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$587 pledged of $6,000 goal

One Month Later...


It has been about one month since the close of our first Tomb of Tyrants campaign, and I know some of you are wondering when the next one is coming and why I've been so quiet.

Status of the Next Campaign

Well, the next one is coming "soon."  I had intended to only give life a week or two to catch up after the last campaign, but boy, did it catch up!  I have had a whirlwind month of life changes and family events, but fortunately, the game is still on track and looking great!  The campaign gave me a huge motivation boost, and even with everything else going on, I had a very productive month.  However, I have remained deathly quiet the entire time, because--in addition to having nary a spare moment to post--I have also been hoarding my best bits for the future campaign's updates.

I am still nailing down the language for the next campaign's page; it's mostly similar to the last one, but you can preview it here.  I've prepped some layout graphics, and I'll be adding illustrative images and headers tomorrow as I revisit and finalize each section, but I always appreciate more input.  The reward tiers have been shifted in value and quantity a bit, and I've settled on a goal of $1,500.

Also, I can't name the next campaign the same thing as this one, so I've gone with "Tomb of Tyrants (The Rematch)" for now, but if anyone can come up with something more clever or just more professional, I'd love to hear it--perhaps just "(Relaunch)" would be better than going for the pun?

New Trailer!

I just wrapped the first draft of the new Kickstarter trailer, which you can watch here or on the preview page.  I plan to do another pass right before launch, but this was cut together over a piano piece I wrote just for the trailer.  The game does not have a definitive soundtrack yet, and the footage is a couple of weeks old, so it is still missing a few bells and whistles, but hopefully this is an improvement over the last Kickstarter.  I am also putting together a straight gameplay demonstration video, similar to the one I used last time--it just won't be the header video this time around.  Let me know what you think =)!

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    1. Missing avatar

      ZachZ on July 10, 2014

      I could rock another ouya game there original so I'll follow you wherever!

    2. Jake Huhman 2-time creator on July 9, 2014

      Thank you for all of the feedback, CodGod! I've rearranged and renamed several sections, trying to offer more clarity in places and condense in others. I dropped the section on additional features--I think that's information I can offer in an early-campaign update--, and combined sections on Kickstarter and the goal amount. There are a couple of things I have yet to add (the Paypal option people requested last time, several relevant links to IndieDB and Kicktraq, etc.)

      I spent more time covering my future platform intentions, and I've actually tweaked the $5 vs $10 level disparity a little, so not only will I provide the PC/OUYA versions at $10, but I will also offer any future editions to Curators. I have also added a Twitter contest to the bottom of the layout.

      You have read the overpledging section as intended. I have set much lower quantities on the higher rewards this time around, so I feel pretty comfortable allowing people to pledge extra if they are already at one of those levels.

      Thanks again for the input. While I am still open to suggestions, I think this is more or less the layout I'll be going with for now, so I'm going to wrap up some header images and make it look pretty =).

    3. Missing avatar

      on July 9, 2014

      Oh, one other thing I forgot to mention, I definitely agree with the assessment you give in the new campaign page that the game seems a god fit for touch interfaces and would be good to get on other Android devices (or iOS, but from my fairly basic understanding I suspect Android is an easier primary target if you're already planning for OUYA - that and I'm biased because it's the one I have).
      While I totally get that you can't commit to that at this stage, currently that bit in the second paragraph of the "The Game" section is the only mention of this, and I wonder if maybe it'd be beneficial to make those (tentative) goals more explicit further up the page where people will see it without reading the whole thing? The heading of the page mentions "PC, OUYA, and more" - since I think the game would be popular on touch devices and they might attract more interest to the project, it might be worth expanding on the "and more" part, if you can do so while making it clear that those additional platforms are something you'd like to support if it goes well, rather than something you're guaranteeing already.

    4. Missing avatar

      on July 9, 2014

      I've had some time to look over what you've got so far, definitely seems good. I like the new video, although having a gameplay one as well will be good too - the interesting gameplay and interaction between the tile matching and the dungeon building are the selling point, at least for me, and while the trailer video hints at that it'll be good to have something for people who want more detail on that side of things.
      Obviously more images and things will spice up the page a bit when you get them ready, but the text you've got seems pretty good to me.
      You can count on me for at least a Tyrant pledge when the campaign goes live, I'll try to add on enough for one (or more) of the other tiers on top if I can afford it (assuming I'm correctly understanding that pledging more for extra rewards isn't subject to the reward limits? I wouldn't want to be using up too many slots on myself if that'll limit other people's ability to get in on it as well), as well as whatever promotion I can manage by pushing my friends to come look.
      Good luck with the new campaign!

    5. Jake Huhman 2-time creator on July 9, 2014

      I want to note that "soon" means hopefully within a week, and possibly within a couple of days. It all depends on how much time I can put into the Kickstarter this week, and how confident I feel about what I've prepared.

    6. Missing avatar

      on July 8, 2014

      Looks pretty good at a glance, glad to hear the new campaign's coming along okay. At work now so can't take the time to look over it in detail - I'll try to give more feedback from home later, but my first impressions are good :)