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Defend the Tomb of Tyrants from greedy adventurers in this Dungeon-Keeper-meets-Tetris puzzler for PC, Linux, OSX, OUYA, and more.
Defend the Tomb of Tyrants from greedy adventurers in this Dungeon-Keeper-meets-Tetris puzzler for PC, Linux, OSX, OUYA, and more.
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Final Day! Items!

Posted by Jake Huhman (Creator)

22 Hours Remaining!

As of this moment, there are only about 22 hours left in the campaign, and we are in the mid-$2800s, which is amazing!  You've all really turned out some fantastic support and feedback for me during this campaign, and it looks like we'll end up at around double our original goal =)!  I'm not done, though; I'm still hard at work on both the game and the campaign, and I may have another update or two left in me before the end!  If nothing else, I'm planning to livestream again after the close tomorrow night (between 8 and 9 PM CDT), if anyone wants to come by and celebrate with me!


So I keep talking about how I want to aim for a more deliberate pace with increased focus on the dungeon than what you've see in the demo, and items are one of the key mechanics that I think will shift that balance a bit.

An item is a special tile that you can collect and keep in your inventory for later use.  Some items are one-time use--like bombs, potions, or masterwork upgrades for your minions--while others have latent powers--like a totem that increase your kobolds' defense--, and some may even by re-usable on a cool-down timer.

While passive items can be handy to leave in your inventory, you will often be better served by collecting and deploying usable items.  In fact, many passive items will also have an alternative active use.  For instance, the Fossilized Falchion is a bone sword artifact that gives your skeletal units a passive attack bonus, but you can also use it on a skeleton to instantly upgrade them into a champion unit.

All of these active items are targeted; you cannot just click a health potion to heal everyone, you have to personally drop it onto a battle to use it.  Like many similar items, though, health potions do target the entire floor, so that you aren't getting too frustrated with precise clicks in the heat of battle; just drop it on a floor, and all your minions will heal some damage.

Your storage capacity for all items will be pretty limited, as you'll have about ten inventory slots; fortunately, some items may stack, albeit with low caps. Collecting too many items will drop old items out of your inventory and back into the puzzle.

Items will add another strategic layer to the game; one that will encourage players to assume a more active role in their dungeon's defense, as you'll salvage battles with a well-placed health potion, or upgrade some champions to assemble the perfect party.  Or maybe you'll choose to bomb the hell out of adventurers directly!

Artificer ($30) and Tyrant backers will have the opportunity to design any sort of item they choose--common potions to rare artifacts.  You could create something that collects all of a certain resource from your hoard (and maybe does something unexpected with it!) or maybe a "downgrade" for enemy heroes--a special surprise for those enemy champions!  Feel free to get creative =)!

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