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Relive the fight of 1956 in this revolutionary 1-4 player game!
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    1. TyDeL

      This is really great. As someone whose mother is Hungarian, who loves playing as an overlord, hates playing against decks of cards in Pandemic, and has really wanted a prettier Twilight Struggle... I feel like you guys made this game for me. Really excited to play it!

    2. Colm Doyle

      As an aspiring designer, these updates are awesome.

    3. Radu P on

      @Cloud Island. The way it is worded on the campaign page, it could be understood only the "leftovers" would be available for sale after the completion of the project. There are people who do care for exclusivegoals , just as there will be a (hopefully) greater number of customers clamouring for the "whole" game. One cannot satisfy both groups at the same time. This is why I am glad you have confirmed you do not rule out additional printings of the stretch goals if/when there is sufficient demand. Thank you!

      I do not really mind the game box as it is now; however, I personally enjoy more my box of "Wir sind das Volk" or the (somewhat silly) box of the current edition of Brass than the bland, soulless Carcassonne boxes or that of The Resistance base game. Well, I guess it is simply a matter of taste.

    4. Missing avatar

      David Brittain

      @Radu P: I really like the box art the way it is, there is plenty of action going on behind her I don't think it really needs her screaming or anything like that as well.

    5. Cloud Island Creator on

      @Radu P: One other thing that should be clarified is that Yes, as you are saying, these stretch goals labelled KS Promo will be available either as promotional material or as future expansions sometime after the KS. As a thank you for the support, KS backers get these promos included in their pledge for free and well before they become accessible to non-backers. So you are correct :)

    6. Missing avatar

      Mihály Vincze Collaborator on

      @Philippe: The game as of now comes with a VS mode for 2-4 players and a coop mode for 1-3 players. The with the stretch goal we wish to change it to a 1-4 coop mode.

      @Radu P:
      Hi! Yes, we believe in the quality of the stretch goals.
      They are fleshed-out concepts that we felt are really cool but their presence was not critical with regards to gameplay so we focused on the aspects that were.
      Now that it seems people are interested in this game (people are interested in our game! that feels really nice, man, it's not something that comes by default!) we asked to see which one of the additional stuff of the game sounds interesting to the players, so we know which one to focus on first.

    7. Radu P on

      After I read the earlier title of the game I can better understand and appreciate your choice for the box graphics. Still, the girl now on the box is a little too passive. As she is now, she is merely a chick with weapons and a sexy flag, rather then a revolutionary fighting for her people's right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It is not a bad box, maybe it looks better in real size (when the contrast with the background is stronger), but if you still have the resources, could you make the box a little more revolutionary, more "Days of Ire"-ish?

    8. Radu P on

      Creators: Do you believe in the quality of the stretch goal additions or are they merely untested or unbalanced stuff?

      If you do, please make them easily available to future buyers as expansions. Kickstarter is about having the best possible implementation of the project. Also, unless a backer is interested solely in reselling his of her reward, we will all benefit if others can play the game the same way we do, with all the mechanical bells and whistles. The availability of the expansions should make the game more sought after by others, more people will discuss the game we, the backers, actually play, and it will be easier for us to find experienced players for gaming nights. It should generate more demand for the game and we, the backers still get to save the price of the expansions.

      Not least, if these additions are indeed worth playing with, by selling more of them you will get a little more money for your efforts and you will have more resources and motivation to come up with good games in the future. Or, in the worst case, making them available for sale at conventions and on BGG you will generate free advertising for our game.

    9. Missing avatar

      Philippe Proteau

      @Creators: I thought that option one, 4 player full coop, was already part of the game. I thought this was discussed by Rahdo in his play through...

      Thanks for clarifying.


    10. James Hewlett on

      Going to say option 1. The expansion. But all sound interesting.