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Character and set design art and writers' guide for the free-culture animated web series about the first lunar settlers.
Funded pre-production for "Lunatics!" series in 2011, now completing production of our first episode to be released Spring 2015. Please visit our main project page for up-to-date information!
Funded pre-production for "Lunatics!" series in 2011, now completing production of our first episode to be released Spring 2015. Please visit our main project page for up-to-date information!
47 backers pledged $2,410 to help bring this project to life.

Dataset will be Available at All Reward Levels

This is an open-source project, so anyone who wants to access the data we produce will be able to get it in time (certainly before next Summer).

Anyone backing this Kickstart (at any level) will receive notification and a site to download this data as a package (probably a single large ZIP file, or possibly several smaller ones) available for download on April 12, 2012 ("Yuri's Night"). We'll publish this link publicly sometime after that. Of course, all of the backers will be credited in the dataset as well.

So if you've been considering backing us at the $15 (poster) to $50 (book) level, and the combination packages ($75 to $125) seem too high to get access to the data -- don't worry, you'll still be able get the full data electronically! The higher prices are to get the data on DVD or a customized credit card USB drive.

Just a minor clarification for anyone who might have been hesitating over this. Obviously, we're very happy about those of you who have opted for the combination packages -- it's thanks to you that we've reached 25% of our goal by today.

"Sarah" Portrait for the Concept Art Poster

Today I finished the first of the digital ink & paint portraits based on Daniel Fu's character concept art. This is not the final art we are creating for this Kickstart, but it is the artwork that will appear in high resolution on the "Concept Art Poster" we are offering at the $15 level, to be delivered right after the Kickstart finishes, in December. A lower resolution version (similar to this image) will appear on the "Characters" page. to replace the existing silhouette images.

Unlike the earlier picture of "Rob Lerner" (which was made from Daniel's original emailed scans), this image of "Sarah Allison" was created from a high-resolution scan of the original pencil art. I then digitally cleaned up and darkened this artwork ("digital inking") and colored it ("digital coloring"). I tried some shadows and highlights, but I didn't really like the effect -- at this point, I'm thinking the flat color looks better.

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Special Treat - "Art Now!" interview from "Earth"

This is getting a little ahead of ourselves, but we thought it would be a fun extra to share with you all.

This is a bit of dialog that Rosalyn wrote for the 2nd episode of Lunatics, to be called "Earth". This is our own performance of the dialog, although we'll probably have real voice actors re-record the scene for the final episode. This gave us a chance to test out our recording equipment and technique. We have a little bit of a room acoustics problem, but otherwise it worked out quite well. I have an idea for an acoustic panel made from cardboard that may improve the ambiance considerably.

It was also a chance to test out the writing. "No Children in Space" is intentionally minimalist about dialog (for both aesthetic and practical production reasons), while "Earth" will be a lot more typical.


Although the artist, R. Allen Emerson, will appear briefly in the teaser, this "Art Now!" podcast will be the first real introduction to Allen's character for the audience as well as the other characters, and it will appear right after the title sequence. We'll probably animate their reactions to the show rather than the show itself. So, try to imagine that as you listen.

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