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Python programming language with standard API for ubiquitous ESP8266 WiFi chip, optimised and well supported.
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Version 1.8.2 of MicroPython released

Posted by Damien George (Creator)

Hi backers!

Development of MicroPython has been progressing steadily since the last update, and a lot of improvements have been made, and new features added, to the ESP8266 port. We are really pleased to announce that we have reached the next release, version 1.8.2. You should receive a separate email soon with the firmware and release notes.

In this update we would like to bring up the following matter for discussion: the possibility to switch to publicly available official binary releases for the ESP8266.

Per the terms of the KickStarter campaign, the source code of the project is freely available for everyone and everyone is encouraged to build it, but the official binaries with extra testing and additional modules pre-packaged is a privilege of the campaign backers (you!) who selected the corresponding rewards and thus directly contributed to the campaign success.

Over the last few months, "where can we get the MicroPython ESP8266 binary" became a FAQ from many people who missed the original campaign. The best answers we can gave them is "Please build from source" or "Per the Kickstarter campaign terms it's available to the backers, the backers made their decisions based on that, and we can't change that provision unilaterally without asking them."

We didn't bring up this matter before because we wanted to concentrate on technical aspects of the project, and focus on supporting the genuine backers. The project now is making good strides and we're starting to tackle stretch goals (see below). We also believe that motivating interested people to use the source was helpful, as we're getting a good stream of contributions and many features get implemented faster than the two of us would get to them.

So, we think it's a good time to think of users who want to use MicroPython, but by various reasons can't use the source. The timing is definitely good, as there are various "unofficial" builds popping up, which we don't control (so they may have some issues), but whose users would come for support/bug-reports to us anyway. And, well, the ESP8266 is still going strong, more new and exciting boards and products based on it appear, with competing and replacement chips unable to get through or being delayed. That means that many more people get acquainted with ESP8266 who didn't even hear about it a few months ago. If they're interested in MicroPython, we'd rather embrace them and grow our community.

If we do make the binaries publicly available then it would work like this: once a day the MicroPython source is automatically compiled and then made available to download at . There are currently a handful of ports of MicroPython available there now, and the ESP8266 would be added to this list. That way you, and everyone else, can download the latest, cutting edge code whenever you need it. There will be stable versions as well as the latest development version available to download. The announcements of stable releases will be posted on the forum, .

That's the matter, and we would like, you, our backers, to decide on it, just the same as you decided on the technical agenda we should follow. So, if you have something to say on this matter please join the public discussion among the backers by posting a comment below.

Thanks again for being part of this successful project!

Paul, Damien and Viktoriya.

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    1. Karl Bunch on

      +1 to open delivery of binaries

    2. Missing avatar

      Andreas Ennemoser on

      Let's push project by the power of the community.
      Go and release the binaries.

    3. Missing avatar

      Juergen Wissing on

      +1 to open delivery of binaries

    4. Damien George 2-time creator on

      Wow, thanks everyone for the awesome feedback! It looks like it is an almost unanimous agreement to release the binaries to the public.

      They are now being automatically built and are available here:

    5. Christopher Strider Cook on

      Absolutely! You have more than taken care of the backers. This campaign has been excellent with both communication and deliverables and should really be looked at as a model for using crowdfunding to support open source. Way to go!

    6. Missing avatar

      Bill Eubanks on

      +1 for releasing the public binaries.

    7. Missing avatar

      Rolf Arhelger on

      When the team want to do, do it!

    8. Shaun Walker on

      +1 for releasing

    9. Missing avatar

      John L on

      Please release and publish daily build along other Micropython firmware downloads.
      Hopefully, it encourages and builds bigger and more productive community support.

    10. Don Whiteside on

      Sure why not? But you need to put up a donation page!

    11. František Provazník on

      +1... let's create bigger "family"... might be good for next port financing :-)

    12. Missing avatar

      Graham Dixon on

      I have no problems with general release.

    13. Sebastian Plamauer on

      Release it.

      But also: building from source is _really_ easy. Maybe we can make it even easier. Adding a 'make install' to the esp-open-SDK might be a way to simplify what already is dead simple.

    14. Craig Barnes on

      Release the binaries.

    15. Missing avatar

      TonyF on

      Free it up! I assume we're all here for the freedom - and to make it worth your while to support the software. Very pleased, well done

    16. Balder Lingegård

      Thanks for asking!
      I VOTE FREEDOM! :)

    17. Missing avatar

      Jules Graybill on

      My vote: release the binaries. Thanks for asking the backers. I backed so this would get created, and official binaries make it available to more people. Sounds win-win to me.

    18. Missing avatar

      Herbert Graef on

      +1 for publicly available official binary releases

    19. Bernard D'Havé

      +1 for public binaries.

    20. Ali Ebrahim on

      +1 to public binaries

    21. Missing avatar

      Carlton Dodd on

      I'm all for releasing the binaries publicly. There might be some great projects out there that just aren't up to compiling binaries themselves.

    22. Missing avatar

      Tom Neville on

      Yes, please release the binaries.. the more the merrier.

    23. Missing avatar

      Christian Walther on

      Another +1 for public binaries.

    24. Pieter Koorts on

      +1 For releasing bins. I supported Micropython on here because I thought it is a good language with many uses and everyone can benefit from it. Open sourcing and full releasing is the way to go with any open source project in my opinion. Regardless, I will continue to support the Micropython project directly or indirectly.

    25. Missing avatar

      Tom Stewart on

      My vote would be for making the binaries public. I came to check the other comments, too. I expected the "Yeas" to outnumber the "Nays" but I was a bit surprised. While skimming the comments, I didn't notice a single Nay! I could certainly have missed one/some, but it's overwhelming how lopsided the results are!!

    26. Missing avatar

      Julian Brown on

      Ye- def. release it!

    27. Laurent Wibaux on

      Yes, go for public binaries!

    28. Missing avatar

      Hugh Wallace on

      Release! Pleez .
      I didn't back to be elite!
      Funny thing is... as a backer I could find 1.8.1 binary...was forced to build it :-)
      I am as impatient to load the latest as everyone else :-)

    29. Missing avatar

      Jay Graves on

      public binaries FTW!

    30. Missing avatar

      Luciano Ramalho on

      + for public binaries!

    31. Michael Nemecky on

      +1 for a public release :)

    32. Paul Cunnane on

      +1 for public binaries. Great work!

    33. Missing avatar

      Johan Rydmark on

      +1 for public release!

    34. Missing avatar

      Tim Lapawa on

      +1 Stop the "unofficial" builds and release the daily binary to the public.

    35. Missing avatar

      clive klugman on

      make it public - great to see such generosity if spirit from everyone

    36. Gregg Cabe Bond on

      If you love something, set it free! Release the binaries for everyone.

    37. Ng Swee Meng on

      Release it please! One reason I backed the project is so that the code reach their stretched goal, and the code get released

    38. Missing avatar

      Radoslaw Stachowiak on

      Go ahead, release binaries.

    39. Missing avatar

      Peter Hinch on

      +1 for public release!

    40. Missing avatar

      Martin Filtenborg on

      By all means, release the binaries :)

    41. Missing avatar

      Chris Sheppard on

      Yes, I'd be delighted if you were to make the builds public, I'd like to see this micropython port have the same or better inertia than the nodemcu lua port. Thanks again to Paul, Damien and Viktoriya for all their hard work.

    42. Petr Viktorin

      Yes, please!
      What I like about ESP8266 boards is that they're cheap enough that you can just give out 20 of them out at a beginners' workshop. Unfortunately, it's mainly the beginners that are hurt by builds not being available. It sure won't deter – – um, whoever is it private builds are protecting us against? Anyone who can run a compiler, anyway.
      Plus, I hate digging in e-mails to find that binary. Please let google for it instead!

    43. Steve Holden on

      As a backer I voted for source availability, but I will find binaries much more convenient. And I don't see anything wrong with binaries for anyone who wants them - that's the Python way, right? "Official" binaries will, I am pretty sure, be a helpful move.

    44. Richard Hudspeth

      I concur to release the binaries.

    45. Missing avatar

      Chris Q on

      I would much prefer the binaries to be released to the public.

    46. Missing avatar

      Alexandru Nedel on

      Sure, release the official binaries to the public!