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Could the next climate heroes be nuclear engineers? The New Fire explores the potential for advanced reactors to help save the planet.
Could the next climate heroes be nuclear engineers? The New Fire explores the potential for advanced reactors to help save the planet.
Could the next climate heroes be nuclear engineers? The New Fire explores the potential for advanced reactors to help save the planet.
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    1. Missing avatar on

      Now that we are into Aug, how are things looking release-wise? If you need more time to meet your stretch goals I can accept that, I'd just like to get an update.

    2. David Schumacher Creator on

      Sorry for the delay, but I just sent an update to backers.

    3. Missing avatar

      bryan blake on

      what is the news here. its june and im still here holding my breath

    4. James Holt on

      Hi what news on this? When will it be released?

    5. Gordon Tyler on

      Congrats on completing your campaign Can't wait to add your movie poster to my collection, but more excited to see how your film inspires the next generation of nuclear engineers in the same way that the Apollo program inspired future astronauts. Now if only the large "green" groups would wake up and "smell the atoms".

    6. Missing avatar

      Peeranut Songprai

      I wanna point out a potential danger that you might encounter in the future. There is a chance that your digital release can be hacked by any computer expert. There was a case like this before. I don't remember the movie's name but morgan freeman was one of its cast if im not wrong.

      Just a warning though

    7. David Schumacher Creator on

      Hi Bryan,

      Thanks for your message and for supporting for what we're doing. Obviously my team and I share your views on why this film is important.

      The number of people who are already knowledgeable or interested in nuclear or advanced nuclear is relatively tiny and so part of the reason we're making this film is to help spread awareness. That's why it's really important that everyone who cares about this issue stands up and lends their support to this effort now. We have 142 backers right now and that's great, it's a really good start. But we'll need to at least double or triple that number to succeed.

      Many of the organizations on your list have been helping to spread the word about the campaign on social media or have been supportive in other ways, and their help has been essential to our success so far. But the fact is that we need greater participation at the individual level in order for this campaign to succeed. This has always been a grassroots effort and we rely on visionary publishers like Rod Adams as well as word of mouth from people like you to build our support network.

      If we are going to succeed in reaching our goal, then we are going to need people like you to not only back this project, but also to get others to do so as well. Every little bit helps and I'm convinced there are many current holdouts who could become backers with just a little nudge from their friends. What a great opportunity for concerned people to use peer pressure for good:-)


    8. Missing avatar

      Bryan Chesebrough on

      David, I came across your Kickstarter campaign on Rod Adams "Atomic Insights" and felt compelled to become a backer. Robert Stone's "Pandora's Promise" provided a much needed perspective on Nuclear Power. I see your endeavor as an equally important corollary to the story.

      I am somewhat dismayed that there are only 140 backers thus far with only 14 days remaining. Is there a way to get the Kickstarter campaign for your project mentioned on websites such as:

      Breakthrough Institute
      Pritzker Fund
      Third Way
      Clean Air Task Force
      Science Council for Global Initiatives
      Environmental Progress
      Energy for Humanity
      Nuclear for Climate (SFEN)
      Nuclear Town Hall
      Nuclear Cafe
      Nuclear Innovation Alliance

      All of whom have expressed support for Gen IV Advanced Nuclear Reactor designs.

    9. David Schumacher Creator on

      Hi Dennis,
      Thanks for the question. If you don't see the combination or reward items you'd like to receive, just ask. We are happy to create custom reward bundle on request.

    10. Dennis Gøttrup Ejstrup on

      Great project and the topic is a very importiant one and I myself is a spaeker of nuclear power, mainly research in the future of thorium usage. I wanted to pledge for the movie link of coarse, but the e-book seems very interesting, unfortunately I cannot make 2 seperate pledges. Is there a way to get round that. The bundle reward is out of my price range though.
      Best regards