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Relive the fight of 1956 in this revolutionary 1-4 player game!
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    1. Cloud Island Creator on

      I think you'll be very happy with the next update then ;)

    2. Jonathan Nikitas on

      I would beg for the player powers idea to be added....PLEASE! :)

    3. David Turczi Collaborator on

      @Dimo: surprisingly the reason we are not liking 1v4 (for 5p conflict) is not because it's too easy for the Hungarians. it's because it's TOO HARD! It requires too much coordination to avoid getting killed on injury, and if the icons are spread out, even solving events aren't trivial. It's not super hard (thanks to having 8 moving fighters on the board), but a living Soviet enemy can easily exploit any weakness in any of the 4 players (Zhukov isn't smart enough for that).

      That said, there is nothing stopping you from playing 1v4, we just think the game will be too long, and the Hungarians will probably lose :)

    4. Cloud Island Creator on

      @MadScientist: Always and without question ;)

    5. MadScientist

      Alternative player powers sounds great, but only if well play-tested.

    6. Cloud Island Creator on

      @Dimo: We are currently testing that. Right now we are not confident enough on the balance of that mode to make it official. We only release things that we know are tested and working, and we are not yet sure that we can make that mode work. So no, it is currently not supported. We are however working on it and will keep everyone posted on progress :).

    7. Missing avatar

      Dimo on

      50k stretch goal semi-announced: alternate player powers :D
      Have you already tested what is actually stopping the game from being played as 1vs4? Maybe each revolutionary then has 3HP instead of 4/5, and each player gets to do 1 action. Don't know it it will imbalance the game as leading to too many events being able to be completed in a single round.

    8. Cloud Island Creator on

      @Dimo: Something tells me I was already maybe considering it? :P

    9. Missing avatar

      Dimo on

      @Cloud Island Maybe as another stretch goal in the future? :D

    10. Cloud Island Creator on

      I seem to have made a small booboo. I meant alternate starting events, not alternate player powers (where did I get that from??)