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$3,085 pledged of $4,235 goal
$3,085 pledged of $4,235 goal

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I see we've got some new backers this morning. Welcome, and thank you!

Here's some music from the soundtrack. I apologize if the sound levels are a little bit inconsistent, you might have to adjust your volume. The videos are just slide shows of collected pre-production graphics from our work on the project (or the little spinning disk animation I created recently).

The soundtrack for "Lunatics" is going to be pretty eclectic, and we've started on that in "No Children in Space", which relies on music more than some of the later episodes will. I have the idea of showcasing a lot of the best free-licensed music that I have found, and that's certainly part of the entertainment value of the series that I hope to provide.

Of course, you might wonder what these artists get out of having their music included in a project like ours -- are we just freeloading?

Well, even if we don't ever make money on "Lunatics", this will still serve to promote exceptionally good free-licensed music, and hopefully provide those artists with more opportunities. However, if we do make money through our creator endorsed merchandise sales that we plan to offer after we release, then the profits will be divided among all of the contributing artists -- which includes all of the active collaborators in the project, like the actors or the animators, and also many of the passive collaborators like the musical artists whose music we have used.



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