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$25,784 pledged of $33,000 goal
By Steven S. Long
$25,784 pledged of $33,000 goal

Recent updates

End Of The Road

Howdy folx!

Unfortunately, the Mythic Hero project has failed to fund. It was a valiant effort, reaching a little over three-quarters of its goal, but that still left it about $7,000 short of the necessary funding. So I’m afraid I won’t be able to write and publish MH, much to my regret.

While it’s a shame the book won’t see the light of day, I’d like to express my deepest, sincerest appreciation to all of you who supported this project. Your interest and enthusiasm often seemed to rival my own, and that’s meant a great deal to me these past few weeks. You’re all Heroes!

I’d especially like to thank those of you who went out of your way to promote the project on various websites, drummed up additional pledges (or increased your own), re-posted my Facebook posts and tweets, and offered suggestions for how to help the project reach its goal. That sort of effort shows just how awesome gamers in general, and HERO System fans in particular, can be. I’m just sorry I won’t be able to reward your enthusiasm with a big ol’ RPG supplement like you deserve.

Perhaps at some future point the means will become available for me to write and publish MH. If so, I’ll be sure to let you know. ;) In the meantime there are lots of other fascinating Kickstarter RPG projects under way, and I hope you’ll consider supporting them as well.


Down To The Wire!

Heya folx! We've got just under a week to go on the Mythic Hero Kickstarter -- and still unfortunately a bit of a haul to the finish line. Anything you can do to help get the word out and drum up those end-of-project donations would be much appreciated!

Two Weeks And 50% To Go

Hey everyone! Mythic Hero just crossed the 50% funding mark! The past week has seen some big new pledges, several people increasing their pledges, and similar activity.

Unfortunately, that still leaves $16,500 to raise... and as of today only fourteen days to do it in. So if you know of anyone who's interested but hasn't pledged yet, please let 'em know that time's running out! If you have any way to get the word out, please do -- I'll take all the help I can get! And if you all of a sudden come into a large sum of money thanks to the lottery or some other stroke of good fortune, I'll be glad to help you spend some of it. ;)

And as always -- thanx! to all of you for your support, your pledges, and most of all your kind words of encouragement and enthusiasm. You're all Heroes!

30 Days, And Counting....

There are 30 days left for the Mythic Hero project, and it continues to make progress! Nearly every day new backers pledge their support, which I think is a great sign during the slow "middle days" that Kickstarters often experience.

However, we're far from out of the woods yet. With just a month to go MH is only 38% funded, leaving nearly $21,000 to raise. So, I need your help! Getting out the word is crucial to attracting attention, and thus pledges. If you know someone who'd want a copy of MH, tell him about it! Convince your wealthy uncle he loves mythology! Hold your gaming group's Experience Points hostage until they pledge! ;)

In all seriousness, though, any help any of you can provide would be much appreciated! There are plenty of great rewards left, including several of the elite $1,000 tier slots, so just about anyone who's interested in gaming, mythology, or both should be able to find something to interest him. ;)

Let's Talk Mythology! (Wednesday, February 22)

This Wednesday, February, 22, beginning at 9:00 PM Eastern (6:00 PM Pacific), I'm holding a Mythic Hero chat in the Chat Rooms at the Hero Games website (if you're not already signed up at the Hero site, it's easy to do so). We'll talk about the contents of the book, which gods and subjects I'm covering, stuff about Kickstartering, whatever you're interested in as it pertains to the MH project.

Hope to see you there!