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Open source remote device managment from a central location

Open source remote device managment from a central location Read More
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Bryan Cairns
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About this project

What is the project?

The video contains much more info including a first look at the prototype. But here is a quick summary.

I want to create a free cross platform open source project that allows people to manage, locate, track and remotely control their devices. The software client will be plugin based, so the application can be extended at any time.

The system will allow for manual control through plugins, for example you could watch the screen of your child’s computer in real time. Or you can automate the system using polices from the central management web site. An example of this would be, if the device has not reported back within 30 days, delete all the information from it automatically.

This service will be free to everyone everywhere.

I will make the code for the client and the central management site freely available to everyone. The public web site will have limits in place to encourage businesses to install the software in their own network. 

What will it work on?

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux
  • Android
  • iPhone

How will it work?

The end user will download the client and create an account during the install process. Once the client is installed, the software will “phone home” on a regular schedule for updates and instructions. The client will cache the automated polices locally on the device and check for triggers.

A trigger is a predefined event or situation, for example the device if the device has not reported back in a day, consider it lost, or if the user flags it as stolen on the web site.

Once a trigger occurs, a predefined action takes place, such as deleting files, encrypting the drive, starting a plugin, or running a script.

What exactly can plugins do?

In short…just about anything you can imagine.

A plugin is just a module that the client starts; the plugin will contain commands that extend the functionality of the client.

For example a plugin could:

  • Backup files
  • Encrypt files
  • Wipe the disk clean
  • Turn off the device at a specified time
  • Turn on the web cam
  • So much more...

What plugins are planned?
  • Graphical Control – remote desktop login 
  • Telnet – remote control the device 
  • SSH – security remote control the device 
  • FTP – upload and download files 
  • Email – send commands via email
  •  IRC – send commands via IRC 
  • SMS – send commands via text 
  • Web Cam – turn the camera on 
  • Disk Wipe – wipe the entire disk 
  • Shell – send system commands to the device 
  • Backup – backup files to cloud storage 
  • Power Off – power off the device a a specified time 
  • Sync – sync two devices together 
  • Locate – locate the device by GPS or IP 
  • Encryption – 256 bit military grade encryption 
  • File system – remote access to your files 

What is the funding for?

The funding is for web hosting over the next three years. This will give the project time to grow and word of mouth should begin spreading enough that the project can sustain itself. Also I would like to hire a graphic designer to make it look much better than what I could do.

How will this survive long term?

The site will ask users for donations. My hope is donations alone can sustain the project. An option I am still considering is paid support, but that opens up a whole different market.

Free software is a labor of love, I love writing software, and I look forward to watching this project grow.

How long will it take?

The current schedule is:

Beta – May 2014

Launch - September 2014

This would be shortened if other developers pickup on the project and begin to contribute.

Risks and challenges

Cross platform programming is always challenging. There is the possibility that one device will perform better then another.

I am also realistic that this project could just lack adoption in the community. People don’t tend to think about their devices until something bad happens.

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