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$1,765 pledged of $100,000 goal

More "Soyuz-SF" 3D Model Renderings

Three more renderings of components for the "Soyuz-SF" interior set. We are creating this set for our "Teaser Trailer", which is also an animation test and an opportunity for our modeling team to practice working together on the project.

This is the periscope (Soyuz uses a periscope for piloting because the Orbital Module is in front of the Descent Module -- from which the pilot flies the spacecraft). (Flickr Image)

Completed main controls for the orbiter (These models are by Cosmin Planchon with display graphics by Timothee Giet). (Filckr Image)

Standard acceleration couch -- this is basically the same as the existing "Kazbek" couch on Soyuz-TMA (Model by Gorka Mendieta). (Filckr Image)

In addition to showing the designs, these renderings should also give you an idea of what the Freestyle renderings for "Lunatics" will look like.


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