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'The Return' (a collaborative performance): an examination of the issues of returning home after great trauma.
'The Return' (a collaborative performance): an examination of the issues of returning home after great trauma.
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 by Ivana Resek

Ivana Rezek 

i edited translation a little................Lastweekend, Sarajevo was the host of unusual experimental performances. At the Eiffel Bridge in 
late afternoon / early evening hours, a group of 
artists have, through movement, music and dance, 
interpreted the theme of return - some of their 
personal experiences in relation to return to home, to 
beloved city and old friends (in some cases, after 
some major changes in life or major trauma), and the 
emotions evoked by such memories. 
Although the theme of the 'return' is inevitably tied 
to the past and negative memories, this performance 
focused on the positive, energetic, on releasing 
repressed emotions and of course (since it was in a 
public place) on communication / interaction with the 
audience. Musicians made sounds on various improvised 
"instruments" and artists were given full freedom of 
movement, and some have even climbed on top of the 
steel arches to dance on them. The reactions of 
observers were varied - from curiosity through 
skepticism and wonder, to the point that some briefly 
joined in playing the "game" of the performers. 
The second part of the performance included the 
'connecting' of the spring of river Bosna with the 
city center by a thin white thread. Two groups of 
performers have started each from their own side of 
town and walked towards each other while laying the 
thread on the ground (the walk down the former 'sniper 
alley' lasted more than 5 hours), met half way and 
symbolically tied the two ends of the thread together. 
The performance included American artists (members of 
Mobius artists group) Jane Wang, Grant Smith, Cathy 
Nolan VINČEVIĆ and Nathan Andary, English / Polish 
dancer Victoria Bartz, then Elma Selman, Lejla Muhić, 
Azra Ibrahimović and Lea Jerlagić...


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