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Character and set design art and writers' guide for the free-culture animated web series about the first lunar settlers.
Funded pre-production for "Lunatics!" series in 2011, now completing production of our first episode to be released Spring 2015. Please visit our main project page for up-to-date information!
Funded pre-production for "Lunatics!" series in 2011, now completing production of our first episode to be released Spring 2015. Please visit our main project page for up-to-date information!
47 backers pledged $2,410 to help bring this project to life.

Updated version of Sarah Allison Concept Art Portrait

After doing several of the others, I thought I'd come back and try putting shadows and highlights on Sarah's portrait. I also decided to color her hair more naturally.

"Dr. Sarah Allison is one of the foremost authorities on moon morphology and geophysics. She has clocked over 100 hours exploring the moon's surface. She holds the George P. Kokh Chair in lunar planetology at New Mexico State University. Currently she is to be found at the European University Collectives Marius Hills Lava tube expedition in the Ocean of Storms on the Lunar surface."

Drawing by Daniel Fu. Digital ink and paint by Terry Hancock.

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Tim Farmer Concept Art Portrait

Here is the Concept Art Portrait for Igor Timothy Farmer / Tim.

"Timothy Farmer son of Anya Titova Farmer and Joshua Farmer is the communications assistant on the ISF colony. He runs his own highly ranked web channel about the LIBRE project. He has plans to get a degree in computer science."

Drawing by Daniel Fu. Digital ink & paint by Terry Hancock.

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NEW - Concept Art Poster for just $8 USA or WORLD (Folded)

If the $15/$25 poster reward seems too high, you might be interested in this: we can send you the same poster for just $8 if we fold it for shipping.

After the first few are printed, additional copies of the Concept Art Poster don't cost much to print, and so the main expense is the cost of shipping a mailing tube. This is especially true for international addresses.

However, if I just fold the 11" x 17" sheet in half to 8.5" x 11" , it will ship in a standard-size document envelope, and this is really inexpensive for both USA and International addresses.

So I've added a new reward, which is the same Concept Art Poster that is available (rolled) for $15 or $25, but folded. The layout of the poster is such that the crease will not cross any of the individual portraits (it will go through the logo). See below for a preview (obviously incomplete -- working on Tim and Allen today and there will be some other tweaks).

  • Image 81505 original.png?ixlib=rb 1.1

Themes in Lunatics - #12 "Irrational Reasons versus Rational Excuses for Space Pioneering"

Continuing with themes in the stories for Lunatics... Here's number twelve:

Theme #12 Irrational Reasons versus Rational Excuses for Space Pioneering

I know a number of space advocates who claim they want to develop space in order to get "filthy rich". This is (or was, at least) a very popular claim, especially among openly Libertarian or Republican space enthusiasts as part of a "business-oriented" agenda. There's just one problem: I don't care what business plan you come up with, I guarantee you there is an easier way to make that money here on Earth than to do it by developing space.

Which does not mean you shouldn't do it. It's just that if you're telling yourself you are doing it for economically rational reasons, you are lying to yourself, and that never ends well. I propose that we acknowledge and embrace the irrational. Because the irrational reasons for developing space are the best ones: e.g. "because it's there!"

We'll see a little of both the acceptance and the bizarre mind-games of rationalization that goes on around real space projects in Lunatics.