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AquaFarm Replacement Tubing & Pumps


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Major Improvements & The AquaFarm Hits Shelves!

Hey Friends,

Thanks to all your early support, feedback, and patience, we've been able to make some big strides with the AquaFarm over the past couple of months! It's been a while since our last message, so we thought we'd create a quick video to update you on what we've been working on.

Also, if you haven't already, please take this quick 5-minute survey so we can continue to improve the AquaFarm!

Much Love, 
Alejandro and Nikhil

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We're Shipping the AquaFarm!

Hi Friends,

We started shipping out the AquaFarm on Friday! As you can tell from our short, behind the scenes video, we couldn't be more excited.

You've been an incredibly supportive community and we have been blown away by your tremendous faith and patience. Over the next two to three weeks we'll ship out all the Kickstarter orders and cannot wait to get these into your hands. 

Thank you for helping us design, build and launch a product that will revolutionize how people connect with their food.

Much love,
Alejandro and Nikhil
p.s. We've addressed some possible shipping questions below but please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any others.

Why will it take upto 2-3 weeks for all the Kickstarter orders to ship out?
We are manufacturing, assembling and shipping roughly 400-500 AquaFarms a day so it will take about 2-3 weeks to fulfill all the Kickstarter orders.

How will I know when my order will be shipped?
You will receive an email with a tracking number once your shipment is dispatched. Please note that if you ordered a custom colored AquaFarm, it will ship out towards the end of the shipping range since the different dyes will be added after the whites have been completed. 

We will be shipping using Fedex Smart Post and your delivery will take anywhere from 2-8 days in-transit depending on how far you are from our California shipping location.

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2 Week Delay in Shipping the AquaFarm: Video and Photos of What Happened During Manufacturing

Hey Friends,

Unfortunately we have some bad news regarding our planned timeline - we had a freak mold breakdown during the first day of manufacturing on Wednesday that's pushing our shipping date back 2 weeks. The updated shipping start-date is now approximately June 5-7.

We've been working nonstop over the last 3 days to get an updated ship date and explore every opportunity to shave off time. I know we've had delays before and by this point some of you might even think this is a big joke - but we promise, we're closer than ever to get these AquaFarms out! We've included a detailed play by play below of what happened including videos/pictures.

It's a weird mix of feelings for us right now; we are extremely anxious to finally get these in your hands and SUPER disappointed at the delay; but yet, at the same time, so excited at how the AquaFarm is shaping up and how good all the production components look.

Thank you for being the courageous few to share this emotional, crazy roller coaster of bringing the AquaFarm to life with us. When all is said and done, and the AquaFarm is in every kitchen and classroom, most will never know the ups and down it took to bring this to life, but we're proud and honored to have been able to do this with you.

Much love,
Nikhil & Alejandro


Here's a play by play of what happened:

1) On Wednesday (5/22) morning we were at Jatco, our manufacturer in Union City, all ready to ship out our first kits to you. The first shipping labels were printed, kits were being assembled, packaging was in - smiles & hugs all around! You can check out the video below of the tanks being manufactured and a picture of our team at the assembly area.

2) During manufacturing, each mold has to go through slight adjustments to make sure it's pumping out the perfect part. As part of this process, the mold for the shroud (white covering around the sides of the tank) was removed in the afternoon to make some minor tweaks.

3) 30 minutes later we heard the bad news: for the first time in their 25 years of production at Jatco, a very specialized ejector pin from the mold broke off during the standard disassembly process. A picture of the broken pin is below and although it doesn't look like much we can't make the shrouds without it. Also we can't ship without the shrouds - they are vital to preventing algae growth, hold the grow lid in place and give the AquaFarm it's unique appearance.

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7 days until we start shipping!

Hey Kickstarter Friends,

The countdown is officially on! The packaging and components have arrived, the molds have been tested and we are excited to report that manufacturing starts today! Barring any last-minute production issues or earthquakes we will start shipping in just 7 days!

Over the next few days we will be spending a lot of time at our manufacturer in Union City, California and will be sharing frequent updates with behind-the-scenes videos and pictures of this final push.

Thank you for all your patience and support in bringing the AquaFarm to life - it's been an incredible journey and we cannot wait for you to get growing!

We'll be in touch with more soon!

Much love,
Nikhil & Alejandro

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