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Relive the fight of 1956 in this revolutionary 1-4 player game!
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Revolutionary News!

Publié par David Turczi (collaborateur)
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Hello everyone, it's been a long time, hasn't it? Hope you have been enjoying your copies of Days of Ire since we haven't talked, because we got news for you.  

Mighty Boards (that is, basically us) is happy to announce Nights of Fire: Battle for Budapest, a stand-alone sequel to Days of Ire. 

It's a co-design between Brian Train (well known to wargamers as the designer of games such as A Distant Plain and Colonial Twilight - we actually first met him when he backed this campaign! ) and David Turczi, one of the designers of Days of Ire.  

The game will be a direct thematic sequel to DoI, it's about the Soviet counterattack on and after the 4th of November, following the cease-fire at the end of DoI.  

The game will be launched on a Kickstarter campaign in Q1 2018, which will also include a reprint and a possible new promo for Days of Ire! You can read more about Nights of Fire on its page on Boardgamegeek, and you should probably also follow the Mighty Boards facebook page to stay up to date with all news related to Days of Ire, or Nights of Fire (or Petrichor, or Vengeance).


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    1. David Turczi Collaborateur le

      @Paul: that's up to our Hungarian publishing partners. But last we spoke they said "unlikely".

    2. Avatar manquant


      I am in! :) Will it be also in hungarian language?

    3. Leonard Raaymakers le

      Days of Ire is such an incredibly well designed and enjoyable game. Most of all, I love the fact that the events and people are historical. I'll definitely back Nights of Fire when you guys launch!

    4. Colm Doyle

      Very exciting! Looking forward!