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Defend the Tomb of Tyrants from greedy adventurers in this Dungeon-Keeper-meets-Tetris puzzler for PC, Linux, OSX, OUYA, and more.
Defend the Tomb of Tyrants from greedy adventurers in this Dungeon-Keeper-meets-Tetris puzzler for PC, Linux, OSX, OUYA, and more.
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$2500! Codex and Co-op Details!

Posted by Jake Huhman (Creator)

We hit $2500 today, and we still have just under three days remaining; who knows, maybe we can still get Android mobile confirmed!  I've got two more content updates planned, and I'll likely do at least one more livestream before the end, so stay tuned!

The Codex!

If you've played the demo, you may have had the desire to dig into the stats behind the floors and minions so you could really develop some strategies, and that's where the codex comes in.  Your codex will offer details on floors, minions, heroes, champions, items, and more.  Clicking on any of this content will open your codex to the appropriate page, but you may also browse the codex for any content that you have unlocked and discovered.

As previously discussed in the rituals update, in later versions of the game, you will unlock content over time, and your codex will reflect that.  When a new piece of content has been unlocked, a blank entry will be added under its name, but details won't be revealed until you have built, bought, or discovered that floor, creature, or item.

I want this progression to have a fulfilling degree of mystery and wonder to it, but more importantly, once an entry has been filled in, I want it to be useful!

This is my work-in-progress Codex.  All of the minion's stats are on the left, while a brief description and tip appear on the right.  One of the early goals for the alpha is to revise this bit of the UI and make sure that all of this information remains readily decipherable.  For example, the three numbered rows represent this character's abilities.  When in the first slot, they'll make a melee attack against the standard target, but in the third and fourth slots, they'll boost their party's ward defenses by two points.  As the tip indicates, this is especially beneficial to allied spellcasters, who rely on wards for defense.

However, I pretty clearly need a better symbol to represent the party than that little green blob!  More elaborate abilities may require other abstract concepts that are difficult to convey in a 7x7-pixel symbol!  I'll need to experiment with this layout a lot during testing.

Why is it so small?  I've been telling people I want all of that space to the left of the dungeon so we can have the codex open over there, but I also want this book to fit within the bounds of a mobile dungeon, and to accommodate...

Split-screen Co-op!

It seems unlikely that we'll reach the co-op stretch goal, but that doesn't mean I won't be adding it--it'll just be a later addition than I'd like.  One of the co-op modes I'm considering will involve conjoined dungeons, where each player has their own vertical column of floors and tiles to deal with, and their own view that scrolls independently, but they will still share resources and trade items (or use them on each others' floors and creatures), while heroes and minions wander throughout both dungeons.  When heroes arrive on a floor, they will have to clear every room on that floor to get to the next elevator and continue their descent.

This is just a quick mock-up to get the idea across, but the reason I'm trying out a small-ish codex is that if I can fit all of the essential UI into each player's column, I may be able to allow more than just two-player co-op--we could have three or even four players building dungeons at once!  Obviously, these are very tentative plans, and I'm certainly not going to scrunch a bunch of UI elements over the gameplay in single-player when we have all of that space to the left, but this is something I want to try out down the road =).

Alternatively, I can have two versions of the codex, a nice large one for single-player, and an abbreviated one for multiplayer, where the tip text is on a separate page (a "press Y for tips" sort of thing).  We'll see how people feel as development progresses!

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    1. Jake Huhman 2-time creator on

      @Vryl No, they increase the base ward rating of their allies, but fatigue is actually incremented independently; even when a character is "out" of defense, they still take additional fatigue points, so bonus defense will be cancelled out by excess fatigue.

    2. Vryl

      I like the Codex. I do have to ask, though - when the heretics boost ward defenses, do they just 'heal' ward defense lost due to being primary? If they cause a permanent increase, then a party of four cultists would be pretty well unstoppable after a few rounds, gaining four defense every turn!

    3. Kenku on

      Wish I could put more in twoards Co-Op, as if it got pulled off, it sounds like a fun party game on the Ouya.

    4. Jake Huhman 2-time creator on

      Yes, all of the stretch goals are things that I want to do, so they are things that I plan to do! Once I can afford to, that is. If the game finds success early on, then I can explore these things sooner, but otherwise, I'll have to wait until release before I can really assess feasibility with my current constraints.

    5. Jordan Drexel on

      I really like the look of the book!

    6. Missing avatar

      Brandon on

      So does that mean android may be a later possibility too?