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When Opal Shorty is beat up by the town bully, she and her friend Bunny are forced to take matters into their own hands.



Well, OPAL is underway!! That's right folks! We've started shooting. But we have two days of shooting still left to finish the film and we have a lot of editing ahead... but we are on track to finish this film!! Now, we've tried to do this fundraising before but alas we did not make our ultimate goal. We were, however, able to raise a little over $2000 which allowed us to get to this point. Our pre-production is done (storyboards/location scouting/all necessary permitting, etc). We've shot some of the key scenes and locations. We have found some great actors (thanks to Elizabeth Gabel -casting director extraordinaire). These funds allowed us to pay our crew, feed our crew, rent all of our necessary equipment, secure locations and get our trailer finished. We want to see this film happen and we are doing everything within our power to get it done!!

How you can help...

Now, we still need to shoot some key scenes - the finale and initial confrontation between OPAL and THURMAN (the town bully), the key stunt/race down the hill scenes, the final scene - which includes a group of extras - about 15-30 little Navajo girls on bikes - so... you see we have some work to do and some mouths to feed!! We will need more crew, more food, and more equipment this time around so please help us to reach our goal!! These funds will also help us to reach our goal of completing post production. Editing continues as production continues!!

Every bit of your contributions go toward our goal to make this film happen. After nearly two years of work - the initial writing of the script and the awesome work done at the Sundance Native Filmmakers Lab in 2010 - we are finally seeing the images that, at one time, only I could see. I wanted so badly to share this story with all of you. The words, the drawings and my rantings could not do justice to the passion I have for this film. And those who have witnessed this know, film is my passion and this project is very important and dear to me.  I will do whatever it takes to get this film done.

The importance of OPAL goes beyond just getting my story on the screen... it is also a portrait of a tough little girl who won't take no for an answer. It serves as a metaphor for all of the places that "little girls" aren't allowed to go, the things they are forbidden to do. This is every little Navajo girl's chance to power through diversity, to push by the people who are keeping you from what you want to do. Right now in the world of cinema and media, while many strides are being made, there are still huge obstacles to overcome for the roles and images of women. But in my upbringing, with my Grandmother, Mother, Aunts and Cousins being the strong women that they are, my writing of OPAL is an extension of their strength. Opal strives to be a strong, smart Native girl who refuses to take "no" for an answer - and we will be there to document her every move... with your help! GO OPAL!!

OPAL - Where to from here?

I am also working on a feature script of OPAL and through my work with the Milagro at Los Luceros program, I have been directing a lot of my remaining energies into the writing of the feature.  We fully intend to bring the intense and worldly OPAL into the fold of the feature film - as we fully realize the world of OPAL and the two worlds that she lives in. The feature is much more complex than the short so the writing continues. Right now, we want to get the short film ready for screenings!!

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