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Lightning-fast robots you can build, program and evolve.
Lightning-fast robots you can build, program and evolve.
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Shipping Timing Update for January Backers

Posted by Dash Robotics, Inc. (Creator)

Hi Everyone,

One of the most difficult parts of shipping on time with a complex electromechanical product is that every. single. component. has to be on time. Of the 5 main components (App, electronics, gearbox, chassis, shell)... we've got 4 on time. It looks unlikely we'll be able to ship in January   :(

The offending part is the robot's shell, seen below.

Kamigami shell folded, unfolded, and robot
Kamigami shell folded, unfolded, and robot

 We try to line up multiple suppliers with our parts, in case something goes wrong. Here we ended up being 0 for 2 unfortunately. Our first supplier was very promising but was unable to do the precision cuts needed - we're working with them now to tweak the design a bit and we hope to figure things out in the next few weeks. Our second supplier came through with quotes that were either too expensive or affordable but low-quality, and we want to be sure we're putting out a high quality product. 

I don't want to put a hard date on how long the delay is going to be, because it's an active problem that we're actively working to solve. What we WILL do is update you here every week to let you know what's happening, how we're trying to fix things, and what progress we're making on other fronts. 

You may be wondering: but Team, how did you ship those Christmas units? Well, we built the shells all ourselves in our shop. This worked fine for 25 units, but would be very painful for 200 units, and basically impossible for 1000 units. The quicker we can solve this problem for 200 units, the quicker we're on our way to full production and shipping to all the backers.

The other components are in better shape, let's go through them one by one.

Electronics: Manufactured and in-hand. We are updating the firmware and need to do some final tests but everything looks good. 

App: Submitted to Apple! We expect to get their response sometime next week.

Gearbox: Parts are shot, still need to be assembled. We don't anticipate any problems here.

Chassis: Printed units are on-hand, but not quite enough to fill the January order. We need to print and cut more. This is the same supplier that did our Christmas run so we don't anticipate any problems, but this is probably the component furthest from completion besides the shell.  

Thanks for all your support, and feel free to email us at if you have questions. 

The Kamigami Robots Team

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      Antoine Wo on

      Thanks for your efforts, and good luck !

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      Jedd Ehrmann on

      Take your time. Get it right. And thanks for the update