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A free software fixed media format for HD video, based on open standards, with metadata and localization but no DRM restrictions
A free software fixed media format for HD video, based on open standards, with metadata and localization but no DRM restrictions
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Packaging design for "Sita Sings the Blues"

I made mock-ups of the deluxe packaging option I've put together for the Lib-Ray video releases to show you, but they didn't show up all that well in the video. So here's some still photos of the "Sita Sings the Blues" mock-up, to show the packaging.

Deluxe Packaging Option

The tin box is the size of a standard DVD case -- this company makes separate tin boxes and disk-hub inserts, so it's possible to just use the tin. To this, I've attached a nylon 3D-printed clip that serves the same role as the DVD hub, but for an SD (or MMC) card. In the mock-up, they're held together by hot glue, which seems to work very well. I'll probably try a couple of different adhesives for the real products, although the hot glue actually holds very well.

This clip is my first prototype printed through Shapeways. I will be improving the design a little bit -- removing some unnecessary plastic to save cost and getting the spring tension just right. The idea is that you push the tab on the right and the card pops out where you can get it. This version doesn't pop out quite as smoothly as I would like, so I'll be improving on that before I make it widely available.

In some ways, metal DVD cases are more "green" than plastic Amarray-type boxes, because the metal can be completely recycled (plastic recycling is less efficient). I admit I have not done an environmental impact analysis of this claim, but some of the tin case manufacturers do make this point in their advertising and it makes sense (on the other hand, they probably do consume more energy to make them).

Of course, this metal case kind of dwarfs the tiny SD card media, but it leaves plenty of room for a program insert or book, will look good on a shelf with DVD or Blu-Ray movies, and will not be so easy to lose.

Economy/Compact Options

As for the "economy" packaging option, I have not sorted that out completely. The best option there is probably a cardboard fold-out design, along the lines of the "eco-wallet" type case that the original "Sita Sings the Blues" DVD comes in. I'd prefer for this to be the same height and width as a DVD case, though it will probably be quite thin. How we can handle this will depend to some degree on how many we sell -- for a large enough quantity, I can probably get a custom die-cut package designed.

This could have a cardboard slot for the SD card, or we can use an adhesive plastic pocket. The latter option is also handy for making a combination Lib-Ray + DVD case out of an existing DVD case (also pictured below). I'm not offering that on this project (because there are already DVDs available elsewhere for these movies), but we might offer dual format packages for other releases in the future.

One of the reasons for offering different options is to get some feedback on which people might prefer.

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    1. Terry Hancock 5-time creator on May 12, 2012

      @Phill - That is a very easy option to provide. I would be happy to make this an option for any of the releases in the rewards.

    2. Phill Rogers on May 12, 2012

      I like the bottom layout, weather it's a tin or plastic, as it allows space for the user to create their own standard def DVD/VCD for in-car players. Or an audio CD of the sound track. etc.

    3. Missing avatar

      on May 8, 2012

      I like the look of the metallic case of dvd case size, but upon opening, it strikes me as very wasteful. Perhaps when filled with other goodies, like pamphlets, books, postcards, whatever, it won't seem so wasteful.

      I like the idea of a cardboard sleeve, but why not make it square? It could be like a CD eco-pak ( You could get it printed on all sides, and it would still allow room for inserts.

      Side note: The Lib-Ray logo bears similarity to the ANSI logo, don't you think?