, then the hit is critical and damage is rolled once for each level of the multiplier. All bonuses to damage not specifically excluded from critical hits are added once per damage roll. Examples of sources of damage excluded from critical hits are on-hit properties.

Some creatures have immunity to critical hits, and against these creatures damage is rolled only once, regardless of the critical hit confirm roll (if the critical hit confirm roll was successful against such a creature, a message indicating the immunity will appear in the attacker's combat log).

Several feats, skills and item properties could modify critical hits.

* A crippled character receives -1 penalty to the relevant primary STAT (that penalties stuck)

** To make weapon critical hit effect applied the creature attacked must fail random CoS roll against it's DC.

*** Prone creatures are those that are lying on the ground. They are incapacitated and considered flat-footed, losing their dexterity bonus to the evasion class. Creatures attacking a prone individual in melee combat get a +4 bonus to their attack roll, while those attacking with a ranged or throwing weapon get a -4 penalty to their attack roll.

If a creature is both stunned and prone, the associated modifiers to an attacker's roll stack, but the prone condition is removed after a single flurry (e.g., if a stunned creature is knocked down to prone, then each blow thereafter during that round will receive both the prone modifier and the stunned bonus, while attacks after that round will receive only the stunned bonus and prone condition will be removed).

**** Slowed creatures will move at 50% of their current speed. They will also suffer a -2 penalty to evasion class, reflex CoS, and attack rolls along with the loss of one attack per round (to a minimum of one attack per round).

***** Disarmed character loose all of their attacks for the rest the round he or she was disarmed and the weapon is dropped on the ground (and can be picked up by anyone).

****** Stunned creatures stand helplessly in a motionless stupor. Stunned creatures are considered flat-footed, and creatures attacking them receive a +2 bonus to their attack rolls. Being stunned interferes with being prone and is overridden by paralysis, sleep, and freezing.

If a creature is both stunned and prone, the associated modifiers to an attacker's roll stack, but the prone condition is removed after a single flurry (e.g., if a stunned creature is knocked down to prone, then each blow in the same round will receive both the prone modifier and the stunned bonus, while attacks after that round will receive only the stunned bonus and prone condition will be removed).

******* Blinded creatures are unable to see. This also gives them a 50% miss chance and a -4 penalty to all attack rolls, while giving those attacking them a +2 bonus to attack rolls. Furthermore, a blind creature is considered flat-footed and receive -90% penalty to their Field of View and Range of View. Additionally, there is a -4 penalty to all Skills.

Inner Vision feat negates most of the effects of being blind, leaving only the 50% miss chance. Similarly, Blind Fight feat negates some of the effects of being blind, leaving only the -4 penalty to attack rolls, the -4 penalty to skills, and -90% penalty to their Field of View.

The -4 penalty to attack rolls is for attacking an unseen character. It is not applied multiple times for other instances of not being able to see the target (e.g. if the target is invisible or hidden).


When a creature, an NPC, or a player characters roll within the natural critical miss range (1 is the default but may be changed by some feats or item properties) a critical miss confirm roll is made. If a critical miss confirm roll succeeds, they have rolled a critical miss effect. Critical Miss Effect Roll is a simple d20 roll against DC20.

I really hope many of true fans of Baldur’s Gate, Neverwinter Nights and Fallout 1&2 will be as happy as I a, when imagining all that in action. I think we can expect really severe, quick battles where every bullet counts.

And as a final titbit let me present new firearm...

M57 AAR:

The M57 Advanced Automatic Rifle (AAR) is a lightweight, magazine-fed .22in (5.56mm) weapon used by the United States Marine Corps during the Past Age, decades before the United Government's foundation. It is intended to enhance an automatic rifleman's maneuverability, displacement speed, and providing independent power supply for relevant attachments, which are charged automatically with every shot fired by the Kinetic Energy Absorber, which is built into the rifle's body.

Due to its impressive tactical characteristics the assault rifle became very popular among various Private Military Companies and was only put into service by the Military Corps much later. Miller's Manufacturing Company was the last corporation (before the Reset) to win the government contract for the M57 AAR's production.

By the 132AR energy weapons have completely displaced firearms within the UG's society, thus this weapon, like any other firearms, are quite rare in the Underearth. Meanwhile, above the surface, this is considered a valuable Past Age relic by survivors and is used extensively by Black Sand mercenaries.

That is all for today. Thanks for your support, and stay tuned!

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===== 25 =====


Hey, guys!

Today we’ve got a brief item update for the After Reset RPG prologue:
- Repair Kit 'Ishima Engineering' (is used to improve Repair skill);
- Science Tools 'Kitaro Scientific' (is used to improve Science skill);
- First Aid Kit 'Astrolis Pharma' (is used to improve First Aid skill);
- AED Kit 'Astrolis Pharma (is used to revive fallen companions).


The Repair Kit contains all the essentials an engineer might need to fix pretty much anything constructed by man. It contains a plethora of advanced DIY tools including: General Repair Tools, Computer Repair Tools, Environmental Control and Life Support System Repair Tools, Weapon Repair Tools, FOKRT, HESRT, RRT, MnA EORT etc.

This advanced repair kit is standard issue to all engineering personal working with Ishima Engineering since the beginning of the UG’s Underearth colonization, beginning in 54AR.

Base Item: repair kit.
Special Effect: +10 to Repair skill.


The Science Tools, produced by Kitaro Scientific since 101AR, are essentially portable scientific laboratories, programmed with Research Operations Nano-Assistants and the Advanced Hardware Data Analyzer DA-7, complete with a customizable set of Program Cubes, and other small scientific instruments.

These science kits are widely used by the Science Corps' for field research outside of the UG colonies, as well as forensic crime units. The powerful hardware cores are also frequently used by engineers for data analysis, and even the hacking of electronics. Because of it’s widespread use it became available for civilian purchase in 102AR, but was soon put back on the restricted materials list after black market knock-offs dealt a crippling blow Kitaro Scientific’s cash flow.

Base Item: science tools.
Special Effect: +10 to Science skill.  


This First Aid Kit is a portable boxed collection of supplies and equipment for use in giving first aid. Produced by one of the major UG corporations - Astrolis Pharma, these kits are commercially available since 130AR.

The contents can be used to stop bleeding, open restricted airways, thicken/thin the blood, reduce pain and inflammation, and treat first-response trauma. It also has masks, gloves, syringes, Geiger counter, and other basic medical equipment.

Base Item: first aid kit.
Special Effect: +10 to First Aid skill.


The Automated External Defibrillator Kit (or AED) is a portable electronic device that automatically diagnoses life threatening cardiac arrhythmias in a patient, such as ventricular fibrillation and ventricular tachycardia, and is able to treat them in order for the heart to reestablish an effective rhythm, and can sustain a mortally wounded subject for 24 hours (but they will still need medical aid).

Produced by Astrolis Pharma, this portable medical equipment became standard issue for all trauma units, hospitals, and ground outposts for the UG since 130AR.

Base Item: aed kit.
Special Effect: performs d20 roll + Fortitude CoS against DC30 death to revive yourself (passive roll) or your companion (activated roll) if you have a companion in your party and you or he/she has this item in inventory.


Well, guys, that is all for today. Thanks for your support, and stay tuned!

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