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Defend the Tomb of Tyrants from greedy adventurers in this Dungeon-Keeper-meets-Tetris puzzler for PC, Linux, OSX, OUYA, and more.
Defend the Tomb of Tyrants from greedy adventurers in this Dungeon-Keeper-meets-Tetris puzzler for PC, Linux, OSX, OUYA, and more.
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Custom Tyrants and Banners!

Posted by Jake Huhman (Creator)

Custom Tyrants!

I was attempting to run a Twitter contest to gather more material for this, but I had a low turnout--turns out, I don't know how to run a Twitter contest =/.  But that's okay, because while the goal was to gather additional appearance suggestions for the Tyrant, the game already has a pretty good collection of stuff to choose from!

I didn't really want to replace the default Tyrant, as the contest suggested; I actually wanted to increase the game's wardrobe so that you can all do that for yourselves.  I want players to be able to customize their Tyrants' appearances, and either play as a new default, assemble a collection of unique Tyrants, or even have the game randomly choose for you each game you play.

You'll unlock additional parts as you unlock related content, so if you like the Draconic Acolyte, you can wear his mask and headdress once you unlock him in the codex!  If you want to be a permanent werewolf with a construct arm, maybe that'll be in the cards, too! Many parts may even come with small bonuses, giving you yet another way to customize your playstyle!  I really want to allow for random Tyrants, too, though, for added variety and challenge!

The best part is that the more content we add for minions, the more there'll be for Tyrants, as well; which also means that our Breeder, Architect, and Tyrant reward tiers will incidentally be producing more material for Tyrant customization!


Another aspect to customization will be banners.  At the Herald ($20) level, backers will be producing additional themes for the game's various banners and other elements.  There are currently three basic banner sizes in the game (it is likely I will add a couple more), which are used by various floors.  The default theme is the red and gold snake banner seen in the Tomb of Tyrants itself, but we can offer a lot of options here!

These are relatively tame samples; designers should feel free to request ripped, tattered, or blood-spattered banners or banners of slightly different shapes, so long as they fit these general form factors.  These banners also have associated two-tone color schemes that may be applied to additional elements throughout your dungeon.

I don't currently plan to apply any bonuses based on the theme, but that is another possibility; what do you all think?

Changes to the Front Page

I have made several more revisions to the front page, the biggest of which has been changing the main video to the gameplay demo.  I feel I have heard many positive things about the 8-minute video from our backers, and while it may not be a trailer, a lot of people have told me that that video is was what sold them on pledging, so I have put it front and center.  There have been a few other changes elsewhere in the text, to better reflect the state of the campaign, and I believe I'll be adding more art tomorrow.  Does anyone have other suggestions?

We had an excellent day!  You guys continue to amaze; let's keep this enthusiasm going through the last few days =)!

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    1. Jake Huhman 2-time creator on

      @Kenku So you're thinking maybe we have some global leaderboards that are based on the banners players use? I think we could do something like that =).

      @Ben Severs Yeah, that's really what I'm thinking; all banners would have to have some sort of effect, and they'll probably be small bonuses like your examples. I can still do challenges or rituals to unlock most of them, though, as Jordan has suggested.

    2. Melanie Severs on

      Sounding great! As for banner effects. I reference the game Knights of Pen and Paper that lets you "decorate" your room. The default decoration item (Banner) would give you some small bonus. (like +10%exp or something) Other banners give different bonuses (Increased Gold income/whatever). So it gives the player a choice to pick a bonus that best fits their play style. They might pick a banner that slightly increases bone combinations by 1, but they'd have to give up , Maybe they'd need to unlock banners with bonuses that they want, but the default one is still helpful.
      That could require a bit of balancing. But could be fun maybe :D

    3. Kenku on

      Ooooo! Custom Tyrants sounds awesome! As does the random Tyrant idea. Thoes banners look awesome too. Definitly would like to put the Wolf Banner up ^^

      Also, something interesting I thought about is if stuff takes off and there is some sort of way to keep track of scores after a point, maybe under the "overall" ranking players by "Kingdom" based on your basic banner choice, and maybe have combined or average rankings of the Kingdoms.

    4. Jake Huhman 2-time creator on

      @Jordan I think that's an excellent idea =)!

    5. Jordan Drexel on

      I think have certain banners that you unlock via challenges should give you a small bonus maybe. But not like the basic banners they have to be unlocked