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Relive the fight of 1956 in this revolutionary 1-4 player game!
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    1. David Turczi Collaborator on

      @Brian: For the same historical reasons we picked Egmont Overture as the music for our Kickstarter video! :)

    2. Brian Train on

      Years ago (2002) I designed Operation Whirlwind, a board wargame about the street fighting in Budapest in November (so it takes place right after this game).

      I included an optional "Musical Accompaniment" rule for the rebel player: The Hungarian player may play a recording of Beethoven's "Egmont Overture" over and over again, very loudly, whenever the Soviet player does not control the "Free Kossuth Radio Budapest" objective. This radio station was formerly Radio Budapest, the state radio station that usually broadcast only news and speeches. When the rebels seized it, a record of the “Egmont Overture” was the only music they could find on the premises, and they kept playing it until the Soviets captured the building. I ran across mention of it in my reading and thought this was a fun way to give the game some atmosphere (and hopefully rattle the Soviet player a bit: the Overture is almost nine minutes long, so he might have to listen to it eight or nine times before the Radio Station finally falls).