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FATHER'S DAY: A dramedy about trying to patch foxholes with band-aids.


I know I would have one shot to use this tool to ask my friends and family for funds to support a personal project. THE TIME HAS COME! I've written many short (and not so short) scripts and I have chosen Father's Day for my kickstarter project. This script is a lot like me, short and powerful.  

BIG NEWS: JJ Abrams donated a signed Star Trek: Into Darkness poster. For every $20 donated, I will place your name in a hat. Oct. 11 we pick a winner. I will email for shipping information!  Good Luck! Tell your friends. 

I compiled some FAQ for my friends and family. See below! The FAQ are broken down so that everyone from my most knowledgeable indie filmmaker friend to my lovely Aunt Susan can understand what all goes into making a professional short film. (Hi Aunt Sue!)

I will put each and every backer's name in the credits of course! Other than that I'm not sure what else you would like? A t-shirt? I would have to host another kickstarter to afford that, but I guess if enough people want t-shirts just make a note of that when you donate and tack on $15.00, cool? Joking aside, I will be immensely grateful for anything you can contribute. $5 or $1000 or A MILLION DOLLARS. I don't know what to expect really, but every penny will help! Don't think of it as begging for money, think of it as Starbucks! That's what they say, right? 

Emily Towers - Writer and Director

This is Emily directing a short for Upright Citizen's Brigade.
This is Emily directing a short for Upright Citizen's Brigade.

Shannon Riggs - Producer

This is Shannon producing.
This is Shannon producing.

Meet Shannon Riggs, Father's Day producer.  Shannon is an indie film producer. Shannon and I met on the set of Super 8.  She has helped me develop my storytelling voice over the years and now we are finally going to collaborate for this project.  Shannon is incredibly talented and a wonderful friend.  I could not be more excited to work with her. 

Chloe Dahl - Associate Producer

This is Chloe shooting on a plane.
This is Chloe shooting on a plane.

Chloe Dahl is a Los Angeles filmmaker and producer.  We met working for Bad Robot Productions in Santa Monica.  Chloe is a close friend and a talented artist herself.  She read FATHER'S DAY and leaped at the chance to help produce the project.  Chloe will be running our offices in LA, London, and Martha's Vineyard. 

We will continue to update the kickstarter as we sign on crew and actors!  The better our kickstarter does, the more ammunition we have to go after the talent and department heads we want. 

My hope is from this, somehow, someday, someone (or a studio) will believe in my abilities and I won't have to bother you ever again. Thank you! Thank you! THANK YOU!

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

There are always risks and challenges, but that only makes us try harder!


  • FATHER'S DAY is a very personal story to me. It takes place over the course of a single fictional father's day gleaned from truth as well as my own imagination. FATHER'S DAY takes a "screen shot" of a modern father daughter relationship trying to patch foxholes with band-aids.

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  • The short is 12 pages. Shooting over three days.

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  • Great question. There are costs that one just can't get for free to make a professional short film. We want this to be a film that one can enjoy watching on the web as well as on a feature film screen at festivals, so proper equipment and skilled professionals to operate them are needed!

    Guys! I will be acting in this and I work for free! In addition, we will cast three adult roles that we will need to pay $AG day rates.

    Nothing crazy. There is a rather impressive gift basket, fake weed, a drill - there are a few other things - I could go on, but it's boring.

    We're hoping this cost will be close to nothing.

    Again, I know lots of wonderfully talented professionals that will work with me for a discounted rate, but I need to pay them for their time. These individuals will be taking time to help and provide their skill. The laws of the universe have shown everyone works harder, faster, and happier when they are getting paid. We have hair and make-up, director of photography, a small camera crew, grips, assistant director, script coordinator, sound, and a few production assistants to help out with EVERYTHING.

    We will shoot at three locations. We will find the cheapest locations we can, and favors where we can, but we will require a one day city permit and another will be a rented $et. There is also a shot on a BOAT. But don't you worry, we also know a guy...

    The good news is we rent this stuff, the great news is I can get decent deals around town from those friends I was speaking about earlier, the bad news is it's STILL EXPENSIVE to rent professional equipment to get quality cinematography. Lens packages, an Epic Red camera, grip kit, power. And all this comes in a big truck. $$$

    Ever watched a web video and been all like "I can't hear it"? We don't want that! Sound equipment is expensive. We have brilliant sound persons that will help us out for a discount prices, but they still need batteries, GIGABITES, etc.

    America, this stands for "special effects". Things like explosions and smoke fall into this department. No explosions or smoke in Father's Day, but we are going to make it rain in one scene. JUST LIKE YA'LL ARE DOING RIGHT NOW.

    This will eat up most of the budget. Post-production includes EDITING which takes a powerful computer, talent, and lots and lots of time. COLOR CORRECTION- (so one shot doesn't look like it took place on the Red Planet and the next was in a cave). SOUND MIXING-lay in all the beautiful sound and make it sound goooood. TITLE GRAPHICS and MUSIC - We get to compose original mu$ic!

    Also known in the biz as "Craft Services". This is everyone's favorite part of filmmaking. The state of California says we have to feed everyone everyday while we shoot. This is usually the key element any crew member judges the set by. We want to be LOVED and want to take care of our crew.

    We have to be insured in order to obtain film permits. Also, we are professionals.

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  • Guys, I want to. It is my career goal to be a writer and director. From web series to online videos I have put up content for you to enjoy and laughed with, but now I would like to show a sample of my work with more cinematic elements. This will make you laugh, but guess what..? It's going to pull at your heartstrings too. I have written a lovely story that means something to me. I want to show you my cinematic voice and a sample of work that reflects who I am as an artist and a filmmaker. I am out-of-my-mind excited to do this. I have the best of the best ready to dig in and collaborate with me. This is my big chance and I won't let you down.. (Dad).

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  • Girls.

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