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BADASS: Spades & Grenades. The only deck where every card game you play also qualifies as War.
BADASS: Spades & Grenades. The only deck where every card game you play also qualifies as War.
BADASS: Spades & Grenades. The only deck where every card game you play also qualifies as War.
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    1. Stefan Theil on November 11, 2015

      I don't think anybody really reads this anymore, but I guess it can't hurt to try. I was really hoping to still get the promised tracked package but I haven't heard anything back after confirming my address a while back. I guess I should probably finally write this one off as a sort of lesson on Kickstarter projects...

    2. Missing avatar

      Jean deTenebreux on September 4, 2015

      Hey Ben and Manny, I sent you an email a while back about arranging a tracked parcel, and have not heard anything back. Please get in touch, I just want to make this happen.

    3. Prue Dwyer on August 7, 2015

      An exciting day at my mailbox yesterday as I had a surprise package and wouldn't you know it, it was BADASS cards. Huge thank you to Ben who persevered when I would have given up. These cards are amazing and respect to Ben & the busy bees behind the process in making sure that all the missing shipments were replaced. Great work, love this deck

    4. Michael Dalili on July 13, 2015

      Finally got mine the other day! Worth the wait, did not disappoint!

    5. Missing avatar

      Jaron Foote on July 8, 2015

      The aptly named "Better Late Than Never" deck arrived in Japan yesterday. Looking good - my thanks.

    6. Missing avatar

      Maria casey on July 7, 2015

      Yay!!! They arrived!!!! Kudos for honoring your commitment guys. Regards Maria

    7. Missing avatar

      Haegl on July 4, 2015

      Cards just came through today, and I must admit, they are delightfully good. Thank you for keeping your word.

    8. Marijn Bos on June 7, 2015

      Hi ben, i still havent recieved my decks.

    9. Stefan Theil on June 1, 2015

      I agree with Jaron, I would also be ready to pay a bit extra for shipping if it means I get my cards. Better than getting nothing for the money I already paid...

    10. Missing avatar

      Jaron Foote on May 31, 2015

      Thanks for the update Manny,
      As there are only a few of us left that haven't received orders I would encourage private communication to organise delivery - I'm sure most of us are currently awaiting email responses as it is and the frustrations vented here are a reflection of the lack of communication in the last few months.
      Hell, I'll even pitch in extra if you can organise a direct delivery with tracking - I just hate being the last kid on xmas to open his presents.

    11. Ben Thompson Creator on May 30, 2015

      For what it's worth, we are selling cards on the web site in order to have money to pay for shipping in bursts. The money has been long gone since the first international shipping fiasco, but we kept shipping on our own dime. I guarantee you that everyone had a shipment mailed out to them, but we don't really have proof since it was mostly bulk mailed. We learned a lot from this, mainly to charge for tracking upfront to guarantee we only have to ship once. There is no fraud going on here, but you are welcome to pursue whatever recourse you feel necessary. I do understand people's frustrations, but the fact that we shipped out 95% of the orders should be testament to our willingness to make everyone happy. We are doing everything we can to make sure everyone get's their order, and we are down to about a dozen folks who still haven't received theirs. If you are one of theses backers, we have not forgotten, we are just out of options.

      ~ Manny (because Ben is too pissed at himself to accept defeat)

    12. Missing avatar

      Haegl on May 30, 2015

      Time to start getting active then...let's get busy on the FB book and on social media.

    13. Missing avatar

      Maria casey on May 30, 2015

      Pretty disappointing to see on his Facebook page that Ben is selling left over packs when we haven't received ours from the kickstarter campaign. For the first time I now feel ripped off. Up to now I had sympathy for the sheer size of the task but the refusal to supply a tracking number and then seeing him sell what are essentially our packs is really shitty.

    14. Missing avatar

      Jaron Foote on May 24, 2015

      HI there - I emailed a couple of weeks ago because I still haven't had a tracking number sent through but still yetto hear back.
      My deck was meant to be with the latest shipment as per your last update so just wanted to check if these have been sent out?

    15. Stefan Theil on May 17, 2015

      Well "general unwillingness to respond" seems to be the motto. I haven't heard anything since I confirmed my address after the last update...

    16. Missing avatar

      Haegl on May 16, 2015

      I have written to Ben/Manny on several occasions, and there seems to be a general unwillingness to respond. Probably it is time to take more concerted and concrete action. I think it's probably going to be worth following up with Seattle publications to show the other side of Badass. Anyone who still hasn't received their goods, please post up on the notice board, and that will supply some of the information needed for the basis of an update article.

    17. Missing avatar

      Adrien ZIMMER on May 15, 2015

      Can we have some news of our package please ? Or maybe just an answer to all those comments ?

    18. Missing avatar

      Adrien ZIMMER on May 6, 2015

      Hi Ben,

      I'm in the same case than Maria and Stefan and Haegl and ....

    19. Missing avatar

      Maria casey on May 4, 2015

      Hi Ben, Still nothing received could you please provide the tracking number or follow up at yur end?

    20. Stefan Theil on April 30, 2015

      I was promised a tracking number as well, but I haven't received anything, not via kickstarter nor email. Is there any hope that I will ever get my package?

    21. Missing avatar

      Haegl on April 24, 2015

      No tracking number, and no decks.

      Seattle to Vancouver...I could have walked over there and picked them up faster.

      Brian, when you got your decks, did you have a tracking number or were they sent out via bog standard post?

    22. Prue Dwyer on April 7, 2015

      No decks ever received here. No, my neighbour did not steal them as I have a PO Box and I haven't been secretly squirreling away extra decks to sell on eBay. Don't bother to 'resend', I've written this off as 'it wasn't meant to be'. Just curious though, is it just the international orders that have gone awol?

    23. Stefan Theil on April 2, 2015

      I still haven't received my tracking number. Did my package actually go out with the latest round of shipments?

    24. Brian on March 30, 2015

      Thank you. I received my decks today, and they are awesome.


    25. Missing avatar

      Paul Dennison on March 24, 2015

      My decks have now shown up, thanks for sticking with it

    26. Brad Vote on March 19, 2015

      I got my decks today!!!

    27. Missing avatar

      STEPHAN GRUENER on March 16, 2015

      I was not on the list of Update#45, though I have not yet received my reward either.
      Mr. Thompson, please check your e-mail.

    28. Missing avatar

      Haegl on March 16, 2015

      Still nothing heard...anyone on any of the final lists had anything back? I think it's about time that if folks are interested we start taking alternative actions to getting refunds returned, as not only is there no show in terms of goods, there is no communication now.

    29. Missing avatar

      Haegl on March 1, 2015

      Last update Feb 4th saying things would be going out this week or next. Nothing heard or received since.

    30. Missing avatar

      Jean deTenebreux on February 23, 2015

      I was on the first list, and I've heard nothing since. At this point, tracking numbers become an imperative. It's been long enough on good faith that we, as backers, are owed actual proof, which for me would be tracking numbers.

    31. Stefan Theil on February 19, 2015

      I'm sorry to say that I still haven't received my cards either. At this point, some kind of package tracking seems like a really good idea...

    32. Brian on February 16, 2015

      Another two weeks. Has anyone received anything? Anyone on the "final" list?
      Cannot believe the lack of integrity here.

    33. Marijn Bos on February 16, 2015

      I still havent recieved the decks, this is getting ridiculous

    34. Brian on January 28, 2015

      A simple solution would be to add tracking numbers to packages. Obviously there is a problem and claims of shipment or non-receipt would be mitigated if these were tracked. I do not understand why you are not providing tracking, especially at this point.

      I have still not received the decks for which you have been paid. Sure would be nice for you, Ben or Malo, to step up, provide tracking, and make damn sure your backers (WHO HAVE PAID YOU) get what they paid for.

      Has anyone whose names were "on the lists" for "final final shipping" received them yet? Please comment! So far all we've seen is from those of us still waiting. This is infuriating.

      This is getting as bad as the Gekko Stand project.

    35. Ben Thompson Creator on January 23, 2015

      Mr. Weltman, your package was sent several weeks ago, if you have not received it we should double check your address in a private manner.

      It's hardly been two years, though it may feel like it to some. It hasn't even been a year and a half, so let's try and keep things civil.

    36. Ben Weltman on January 23, 2015

      This is by far the worst campaign I have ever backed and by far the most poorly organised. I've been waiting for nearly 2 YEARS for my cards to arrive and they are still yet to turn up... disappointed to say the least

    37. Brad Vote on January 20, 2015


      I emailed you I still haven't gotten my decks yet. If you mailed it out can you verify the address with me or provide a tracking number so I can track it?

    38. Missing avatar

      Haegl on January 20, 2015

      I have requested proof of posting, or at the very least, location and carrier from you so that we CAN check up on your posting claims...but even that hasn't been provided. Any reason as to why you wouldn't wish to provide that?

    39. Ben Thompson Creator on January 18, 2015

      Haegl, I find it impossible that you have not received your package as we have been in contact regularly with you and sent it out TWICE, though none have returned. You can feel free to bring up whatever criminal charges you feel are necessary, but at this point we have exhausted our efforts to send you a package and other people might be wondering if you are being a bit dishonest yourself. And it has not been two years, though it feels like it for all of us.


    40. Missing avatar

      Haegl on January 18, 2015

      Nope...several emails saying we sent it out, followed by your name is one this list etc etc, but absolutely nothing received. Possibly a bad case of having underestimated costs, run out of money, and therefore not fulfilling, while hoping the remaining people don't contact Seattle police for criminal charges, or pursue under civil courts. All conjecture. What isn't conjecture however, is that it has been two years and many people haven't received anything more than a couple of emails.

    41. Brian on January 15, 2015

      Another month. Still nothing. Has anyone really received anything???

    42. Ben Thompson Creator on December 22, 2014

      People have been letting us know that the packages started to arrive. Manny has spoken to most of you via e-mail already, including Katie Mike and Haegl. The Comments section is the absolute worst place to make your case, as it does not allow us to respond via email, nor does it update as regularly as a PM or a direct e-mail message. The only place worse to post is within an individual Update.

      Stephan Waters, your name is not on any list that I have, so it means you did not contact us to let us know you had not received a package. If this is the case, you will be on a third "final" list as it seems like there is no end to the packages that did not get delivered on the first shipment we sent out months ago.

    43. Missing avatar

      Stephen Waters on December 22, 2014

      I have not gotten any thing or been on a list.

    44. Katie Mike on December 19, 2014

      I was on the first list that was sent out on Nov 8th and I still haven't received anything. Messaged Ben to ask about it and make sure it wasn't lost in the mail but still haven't gotten a response

    45. Missing avatar

      Haegl on December 15, 2014

      Not as yet Brian.

    46. Brian on December 15, 2014

      Has ANYONE whose names were "on the list" for final, final shipping received anything? Anyone from updates 41 & 42?? It has been 5 weeks!

    47. Lorane Hudson on November 19, 2014

      Appreciate the updates, but I really don't appreciate the way you've treated your backers. I understand the difficulties that you faced, but that does not excuse how you handled things. I've once again sent a message to the email address you provided and hopefully will get a reply this time regarding the items I never received and the damaged uncut I did receive. Still insanely disappointed with this project.

    48. Brian on November 8, 2014

      THANK YOU for an update.
      I hope to receive the decks soon.

      Please keep this communication level until those of us on your list comment that we have received the rewards promised.

    49. Missing avatar

      Travis on November 6, 2014

      Hey Ben.
      You're obviously getting a ton of flak from whoever is left, but i am also still waiting to receive my decks. An update would be greatly appreciated!

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